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The Wagons West series is one of the well known novel series based on the western, romance, and adventure genres. It is written in collaboration by the authors James Reasoner and Noel B. Gerson under the pen name of Dana Fuller Ross.

Ross has set the beginning of the series in the year 1837 with Oregon territory’s first settlers. From there on, the series keeps on continuing, showing the settlements in the West.

The size of the cast also increases as the series progresses. Most of the books of this series were edited by the Book Creations, Inc. Beginning in 1979, the series featured the first book under the title of Independence!.

This western romance series also has a spin off series consisting of 10 books and a couple of trilogies titled Empire Trilogy and Frontier Trilogy. In the initial part of the series, author Ross has shown that a large train wagon comprising of the settlers heads towards the Oregon territory in 1837. Following this, the series chronicles the various settlings in and around the various cities of West.

Simultaneously, the series depicts the lives of a huge cast of characters in the form of settlers. The settlers are shown being led across the grassy plains of the country to the snowy peaks of mountains by trailing the rugged pioneers. The fabulous desperados and dreamers of the rich mines with their gold luring nature are shown staking their claims throughout the lawless region. The brave ranchers are shown fighting for the safety of their homes and lands against the Indians and outlaws who try to capture the women of their families and take away their wealth. Author Ross has developed a high drama and interesting adventures in the form of the bloody and wild stories in this western series.

One of the most popular books of the Wagons West series written by author Dana Fuller Ross is titled as ‘Wyoming!’. It was released by the Bantam publication in 1983 following its original release in 1979. Author Ross has set the story of this book in the year 1838 in Wyoming and has featured the central characters in the form of La-ena, Eulalia Blake, Michael Holt, Sally MacNeill, Cindy, Cathy Blake Leland Blake, Ginny Dobbs, Claiborne Wooding, Paul Thoman, Ted Woods, and Dolores Driscoll. The main story shows that a wagon of settlers trails for Wyoming. The children, women, and men on the trail seem to be dependent on men like Michael ‘Whip’ Holt, the wagon scout, for their survival. Holt has the reputation of not being beaten by any beast or any man. Therefore, the settlers tend to trust him blindly for protecting them. However, as they trail further, Holt seems to get distracted by a couple of women. One of them is a beautiful and young widow, while the other is an Indian maiden, who is a former love interest of Michael Holt. As these women ride on the train side by side, the power of their beauty tends to cause distraction for Holt. He begins to lose focus in his duty of ensuring the safety of the train wagon and the people in it. The book starts by depicting that the first train to the Oregon territory moves ahead slowly, passing through the Great Plains and reaching the Rocky Mountains’ foothills during the initial days of autumn.

The wagon comprises of around five hundred courageous men, women, and kids of the strong community, who are led by the wagon scout named Michael Holt, commonly referred to as Whip. These people know that a bitter winter lies ahead of them and therefore, they prepare themselves for surviving in the harsh conditions. Among the settlers are drifters, dreamers, natives, foreigners, friends, as well as enemies. But, Michael Holt goes on to find that the most unexpected allies for him are a pair of women with strong wills. One of them is Cathyl van Ayl, the 24 year old outspoken widow, while the other one is the beautiful La-ena, who is half Cherokee and half Arapaho. La-ena used to be Holt’s mistress at one time. All these brave pioneers are about to undergo endless miles of danger, hardships, treachery, and death. In addition to their struggle to survive, they are forced to go through burning jealousies, hidden rivalries, and unspoken rivalries, all of which threaten their very existence and will to live. However, they gain strength from their hopes of a new beginning in the adventurous promised land, a dream about America that motivates them to move ahead without stopping. Their hopes lay very high to face whatever difficulties come in their path with bravery and tackle them with strength.

Another adventurous book written in this series is titled ‘Nevada!’. This book was released by the Domain publication in 1982. Set in Nevada, United States, the story comprises of the lead characters in the role of Susanna Brentwood, Beth Martin, Michael Holt, Caroline Holt, Scott Foster, Ezekiel, Leland Blake, Douglas de Forest, Andrew Brentwood, Lady Alison White, and Bernhard von Hummel. The story depicts General Leland Blake as being the in-charge of the transportation of a wagon train full of silver from Comstock Lode in Nevada to New York. In order to carry out this highly risky and tough job safely, Blake must outshoot and outwit the Confederate saboteurs as well as the cunning agents from England, who will go to any lengths to prevent the wagon from reaching New York. Author Ross has set the beginning of the plot in the Virginia City in 1861. Numerous fortune seekers are shown trying to descend on Comstock Lode’s silver rich Boomtown with the hope of cashing in. Meanwhile, the courageous soldiers seem to have been united by a different cause just before the start of the Civil War, a supreme war that is believed to change the future of America. General Blake receives the order to transport silver to Missouri-stationed Union troops. He knows that the enemies have set their eyes to sabotage the transportation. Blake is supported by a cast of brave men and women he has ever come across. Among them are wagon master holt, his highly tempered son named Toby, Susanna Brentwood, the sharp shooter newswoman, and Allison White, the English widow forced in the espionage. Theses know it very well that the fate of their nation depends on the success of this mission. With tensions mounting every day, they hope to deliver safely to the destination. But, there are people who will resort to all sorts of measures to stop the wagon from reaching Missouri. However, the brave people assigned the task of ensuring the safe transportation are also ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives, to keep the golden promise of a prosperous America.

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    best western books i ever read. thank you

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    Should these books be read in order, or are the story lines independent of each other? Thanks.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      I believe so. I read a few reader reviews, and on a few of the books they mentioned it was a “continuation” of a prior book story.


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