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Walker Brothers Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Walker Brothers Books

Walker Brothers Series

Walker Brothers is a series of erotic romance books by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author J.S. Scott. Scott is an avid reader of literature and all sorts of books. She writes what she loves to read writing both erotic, contemporary and paranormal romance novels. Her books feature an Alpha Male and always have a happily ever after.

J.S. Scott began The Walker Brothers series in 2016 when Release was published.


In the first book in Walker Brother’s series, we are introduced to an aged affluent Trace Walker. The billionaire tycoon needs to hire a woman to acts as his fiancé for a holiday, but the penniless hungry who comes knocking into his office seeking for a job isn’t the ideal candidate for his job offer.
Nonetheless, there is something Trace can’t contemplate about this Latino beauty dressed in ripped jeans that arouses his hidden alpha instincts. Before long, Trace feeds the hungry young lady and states the terms of their mutually befitting business and seals the deal with a hot passionate kiss.

Despite the two coming from different worlds, their so-called temporary arrangement soon feels so real, and their feeling of lust soon blossoms into love. Can the two unlikely loves forget their past and embrace their newly found love.

Release, the first in Walker Brothers, is an intriguing read. It is the first in a series about three brothers whose lives were ruined by an unspeakable tragedy. One thing you’ll love about J.S. Scott is how her writing draws you, the reader deeply into the souls and the hearts of her characters such that you instantaneously fall in love with them.

However, the road to “love” for both Eva and Trace is never smoothy but bumpy indeed. The two are dealing with dark and troubling emotional obstacles they must deal with. For starters, Trace is put into a position as the head/in charge of the Walker family- a role that he never wants- after his parents die in a fatal plane crash days after their wedding. Trace’s youngest brother Dane was the only survivor- but was fatally injured and hangs on life for days before recovery.

Now six years after the fatal air crash, Trace carries the family burden of taking care of his siblings as well as being in charge of his life. Ever since his parents died, he has dedicated his entire life into keeping his wayward siblings in line and keeping in control the family empire. However, his siblings are not appreciative of his efforts trying to control their lives. His relationship with Dane and Sebastian is broken, and he does not know whether they will have a bond as a family again. Even though he seems to have everything in control, appearances can be deceiving. The truth is a Trace is a man who’s lonely- working around the clock with no play. However, then one day, a beautiful bubbly sexy Latino makes him feel alive again- makes him regain his sense of purpose and shines the beacon of light in his desolate dark world brightly.

On the other hand, there is Eva, the poverty-stricken orphaned young woman. She is an amazing, endearing and sympathetic heroine and a perfect match for our troubled hero. Just like Trace, Eva has had her share of problems especially after a torturing ordeal that ruined her life, but when the haunting truth finally comes out, it Traces Walker to the rescue. Trace’s mission now is to make right the wrongs in Eva’s past even if it means rousing her temper and throwing his weight around as she rebels his bossy ways. However, one thing in this world that Trace cannot control is his untamed lust for Eva, the only woman who has managed to break down the high walls around his heart.

What’s more surprising is that Eva struggles with her feeling for trace even though they’ve had an agreement. She had been deprived of any feelings except devastation and fear for long such that she is afraid to embrace the consuming passion for Trace. However, resisting her feeling for the young millionaire is nothing but torture. Even though the two had distinct upbringings, they soon realize that they have more in common than they had thought- compatible both in bed and out of bed.

Their bed encounters are steaming hot and with exquisite tenderness and heartfelt emotion.


Book two in The Walker Brothers series is oozing with breathtaking romance, warm feels and irresistible charm as J.S. Scott steps out of the box and dives deep into the subject matter with dignity, sensitivity, and heartfelt emotion.

Player the second book in the series revolves around Trace’s middle brother Sebastian. He’s a former notorious womanizer and party animal who was trying to ease the pain of losing his parent by diving into a hedonistic lifestyle of getting high, non-stop drinking and bedding any woman that came his way.
Since Sebastian has changed, joined family company and now dedicating his time to his work, he’s got a purpose in life. He’s always wished and wanted to make a difference and contribute to the society and now heads a department in Walker Enterprises. His life would be the perfect one except for one thing- he is lonely and yearns for a good woman to be by his side.

His elder brother is lucky to have found a woman like Eva, but for him, he spends long hours in the office to feed his loneliness, but one encounter in the elevator changes everything. He fixes his eyes on the company’s newest corporate attorney, Paige. There is something unique about Paige that has got Sebastian thinking about her every second. However, Paige has no interest in romantic engagements with Sebastian.

Paige is self-driven but indeed hiding something. However true to his words, Sebastian brings Paige to the heights of pleasure, but could fall in love for her boss rip open her old wounds? The second book in series is an intriguing read, just like the first book; there are steamy romance and hotbed scenes between Sebastian and Paige.

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