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VRC: Vampire Related Crimes Books In Order

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Publication Order of VRC: Vampire Related Crimes Books

How to Vex a Vampire (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Elude a Vampire (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Lure a Hunter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Save a Human (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Defy a Vampire (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vampire Related Crimes Series

Alice Winters is a celebrated romance author who has become renowned for her skill in crafting compelling stories and unforgettable protagonists in each of her works. Winters has a rare gift for creating such captivating characters that her readers find entirely thrilling and entertaining. Writing LGBT-based stories, Alice Winters has a lot to say through her entertaining and engaging tales of love, mystery, and suspense.

Alice Winters’ much-loved romance series ‘Vampire Related Crimes’ brings readers an exciting blend of drama, action, comedy, and mystery. First published in 2020, the series follows a busy paranormal investigative team who are tasked with solving various urban-legends-meets-vampires cases. Setting each other alight with every thrilling moment and passionate connection, the protagonists take their readers on a fast-paced adventure full of danger and unexpected twists.

Relying on her skill for crafting tangible characters and relationships, Winters allows readers to be taken on varied journeys full of different passionate connections. As the series gains an ever-growing legion of fans, Alice Winters’ highly praised writing shines a light on her captivating characters and stories that keep readers eagerly awaiting the next installment. With its fresh and unique plotline and LGBT-based narrative, the Vampire Related Crimes series continues to enthrall new and old readers alike.

How to Vex a Vampire

Alice Winters’ supernatural urban-fantasy romance, ‘How to Vex a Vampire’ was released on February 18th, 2020 through self publishing. The first installment in Winters’ ‘VRC: Vampire Related Crimes’ series, this novel sparks a riveting journey into the mysterious world revolving around the Vampire Related Crimes unit alongside a tender romance. It proved to be a captivating mix of supernatural excitement and passionate adventure.

Finn, a former homicide detective, joined the vampire-only detective unit as a human. His partner, Marcus, an ancient vampire, was resistant to the change but eventually warmed up to Finn. Finn had ulterior motives for joining the unit; an unknown figure was threatening him and he needed help.

Through his relationship with Marcus, Finn learned the strength of the alliance between humans and vampires and was determined to protect it. Over time, Finn realized he couldn’t imagine his life without Marcus and Marcus began to see the value of the alliance and opened his heart to Finn.

How to Elude a Vampire

‘How to Elude a Vampire’ by Alice Winters served as the second installment in her beloved romance series ‘VRC: Vampire Related Crimes.’ Released on April 16, 2020, this exciting urban-fantasy romantic mystery has been self-published to the great delight of readers around the world. This passionate romance marks another thrilling entry in the continuity of Winters’ VRC franchise.

Finn was feeling apprehensive after receiving a letter from a vampire, but pushed onward with plans to start a life with his partner, Marcus. Determined not to be intimidated, Finn settled into the VRC with Marcus by his side. Despite the difficulties they faced, Marcus remained protective and loving, encouraging Finn to fight for the life he desired.

Together they braved the unresolved case with happy affection, learning to stand up for their love no matter the obstacles.

How to Lure a Hunter

The paranormal urban-fantasy romance ‘How to Lure a Hunter’ was written by Alice Winters and was once again self-published, this time on July 24, 2020. This incredible novel is the third installment in Alice’s ‘VRC: Vampire Related Crimes’ series, following the further adventures of the VRC unit and introducing readers to a new captivating mystery and another steamy relationship.

Marcus brought Claude into to help solve a murder, which unexpectedly caused Marcus to cross paths with Alexei. Alexei was noticeably reserved, but Claude was determined to get closer to him. As they investigated the deaths of more vampires, it became clear that Alexei had a target on his back.

Despite his attempts to keep his distance from others, Claude was unwavering in his desire to keep Alexei safe. While discovering the truth, Claude found himself building feelings for Alexei, hoping to make him smile and bring him out of his guarded nature.

How to Save a Human

Alice Winters’ paranormal urban-fantasy romance ‘How to Save a Human’ is the fourth book in her ‘VRC: Vampire Related Crimes’ series. The book was published on November 6, 2020 by Amazon Digital Services and introduces even more of the thrilling and mysterious world of the VRC and the passionate romances of the characters that inhabit it. Another must-read for all paranormal urban-fantasy romance lovers.

When River meets Bentley, he is at his lowest point. Despite their blossoming connection, his life is a lie. Soon, Bentley’s work with the Vampire Related Crimes Unit puts him at odds with River. As River’s time begins to run out, Bentley pledges to do anything to protect their bond.

Meanwhile, Bentley finds solace in River, feeling comforted knowing he is no longer alone. They both rely on one another, hoping to not have their developing romance cut short.

How to Defy a Vampire

Alice Winters’ next romantically charged urban-fantasy book, ‘How to Defy a Vampire,’ was released on the Kindle platform on January 26, 2023. This fifth novel in the VRC: Vampire Related Crimes series continues the paranormal saga, full of mystery and erotic passion. Readers would look forward to yet another unique tale within the world of the Vampire Related Crimes unit.

Finn was no stranger to getting into trouble as a human, so joining the VRC did little to change that. But he was willing to face any danger if it meant protecting his new family. Marcus, a vampire, was right by his side, determined to do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

However, Marcus’s past was quickly catching up with him, threatening to consume the present. Through it all, Finn’s courage continued to impress him, but he worried about how to protect his human companion from the powerful vampires they were up against.

The Vampire Related Crimes Series

A sure hit for readers of all backgrounds, Alice Winters’ dynamic ‘Vampire Related Crimes’ series tells stories of exploration, adventure and romance. With its gripping dialogue and vivid characters, Winters has established a captivating world that resonates with readers time and time again. Jam-packed with mystery, tension, and unexpected turns, this thrilling series is no doubt the perfect escape for anyone looking for an exciting and passionate read.

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