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The Adventurer's Guide to Successful Escapes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Adventurer's Guide to Dragons (and Why They Keep Biting Me) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Adventurer's Guide to Treasure (and How to Steal It) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Funny Fantasy (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anthology series.

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Unidentified Funny Objects 2(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wade Albert White is a children’s fiction author form Nova Scotia Canada, a place that he loves to call the land of Duck Tolling Retrievers and wild blueberries. As a child, he remembers trying everything including playing baseball with his fellow students, volleyball, taking piano and art lessons. He also took ballroom dancing lessons, tried some amateur film making on some ancient VHS camera that belonged to her father, did some skateboarding and went to summer camp. He was not very good at much of what he tried but the exploratory and curious spirit was a good thing for him as it is evident in most of the “Adventurer’s Guide” series. During this time of his life, he also read every kind of literature from manuals for electronics to joke books and fiction. He wanted to know everything about the world around him and how it all worked. He currently dabbles in filmmaking, animation and also teaches part-time. Wade is the father to three boys and when he is not writing he loves playing the guitar, travel and run marathons.

White writes funny and witty noels in “The Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes” though in a recent interview he has said that he never was a class clown. However, he was involved in a lot of mischief such as convincing his cohorts to make fun of the teacher by throwing paper planes at her. As such, he has a lot of middle-grade experiences that he has incorporated in his series. He has also been influenced by comedy shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and classic comedies such as “Monty Python.” As for literary work, Wade was influenced significantly by “Anne of Green Gables” the Canadian classic. He has asserted that he loves the work as the clever and witty tales feature an engaging lead character and are full of humor. Some other classics that have been an inspiration include Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and Beverly Cleary’s “The Mouse and the Motorcycle.”

Wade Albert White always wanted to become an author and had several false starts over the years before he made a huge decision in 2013. It was the year when he sat down and for the first time penned a full manuscript as he trained himself to write even when he did not feel like it. It was learning the art of writing whether he had the muse or not that did it for him. During this time, he was a member of an online writing workshop hat critiqued each other’s manuscripts. He ran the first draft of the manuscript through the group and got some valuable critiques and feedback. Once he felt that he had a well-polished manuscript, he started querying agents. It was a hard road that took more than nine months and several rounds of revision before he got signed up to the Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency. He made the submission in 2015 and given his research he expected several months before he got a call back. However, he was surprised to get a call a week later with an offer. Soon after, there were several offers and they decided to have an auction but were forced to take a pre-empt offer from a publisher that offered terms that were too good to refuse. While he was published in Canada, he also wanted to get published in the US and also signed up with Little Brown Kids. He initially signed a two-book contract with LB Kids though it was intended to be a series from the get-go. “To Successful Escapes,” the debut novel of the “Adventurer’s Guide” series was published in 2016.

Wade Albert White’s “The Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes” is an addictive and funny book that tells the story of Anne, a thirteen-year-old girl. She had lived for her whole life at an institute for the Hideously Unattractive and Perpetually Wicked Children at Lupin. She is about too engage in an adventure that could be bigger than what any child could ever have imagined. With the help of Penelope her best friend and Hiro a newcomer, Anne is dealing with everything from zombie sharks, robot transports. Wizard bureaucrats and a card-carrying antagonist all of whom make her epic quest interesting though sometimes dangerous. The novel combines the self-awareness and witty prose of Lemony Snicket and Douglas Adams to make for charming friendships set in a fantasy setting of the future that will have its readers chortle, smile or burst out laughing.

“The Adventurer’s Guide to Dragons” by Wade Albert White sees Hiro, Penelope and Anne return to the Saint Lupin for a quest of terrifying and dangerous adventures. They are recognized for their success at the yearly Quest Academy awards for Best Illegal Quest their first outing. But a strange boy comes onto the scene and steals the lead’s gauntlet and in doing so activates a quest. The new quest means that they have to fight a war against all species of dragons. They have the assignment to kill the dragon queen but Anne is in no mood to kill any dragons. However, ignoring the instructions on a quest could have disastrous consequences yet killing the dragon queen would likely result in a no holds barred war between dragons and humans. To prevent disaster, the three friends need to defeat new foes, dodge robot attacks and endure perilous dragon trials. The novel is a perfect read with a lot of heart, charming and funny text.

“The Adventurer’s Guide to Treasure” takes a break from the usual at the Saint Lupin’s Institute. At the school, the students have been taught about all manner of aspect except for pirates. They have not been taught how to befriend, fight or even identify pirates, which means the school is open to attack if they decided to invade. On the very first day of classes that is what happens as a crew of pirates steals a valuable Prophecy Medallion and Hiro, Penelope, and Anne are ready to go for another adventure. They accidentally activated a quest and now they have to find the medallion and complete the quest by delivering it to Octo-Horse-Pirate the supreme pirate ruler. But the medallion and the quest are not what they seem and the supreme pirate leader is not your ordinary villain. To complete the quest, Anne may have to trawl through information from her past if she is to save the planet from catastrophe. The novel is full of heart-pounding action and is a fast-paced adventure that will leave its audience on the edge of their seat.

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