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Publication Order of Voyagers Books

The American science-fiction author of countless novels, Ben Bova is almost an institution now in his own right, having produced a vast and highly expansive backlog of work over the entire course of his career overall, with a whole host of different novels under his belt, with him having produced a whole score of different titles spanning a range of genres coming into it as well. These include fantasy and science-fiction, as he has become well known for having a vast imagination, as the scope of his vision is almost unmatched, with him becoming respected by both his many peers and contemporaries alike over the years. This has also transferred into large numbers of sales too, as he has been able to garner readers from all over the world, all eagerly awaiting each installment with eagerness and anticipation. Knowing and understanding the format of the genre both inside and out, he manages to get to the heart of the subject matter quite unlike any other. Teaching science-fiction as a subject at university level as well, he knows the topic both inside and out, right down to the last final fundamental details. This allows him to write with confidence and wit, writing about the subjects he wants to, putting forwards the ideas he wants in a clear and legible style. With a highly visual sense too, he has also taught film previously, as Hollywood has shown an interest in his work too, as he has also written for the television too. Speaking for outlets such as NPR too, he has really made a name for himself as a spokesperson for his craft too, allowing him to become a prominent name and brand throughout the industry. Crafting quality well written stories alongside expertly drawn characters who come alive off of the page, he really manages to make the most of each of his stories. It is also his series that really manage to draw the readers in too, as they take the reader essentially on a journey, with many of his franchises spanning all across space. Following the lead character of one Keith Stoner, it sees him as he receives an alien signal for the first time, putting everything on the line to make sense of it. This leads him on a journey, as the world around him changes forever, with nothing ever remaining the same as he thought he knew it.

Running for a total of four novels, this would start out in 1981, with each subsequent release being published intermittently over the years, as the final title would come out in 2009. Originally the first novel, ‘Voyagers’, would come out in 1981, followed by ‘The Alien Within’ in 1986, ‘Star Brothers’ in 1990, and ‘The Return’ in 2009. The last book would also make up the nineteenth title in the ‘The Grand Tour’ series as well, making it a highly comprehensive series incorporating a whole range of different elements into it. With these books retaining a timeless quality, they will stand the test of time for many years to still come yet.


Published through the Tor Books publishing label, this was originally released in 1981 on the the 15th
of August to much acclaim. Generating a lot of publicity upon its initial release, it would manage to set the series up as a whole, allowing it to bring the characters to life, giving them all a sense of purpose and momentum. With the lead character of Keith Stoner himself being introduced for the first time too, it gives the reader a clear idea of what’s to come too.

This would be the first book in the Voyagers series, and it would, therefore, provide a lot of the grand ideas and concepts that Bova would include over the following series. The characters are also realistically portrayed too, allowing the reader to relate to them and their motivations on a far more personal level. In regards to the world itself, it would also be fully realized, with many of the locations becoming a lot more prominent as the story progresses.

Previously an astronaut now turned physicist, Keith Stoner has picked up some signals from space and he is certain that they’re not random. The signal itself is heading straight for earth, as it appears that he could potentially be the first human-being in history to confront this particular enigma. One problem is, though, that he may have to put everything on the line, even potentially giving up the one he loves most. Will he manage it? Can he give up everything? Who are the voyagers?

The Alien Within

Brought out through the Tor Books publishing label once more, this would continue directly on from the last one, taking the series forwards in the process. Released in 1986, it would essentially provide the next chapter for Keith Stoner, as it picks up from where the previous one left off. It would also include a great deal of character development too, something which Bova has clearly become confident with now.

Eighteen years previously Keith Stoner had fallen into suspended animation whilst detailing an alien craft on a joint US-USSR mission to understand the ship. During this time Jo Camerata, the once ambitious young female student who once loved Stoner passionately, is now the head of Vanguard Industries, as she has full control of the craft, technology and Stoner along with it. The only problem is, though, that Stoner has brought something back with him living in his brain, and it appears that this alien keeping him alive wants to do some exploring through him. Can Stoner discover the truth before it’s too late? Where did this alien come from? What will be discovered from the alien within?

The Voyagers Series

With both action and suspense, this is a series that makes the most of its genre and its premise, as it really brings its subject matter to life, really giving the reader something to invest themselves in. Using elements of mystery at the center of its premise, it allows its stories to come alive through it well realized sense of character, as the protagonists each resonate with the reader. A true master of his craft, this is a series that really understands what its about, and is a definite must for any fans of the genre, marking it as a classic for a long time to follow.

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