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Publication Order of Wakefield Dynasty Books

The Sword of Truth (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winds of God (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shield of Honor (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fields of Glory (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ramparts of Heaven (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Song of Princes (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gathering of Eagles (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

An author of Young Adult and historical fiction, the American writer Gilbert Morris was almost an institution during his lifetime, having produced a large quantity of work over the course of his career, having creating a long and illustrious backlog of work. Leaving behind a highly impressive legacy, readers worldwide continue to discover his work to this very day, as he manages to reach readers from all across the globe, regardless of their background. This has seen him become an important figure within the industry, as both the critics and the general public alike sing his many praises, with his ability to transport the reader far off times and places being unrivaled. Knowing how to expertly craft characters as well, he really understands the art of dialogue, building fully formed three-dimensional personalities that resonate with readers on a more personal intimate level. Giving his readers what they want, all whilst keeping them well informed, he managed to put forwards his own personal viewpoints too, using a style of clarity in his articulation that would really bring his subjects to life. His high degree of accuracy was also something to be admired too, as he really knew and understood his subjects too, putting a heavy level of research into his subjects and topics too. Writing on subjects from history, he would always make sure to ensure that his work was continually exciting and engaging, drawing the reader in and making sure they’re compelled throughout. This would include a whole host of colorful characters, many of whom would be derived from history themselves, as he would constantly weave both fact and fiction together. A great example of this would be that of his much loved ‘Wakefield Dynasty’ series of novels, as they would chart the lineage of the Wakefield family throughout the ages. It would also take a look at their lives, loves and various struggles with faith over the years, as they seek maintain their standing within society. Providing the reader with a window into the past, it really makes the most of its material, knowing and understanding its subject matter with a great deal of precision.

Running for over seven novels, this series run between 1994 to 1996. Taking in a whole range of different periods, it managed to incorporate a whole vast array of different elements into its overall narrative arc. With a number of omnibus editions released too, it’s definitely one of Morris’s most comprehensive series to date.

Sword of Truth

Initially published through the Tyndale House Publisher’s outlet, this would set up the first title in the ongoing ‘Wakefield Dynasty’ series of novels. Setting up much of the action, it would establish the core premise of the series, as well as introducing many of the main characters for the first time too. Released on the 4th of June in 1994, it would bring about the many novels that were set to follow in its wake, paving the way to a highly successful series.

With this novel setting up many of the principal ideas of the series, this really shows what Morris was about as an author. Slowly leading the reader in, it allows them to discover the narrative at their own pace through the character of Myles Morgan leading the way. It would also allow the reader to have an insight into the past, giving them a look at history and how people lived and interacted with one another.

Myles Morgan had always believed himself to be of a commoner’s heritage, something he felt that he would never be able to rise above during his lifetime. That is until he discovers that he is none other than the son of the nobleman and lord Sir Robert Wakefield, as he is immediately thrust into life in the court. It is here that he finds there is an ongoing dispute between Henry VIII and those that want to bring in the bible in their own language, including none other than the scholar William Tyndale. Will Myles be able to navigate between his faith and the woman he loves? Can he find his feet in this new world? What will become of the Sword of Truth?

The Winds of God

Published through the Tyndale House Publisher’s once again, this would follow on chronologically from the previous novel, as it would chart the next chapter in the ongoing story. Coming out in 1994 on the 14th of October, this would provide further insight into the ‘Wakefield Dynasty’, this being the next generation in the lineage. Building upon the many ideas that came before it really manages to craft a strong development of the world and the characters of the first.

Taking the historical ideas and premise from before, this further expands on the historical knowledge of author Gilbert Morris. Following the grandson of Myles, from the previous book, this manages to provide further insight into the Wakefield family throughout the generation. This also provides an insight into the history happening about them, giving the reader a wealth of information on the period setting itself.

Set in England in 1553, this story looks at a time when political unrest was high, as England was looking to protect its borders from the Spanish forces who were hoping to overthrow the Protestant monarchy of the time. There is one man who could be England’s greatest weapon yet, and that is none other than Robin Wakefield who is angered after his father was burnt as a heretic. Brought up by his grandparents Myles and Hannah Wakefield, he vows to wreak vengeance on those responsible, something that will lead him on a path where soon nobody can control him. Will he get what he’s looking for? Can he turn away from the bitterness in his heart? What lies within the winds of God?

The Wakefield Dynasty Series

As a historical series, this is definitely a hallmark of the genre, as it really provides a level of insight into the past quite unlike any other. Not only that, but it also offers strong character developments too, all whilst allowing the reader to be engaged and entertained throughout. A definite must for any fans of Gilbert Morris as an author, as well as fans of the genre too, it really is a timeless classic that will continue to find fans for many years to come.

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