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W.W. Mortensen is a bestselling and award-winning author of suspense, science fiction, and horror fiction novels. He currently lives in Brisbane, Australia, and juggles his passion for writing with a young family and a full-time job. Much of the time he usually writes in the early morning and late nights with a huge dose of coffee. In college, he studied media and film and spent a dozen years in the print advertising industry following his graduation from university. He then quit that job to go into public service, where he currently has a job as a government investigator. Mortensen has always been a huge fan of adventure, action, science fiction, and horror stories. He draws much of his inspiration from movies and books though he also gets a lot from other genres. Much of his spare time is spent writing and he published his debut novel titled “Eight” in 2016.

Mortensen’s love affair with fiction began when he was a twelve year old watching a movie from the Friday the 13th series. The rise of the lead from the Crystal Lake scared the boy senseless and he was hooked on the thriller and horror genres since then. He still remembers that sleepover at a friend’s where he ate chicken-flavored crisps and pretended to watch as he just stared at the corner of the screen. Once he became hooked on horror movies, it was not long before he developed a love for books mainly Dean Koontz and Stephen King. After that, he would and watch anything scary and these would form the foundation and inspiration for much of the novels he would later write. It was thus not surprising that when he penned his first novel as an adult, it became a horror novel.

WW Mortensen’s debut novel “Eight” is a combination of things that have scared, excited, and intrigued him over the years. He is one of those authors who have a subconscious that collects the ends and odds that then become the ingredients that are then made into something palatable and tasty. For Mortensen, the ingredients of his novels are the snippets of information that he gets from all over. These may be anything from news items on TV or in newspapers and magazines. They do not necessarily need to be related to the horror genre even though he usually favors cutting edge or new technologies, scientific theories on the working of the universe, or the discovery of an unknown species in a remote part of the globe. He usually asks himself what would happen if humanity were able to harness Dark Energy, or if a new unknown species escaped and was found to be dangerous. Determined to write a fast-paced and huge action story with maybe a Special Forces team looking to put a stop to a global menace, he came up with his debut novel “Eight.”

WW Mortensen’s novel “Eight” is set in the Amazon forest, where scientists believe they have found a mysterious source of power that may end humanity’s dependency on fossil fuels. When Rebecca Riley the entomologist gets the photographs of the discovery as a courtesy from Ed Reardon her former partner and expedition leader, she immediately hops on a flight to Brazil. She has not seen Reardon for more than a year after their relationship ended on painful terms but Riley is determined to be part of the team of scientists. What they find is unimaginable as there are terrifying new species of animals, a ruined city that looks like it was built by refugees that may have come from a lost continent on the Pacific, and strange statues deep in the forest. She is forced to come face to face with a phobia from her childhood she thought she had gotten over as she discovers that the new species is a very dangerous enemy. It is an ancient enemy whose existence may be catastrophic for the planet and all humans on it.

Mortensen’s novel “Slithers” opens on a remote country road where Tobe West and his friends are on the way to a weekend party. They come across two hitchhikers and offer them a lift only to get into a freak accident a few miles down the road. The friends are stranded in an unfamiliar landscape and a universe that seems to have lost its bearings. There are all kinds of slithering things in the forest while off the road are strange spectral lights. In an otherwise frightening and dark road, a petrol station with its lights promises safety only for Tobe to find out that the very people he is trying to protect may be the biggest danger to his life. He now needs to find out what agenda the survivors have, and protect his friends from the dangers he knows lurk in the darkness outside. There is something after them and they need to face up to the reality that they may have been made part of someone else bigger plan and nothing is as it seems.

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  1. Ray Mango: 2 years ago

    Read “Eight” through and enjoyed every minute of the time spent. Almost finished with “The Alpha Species” because I simply can not put it down. And, yes my next purchase “Slithers.” Best read I had since the last from Crighton’s works. Mr. Mortensen please get the next one on the shelf and let me know so I can get a copy. Great, absolutely great!!!!! Thank You, Ray Mango


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