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Walker Papers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Walker Papers Books

By: C.E. Murphy, Faith Hunter

Chronological Order of Walker Papers Books

By: C.E. Murphy, Faith Hunter

Publication Order of Walker Papers Books

By: C.E. Murphy, Faith Hunter

Publication Order of Walker Papers Collections

Walker Papers is a series of urban fantasy written by all-time New York author C.E Murphy. The series feature the main character named Joanne Walker, a beat cop and also a shaman. The author, Murphy also writes other romance and fantasy series such as Strongbox Chronicles, Negotiator Trilogy, and Inheritors Cycle.

The first book in Walker Papers series by C.E Murphy is Urban Shaman published in 2005. It details the efforts of Joanne Walker the lead character in saving the world from apocalypse using her Shaman powers. The second book in the series is Thunderbird Falls when Joanne guide disappears; she must seek help somewhere else after unleashing evil on the city of Seattle. She discovers that she should have learned more of her shaman powers. The entire novel series consists of 9 books with the 2014 publication of Shaman Rises concluding the series.

Urban Shaman
Joanne Walker is returning home her hometown Seattle after attending her mother’s funeral in Ireland. While on the plane as the pilots are making the final move into the Seattle she notices a woman being attacked at a church.

Everyone on that plane thinks that she is crazy, and even herself thinks that she is crazy too, but she is determined in helping the lady. So after landing, she hires a cab to take her to the particular spot where she had witnessed the attack………. That opens the story about Joanne Walker.

In Urban Shaman, Joanne must quickly adapt and learn on how to use her new acquired shaman powers as she only has three days to save the world from unleashed evil.

Urban Shaman upon publication was globally accepted as one of the best fantasy novels ever written. The author, C.E Murphy has such an excellent idea for a story, and she is vividly descriptive in her writing. It provides fun, and a vibrant feel to the way Joanne Walker fights her battles as she tries to save the rest of Seattle from the Wild Hunt gone wrong and also as she tries to deal with her newly discovered abilities. If you like reading urban fantasy themed novels and like to know about women saving the day then this is a book you do not want to miss out.

Thunderbird Falls
It is utterly baffling to wanting to be a car mechanic but unfortunately finds yourself a police on the beat on the contrary. For Joanne Walker, it is only the begging as she continues to learn the tricks of her dangerous quest as a shaman. After surviving a fatal stab while saving the world in three days from the previous volume- Urban Shaman she ought to have some rest. However, what she gets is a lifeless body, of Cassandra Tucker in the gym shower after a fencing lesson.

The autopsy report reveals that Cassandra had died as a result of her heart condition; however, Joanne suspects foul play. To establish how the young girl had died, Joanne gets herself into the Dead Zone where she soon finds herself in deep trouble. A spirit that should have never noticed her does while in the dead zone thus initiating a series of events where Joanne must act again to save the world.

Joanne begins to investigate the death of her school mate and sooner discovers that her path regularly keeps cross-crossing that of a group of which who need her help. The dead girl played a crucial role in the coven and thus Joanne would make a perfect replacement. All that she needs to help is to assist with the reincarnation of an ancient wizard whom Joanne must figure out his intent; whether to save the world or not. She must puzzle out the answers to this paradox and many others if she is to keep Seattle from the edge of disaster and at the same time get her together with her newly acquired powers.

Coyote Dreams

More insidious invasion is invading the city of Seattle, and many of the Joanne fellow officers are all infected with the blue flu- or rather AKA the blue sleep. However, the is no physical cause of the flu, but it keeps on spreading rapidly like bush fire.

Joanne Walker soon figures out that it has to be magical and to use her shamanic powers she discovers that those infected by the sleep flue are being drained of their life forces by some vampire sort of magic. Apart from the flu, Joanne has had many dreams every time she closes her eyes, but she wonders whether her lost spirit guide sends the dreams.

Somehow, Joanne has found a way to wake her sleeping friends as well as keep those awake safe as she tries to encrypt through her spirit dreams.

Coyote Dreams novels grow Johannes character to greater heights than the previous books. The story is more of Joanne personal journey as into acceptance of her spiritual powers, and most of the story happens in visions interacting with various mythical creatures such as coyote, raven, and other legends. The plot is nicely done and the characters both primary and secondary well crafted.

Walking Dead
For a moment, Joanne is not fighting evil or on a mission to save the world. She has come to terms with her powers, the police work has been relatively calm, and for the first time in memorial, she has finally found love.

Unfortunately for Joanne, it is Halloween and the undead, and other evils have just crashed into her party. Now, with her spirit guide still missing, she has to establish a way to break a spell that has let out zombies, ghost and even wild hunt from the world of the dead. Unfortunately for her, there is not a single book explaining to her on how to deal with the walking dead in her vicinity. However, no matter the situation in which Joanne finds herself in, she has to figure out a way to send these evils where they belong, or no one is going home alive even herself.

Walker Papers series is a great series to read not only because it is a fantasy, but how you get to interact with the characters. For instance, you get to witness Joanne Walker growing as a person and how she transforms right from the debut novel to the concluding book.

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