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W.A. Cooper
W.A. Cooper is a fiction author best known for her debut novel, Decree Absolute. The New Zealand-born author fell in love with books from a young age, and she spent countless hours in her family’s bookshop before working with a publisher in London. However, she joined the aviation industry and worked as a flight attendant with her country’s national airline for three decades. She is now retired from jet-setting and enjoys her quiet life with her partner and cats. Copper hopes to publish more novels in the near future now that she has a lot of free time in her hands.

Decree Absolute
Decree Absolute tells the story of two women and their tangled lives. The book stars Jessica Barron, a solicitor in Leeds, and Renée Arden, a successful business owner. Jessica specializes in divorce, which is ironic considering that the book opens with her going through a divorce. After finding out about the affair between her husband and the nanny, Jessica immediately files for divorce and gets rid of her nanny. This explains why she went to Renée, the owner of a nanny agency known as Home Solution. Renée is also going through relationship drama and is looking for somewhere else to stay. After discovering a few secrets her girlfriend has been trying to keep from her, Renée wants nothing but to be away from the woman who threw away all they had.

When Jessica mistakes Renée for an employee, the talented businesswoman decides to play along. These two women are off to a bad start with Jessica’s haughty and almost rude attitude. However, Renée makes her life so easy that a bond starts developing between them. The two women are soon spending more and more time together, and they can no longer hide their mutual attraction. You are going to love seeing Jessica work to gain control over her life. Aside from the affair, the husband had been reckless with money, which meant that Jessica had to work many hours to fund their extravagant lifestyle. She starts by spending more time with the children she was often away from as she slaved in the office. There is also the loss of her first husband and only true love, Damian, that she has to deal with.

Renée feels like a breath of fresh air for Jessica. Once she lets her in, it doesn’t take her long to realize that she is madly in love. Unlike what many would expect, Jessica doesn’t struggle with her drastic change in partner preference. She knows Renée is her safe place and enjoys spending all her free time with the woman who takes such good care of her children. This book comes with a flawless narration in addition to the lovable characters. The deception that disintegrates and intertwines the characters’ lives is epic, but no one would have guessed how much this would work in their favor.

Decree Absolute is a well-written story that holds your attention and keeps you turning the pages. Set in Leeds, this story takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the characters’ personal lives. The romance between Jessica brews slowly, but things escalate very fast once they are confident about their feelings. These two characters’ first meeting is comical, and it is surprising how well they get along a few weeks later. The kids are also adorable, and it is amazing how much they add to this story. Curious to see how Renée and Jessica’s love story ends? Read this book to the last page for this and more.

A Convenient Deception
A Convenient Deception is the first book in the Betrayal series. The book features Braer McGlashan, a watercolor artist going through a rough patch, and Ariana Te Ata, a sweet, lovable woman. Brauer’s marriage of convenience to David Granger, a property entrepreneur, is about to end, and it seems that their plans are not going to materialize. There are also other things troubling her mind. After their father’s sudden passing, Braer feels so guilty about their last conversation, which pushes her to explore new arts opportunities. After the artist’s block that has been going on for far too long, Braer feels it is time to get out of her comfort zone. This is how she meets Ariana.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Ariana Te Ata is a true Maori girl. For a while now, she has been working on starting a family with her husband, Jordan Travers. However, she has noticed the distance growing between them, and it is clear having children is not the best move for them. When Ariana comes across suggestive messages on her husband’s phone, everything becomes clear. For a while, Ariana is obsessed with tracing her husband’s lover, but in the process, she bumps into Braer. This chance meeting grows into something beautiful as Ariana turns into Braer’s muse, and the artist serves as her shoulder and confidant.

The writing style here is outstanding, and it is hard not to fall in love with the main characters and hope they experience the happiness they seek. As the story progresses, the author expertly weaves details of the Maori culture, which adds character to this tale. The romance between the two ladies is nice and burns slow, and it is admirable how strong they remain amid all that is happening in their lives. This story is told from both Braer and Ariana’s POV. Through their narrations, we get to experience their doubts, anger, and finally love as they find comfort in each other.

A convenient Deception is a beautiful story of love, deception, and second chances. In their darkest moments, two women get to find themselves and true love. However, it is not all rosy for them as a deception threatens to tear them apart. Braer and Arian have to learn to forgive if they are to enjoy their beautiful relationship. Both primary and secondary characters are well developed, and the love scenes are so beautiful you may be moved to tears. This book is ideal if you like a good romance story with strong characters, a solid plot, and a flawless narration.

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