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In a world where love seems to be surrounded by only lies most people can relive and enjoy a happy love story through literature. The Wait for You series has captured the hearts of its readers as people continue to follow the series so as to satisfy the burning desire inside their souls. It is based on the life of two characters one who was hurt and a persistent guy who wants to have her attention and love by all means possible. It is a story about love and all the virtues and qualities that surround it. It points out the importance of being patients and standing by your potential partner with the hope that everything will work itself out for good.

The first series is the, Wait for You, where we meet Avery Morgansten a young girl of about nineteen years. She has travelled into another state to start her college education and build a future for herself unlike most college fresher’s she seems to be excited about being alone and focusing on herself. College seems to have provided a new way for her to start her life afresh away from some memories that occurred during Halloween five years ago. The event seems to have changed her life forever and it’s the reason she prefers staying alone and considers it a huge deal if she could make even one friend. This would provide her with anew pace something that she seems to have lacked in her hometown. She also seems to be very conscious of the bracelet on her left wrist that has to stay in place at all times.

Cameron Hamilton is a very attractive guy who notices Avery and wants to have a relationship with her. He is clearly every girl dream guy, but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to capture Avery’s attention. Their first meeting is very dramatic and takes Avery down memory lane to that time when everything changed. She becomes aware that this is the first time a guy has ever held her and brushes out her past encounter that is still a mystery not to count or matter. Things only get worse for her when she bumps a second time into her and his intentions become quite evident. They have a powerful chemistry connection that Avery tries so hard to ignore and brush aside, but their continuous encounters don’t make things easier for her

The Wait for You series is told in first person by Avery and we get to feel her every emotion in all the events that take place in the book. Cam falls for Avery as soon as he sees her and her rejection does not seem to push him away. He continues to do nice things for her and eventually establishes a friendship with her. He teases and flirts with her without crossing her limits and this works to his advantage as she accepts his friendship.

Cam is portrayed as a modern bad boy with the looks while Avery is a shy country girl who does not seem to be aware of the beauty she possesses. This is a common combination apart from the fact that Cam’s intentions seem to be pure with no ulterior motives. He is taken in with Avery from the moment he sets his eyes on her. He comes out as an understanding sweet and supportive guy who is willing to do anything for Avery.

We meet Avery’s new best friends Jacob and Brittany. Jacob is gay and this has been brought out perfectly. Brittany is your typical college girl who helps Avery to understand her developing feelings towards Cam. It becomes quite evident that Avery cannot avoid Cam since he is her classmate and neighbor. She wants to get close to him, but holds herself back especially when she starts to receive threatening emails and letters. She wonders if Cam will still stand by her and help her out when the truth is discovered

In the second part of the Wait for You series is the, Trust in Me. Cam is convinced about Avery’s feelings for him, but she is still playing hard to get. He is used to getting what he wants, but he can’t seem to get Avery and this troubles him and continues to encourage him to pursue her. The only people Avery can share her feelings with are her two friends who want to help her, but she is still bound with her past and she doesn’t want to let go. She has secrets that hold her back from admitting that she has feelings for Cam. Secrets that are starting to make Cam wonder if he will be able to break through her walls and reach to her.

Avery is struggling alone and every time she is ready to allow herself to fall for Cam her past reappears and holds her back. He has to make effort to win her trust and prove himself to her, but she is blocking him. He understands that he has one shot at making things work between them. Unfortunately, things are proving hard for him as he tries to understand the barriers around Avery and find ways to break them. Cam is desperate to be in Avery’s life and does not want to be shut out, but will he succeed?

As the series progresses the past that Avery is refusing to face is brought back to her and her biggest fear is whether or not she will have Cam’s support through it all. She is also worried about coming out victorious with more scars, but the all perfect Cam has his charms and ways. The sex scenes are introduced and they are highly descriptive as they detail everything painting a clear picture of the unfolding events.

Wait for You series is a highly recommended romance novel. It is filled with suspense and mystery that makes love look like a real battlefield. It has received good reviews and now has a trailer to help readers have a clear picture of the characters behind it. The editorial reviews have managed to help the series clinch the best selling title a couple of times. The book flows at a comfortable pace and the dialogues are very well illustrated making everything flow easy.

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