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Publication Order of Wallflowers Books

Again the Magic (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of a Summer Night (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Happened One Autumn (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil in Winter (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scandal in Spring (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wallflower Christmas (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American novelist Lisa Kleypas is a world renowned bestselling author of romance and historical fiction, having produced a large quantity of work over the entire course of her writing career, as she really knows how to draw her readers in, allowing them to feel a part of the narrative themselves on an almost personal level. Creating characters that really resonate, she definitely manages to create stories that resonate with readers worldwide, setting them up and allowing them to essentially take on a life of their own through her words, something which has seen her amass not only a strong loyal following of fans, but having her praises sung by many critics and reviewers too. Producing scores of historical and romance novels, she combines the two different fields, allowing her work to not only resonate on an emotional level, but to also transport the reader to a far off time and place. Bringing the past to life, she has definitely done her research, as it really shows through her rich and evocative prose, as she brings the past to life, setting up a world that her characters can inhabit. Knowing and understanding her art-form, she really is a master of her craft, as she works at evoking a world that is both rich and inventive. It is also her many series that she is well known for, as many of them follow long-running narratives, along with allowing strong protagonists to take the lead as well. One such series is that of her much loved ‘Wallflowers series of novels, as they follow four young women, as they attempt to find themselves a husband. Entering London society they must use every tool at their disposal if they ever hope to achieve their goal and find a partner. This includes using their feminine wits and charm, along with a scheme that they hatch among themselves to get what they’re looking for. Perhaps one of her most successful series to date, this is one of Kleypas’s most prolific franchises, as it follows a clear narrative featuring these now much beloved characters.

Running for over four books in total, this particular series would run from 2004 to 2006, as it would also include to spin offs too. This series would also be known for following on from the previously much loved franchise, ‘The Hathaways’ series, which this would follow on chronologically from. Moving the franchise on, it would allow the reader to witness the development of this world, ultimately taking the reader on a journey, one that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Secrets of a Summer Night

Initially published in 2004 through the Avon publishing label, this would mark the first book in the ongoing ‘Wallflowers’ series of novels. Setting up the franchise overall, it manages to introduce many of the leading characters for the first time, along with bringing the world into focus as well. It would also come to establish the central premise of the series too, allowing it to come to the forefront for the reader, giving them a clear idea of what to expect in the many books to follow.

This would be the book that would introduce the four the ladies for the first time, along with the central concept too. Not only that, but it would focus itself on the first woman, Annabelle Peyton, thus providing a self-contained romance for the first time as well. Setting up London high-society, the period setting also manages to take precedence, giving the series a sense of grounding in the process.

Stood at the side of a ballroom, four young ladies of London high-society make themselves a pact to find themselves husbands by any means necessary. This leads Annabelle Peyton, a beautiful young woman who could pick any man she wished, to finding a husband with a suitable dowry which can save her ailing family wealth. That’s when the roguish Simon Hunt decides he wants her for his mistress, something which she wants to avoid at all costs, despite her growing attraction towards him. Can she overcome her desire? Will she save her family? What are the secrets of a summer night?

It Happened One Autumn

Brought out through the Avon publishing house once more, this would come out one after the first in 2005, it being the second in the series of ‘Wallflower’ novels. Continuing on from where the last left off, it manages to take a look into the love life of the next high-society female, providing yet another self contained romance story. Giving readers more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series, it really manages to bring the many factors to life, further developing the world as a whole.

Working with the many elements of the first novel, this allows the story to develop even further. Looking at the relationship of Lillian Bowman this time, it sees her as she tries to navigate the world of London high-society. It also manages to further establish the world London, thus becoming a character almost in of itself.

The young Lillian Bowman is having trouble fitting in, largely due to her American ways and independent nature, which finds itself at odds with the world around her. That’s when Marcus, the Lord Westcliff, sweeps her up into his arms as the most eligible bachelor in London, leaving her trying to compose herself. Despite his brash and snobbish ways, she starts to find that she has an all consuming passion for him quite unlike anything she has ever felt before. Can she stop this before it’s too late? Does she really want to? What will become of them, as it happened one autumn?

The Wallflowers Series

A classic example of its genre, this really is a must for any fans of not only Lisa Kleypas as an author, but of the genre as a whole. Giving the reader a clear idea of the world that it inhabits, it manages to spring to life off of the page, knowing exactly where it is going with a clear level of confidence. With more and more readers discovering this series every day it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon either, as its legacy will carry on into the foreseeable future.

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