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Wages of Sin Books In Order

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Publication Order of Crown of Slaves Books

By: Eric Flint, David Weber
Crown of Slaves (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torch of Freedom (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cauldron of Ghosts (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
To End in Fire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wages of Sin Series

Wages of Sin also known as Torch Series is a series of sci-fi books by bestselling author Daniel Weber. The series is set in Honorverse. Crown of Slaves the first book in Wages of Sin is also the sixteenth book in Honor Harrington FRG series written by David Weber in collaboration with Eric Flint.
While Wages of Sin is a spin-off from Honorverse series, it follows an entirely different storyline. It’s about disputes between Mesa and Manpower Inc versus slave mutiny. If you’ve read Spartacus series by Ben Kane or watched its film adaptation of the same, the concept is the same in this series except the fact that it’s set in space. You can call it- a Spartacus in Space.

Crown of Slaves

Crown of Slaves is the first novel in Wages of Sin series. If you’ve read Honor Harrington series novel #16, you probably won’t have to read this novel. The story begins with Anton Zilwicki’s mission to the Erewhon system hoping to reconstruct the damaged relationship caused by the High Ridge government.
Due to the incompetent current government of Queen of Manticore, the weak alliance between Erewhon and the Star Kingdom of Manticore is almost being dissolved. Judith, the leader of the Masadan Women’s escape and Havenite spy Victor Cachet appear 20years again after The Service of the Sword. Ruth, Judith’s daughter, and the Queen’s niece are on a mission to planet Erewhon together with Berry, Anton Zilwicki’s adopted daughter who sometimes when a need arose acted as Ruth’s double. Unfortunately, everyone they came across played the game of lies some of the games being fatal and revolving around terrorists, thugs, and freedom fighters.

The Queen sends Ruth, her niece to represent her in the State funeral to cover up things. When dangerous terrorists attack Ruth, the Havenite agent Victor Cachat gets the chance to establish a new relationship between Erewhonese and his nation. He also saves a slave ship in a very cunning way and creates an alliance that comprises of the Havenites, Manticorans, Erewhonese and some portion of Solarian league navy to rescue the slaves and form a new nation ready to abolish slavery. When they arrive in Erewhon, manticores most able agent and one of its princesses discover that they are already messed up. Apart from coming across one of the most capable agents of the Republic of Havens- Victor Cachat, they also find out that the Solarian League’s Military delegation involved itself in some questionable activities.

Torch of Freedom

Torch of Freedom is a direct sequel of the Crown of Slaves novel. A The slave masters of Mesa plan against Manticore and the liberated planet of Torch as Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachet, the Havenite agent, start a hazardous mission to unveil the truth about the mysterious assassinations that have been set against Torch and Manticore. Most people believe that the Republic of Haven is responsible for the killings, but Calchat and Zilwicki feel that it is another group that is behind it.

Queen Berry is one of the aimed persons by those unknown assassins. The previous master of the slave liberation organization, Jeremy X, recently one of the top officials of Torch but considered by the majority as the most lethal criminal on earth uses his past favors owed to him. Berry Zilwicki and her father Anton together with his Havenite friend and colleague Victor Cachat travel to the evil planet of Mesa to investigate and know what Mesa is planning. They find out much information and meet a highly honored science traitor who has agreed to go with a highly honored security traitor too, but they are caught up. Before the science traitor he falls into the hands of the Mesa security guard, he blows a nuclear weapon at Mesa Gamma headquarters leaving everyone thinking that it was blown by Cachat and Zilwicki and passed on in the process. The two traitors then escape and find their way to Haven to turn their rebel to the authorities where they can give evidence that Mesa is to be blamed for initiating the war between Haven and Manticore. They aim to make the Haven’s government attempt to end their war with the Manticore

At that same time, a mighty army in the Solarian League is navigating on each other to lead in the explosive crisis that endangers the presence of the league itself. Various groups are unhappy about Torch and the slaves who have gotten their recognition, freedom, and allies. Everyone is seen doing their plans, some looking to take advantage no matter what it will take, others protecting Torch and others plotting to destroy it.

Cauldron of Ghosts

Cauldron of Ghosts is book three in the series of Wages of Sin which is a continuation of Crown of Slaves and Torch of Freedom. The long fought battle between the Star Empire of Manticore and the Republic of Haven is not yet over, and the bitter enemies have formed a new agreement with the common enemy being the Mesan Alignment. More information is required to bring the Alignment into the light. Giving less concentration to the chances and believing on the genetic wizardry for a personification, Zilwicki and Cachet return to Mesa only to find out that they had underrated the Alignment’s brutality.

They are not only being hunted but also threatened because of the increasing dispute between the Mesa’s lords and the cruel slaves and their descendants who have been suffered for long. The Alignment has been taking their people off Mesa and then attacks the area leading to many deaths which they use to cover up the missing persons. Mesa, of course, blames the group of ex-slaves for the attacks. Cachat and Zilwicki assist the center crime master of the slums in resisting the counter-attack by the Mesa military and the police. If Cachat and Zilwicki accomplish their mission in rooting out the old strategy, the great evil may be taken out of the star system and bring freedom.

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