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Publication Order of Waco Books

Waco is a fictional character created by J.T Edson and featured in Waco series. Waco’s real name is unknown, and he is called Waco because he had survived the Waco Massacre as an infant. He becomes the 4th joiner of the Floating Outfit after his encounter with Dusty Fog. He picks up a battle with Dusty, but he is beaten to a draw, and Dusty does not kill him due to his resemblance to Danny Fog- his recently killed brother. Waco picks up the second fight, and this time with Mark, however, the fight is paused when the cattle Waco is driving Stampedes. However, Waco redeems himself when mercy kills his injured Horse rather than letting the herd trample it and thus risking his life in doing so; Dusty soon saves him.

Now Waco owing his life to Dusty, he later tries to repay his friend when they are attacked but eventually it is revealed that they both save each other. From that occasion, the Waco gains more interest in joining Dusty and his crew, when his Waco’s employers Clay Allison gives him a chance knowing for sure that he could not make a better role model for the young man, Waco.

Over the years, Waco learns law from his friend Dusty, later he becomes an independent lawman, later he becomes an Arizona Ranger, a sheriff of the two folks county and then a United States field marshal.

When Waco joins the Arizona police force, he works hand in hand with Doc Leroy. The character is first introduced as a medical student prior he is forced by his family to abandon school and earn his livelihood working as a Cowboy. He is featured utilizing his medical skills acquired in med school while on his new cowboy work by treating gunshot wounds and other injuries, delivering babies, setting broken bones and in one occasion Leroy is seen tending to a local mining town which has fallen victim to a certain disease outbreak.

Even though it is widely rumored that Doc once performed appendectomy using a knife, confirmation by Doc Leroy M.D this is but only a myth and he in fact carries with him authorized surgical instruments wherever he goes.

During his early Career as a cowboy, Leroy joined a contract trail driving crew known as the Wedge headed by Stone Hart but later shifts to the O.D. Unlike other characters feature together such as Waco, Mark, and Dusty, Leroy is only equipped with a single revolver ( which are An Army Colt but later uses Civilian Peacemaker). However as highlighted in books such as The Drifter and Doc Leroy MD, Leroy is much faster with his single revolver than his counterpart, Dusty with his two guns. He joins Waco, and both serve as Arizona Rangers before finally getting the opportunity of being eligible for his degree in medicine. He is then married to Lynn Baker, a sister to Beth Morrow (the two sisters were raised up alienated and did not know of each other existence) Beth Morrow is the wife to Waco, and so Leroy and Waco become Brother in Laws.

The series consist of 7 original works. The first book in the series, Waco’s Badge, the second is Sagebrush Sleuth, and the third is Arizona Soldier.

Description of Early Books

Waco’s Badge: this is the first book in the Waco series by JT. Edson. The story arch begins when Bentram Mosehan a rancher in Arizona accepts his new responsibility of organizing a state police force of Arizona. To get a vibrant and more active police force, he requires men who are brave, honest and pretty fast with a six-gun, On the other hand, Waco- the main protagonist of the novel and his friend Doc Leroy possess these skills that Mosehan is in the search.

Within the borders of the vast open Arizona- the activities of outlaw gangs are rampant; this is because the authority of the local officer ends right at his town borders thus requiring a different breed of a peace officer. However, the two buddies remember their encounters with the lone star law and the least they want is to wear a badge.

On the contrary, Mosehan knows that these two young men are the people required to provide peace and bring order to the wide-open area of Arizona when the hell breaks loose. Now Waco will be facing one tough decision to make when the guns begin firing: to die or to serve.

The author of Waco’s Badge J.T Edson vividly brings to life the bloody and the fierce struggles of the untamed West. His brilliant characters are linked by the binding power of hard work, and the spirit of adventure that eventually reclaims the peace required in the west. Just like many other of J.T Edson books, there are lots of women fighting, gun fights and most adorable main characters who will do no harm.

The Drifter – when Waco visits the Two Forks in Utah he gets more than the regular cowboy meal. What he ends up getting in return is a triple dose of fast gun shooting trouble. However, Waco’s team of rangers is no force to mess. The five gang members to ever ride at the TBS are hell and lead directly into Waco hide. However, the few well trained and well-aimed gun slugs teach the gangs that the quick drawing Texan ranger is the indeed wrong man to collide with.

Waco Ride In- the crime in the lawless Arizona was becoming rampant and keeping peace seemed almost impossible for the two Arizona force, and on every corner, Apaches, thieves, and border crossing bandits caused more troubles to the residents and the fast gun drawing ranger Waco and the single gunslinger Doc Leroy. Every move downed a fair fight and people got hurt as the gunslingers planned on deadlier ways to get rid of Mosehan recently recruited rangers. Soon, Leroy and the Young Texan had no save ground to run to except outside the law bringing peace and justice to Arizona the hard way.

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