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Walt Browning is an American author that is best known for writing the Extinction Survival series. The series folows a retired Navy SEAL and his war dog who are dealing with a worldwide pandemic and fighting to survive. The two main characters, Eric and Shrek, are retired Navy and living on a 40-acre ranch. The man and dog, who had three deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, are now taking refuge at a nearby Boy Scout camp as they find themselves in the midst of another war. A war unlike any they fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Browning also teamed up with A. American to write the Charlie’s Requiem series of books. Browning writes in the dystopian/science fiction genre and also has other novels set for the medical mystery/action genre.

Browning was born in 1958 in Northeast Ohio. He spent some time there and throughout the Midwest and Northeast, before finally finding his home in Florida. Browning is the kind of writer who uses the experiences of his life to inform his writing, and these travels really helped with that. He’s also used his careers and work to find inspiration as well. Browning got his start working as a teamster who worked summers delivering beer. He would keep that job as he attended college for fun and some extra money. During his college career, he would also be a member of his university’s rugby and golf teams. On the golf team, he competed and lost against future professionals like John Cook and Paul Azinger. He was good enough to be on the team, but not good enough to be as good as these future professionals. He worked as a security guard, waiter, and tutor before finding his passion in medicine.

Walt would eventually become a doctor and he continues to practice today in his home of Florida. He has also helped to start off a software company and a dental implant company. He attacked these jobs with an intense vigor, the same vigor that he approaches writing with. He is never halfway in on anything and tends to go all-in.

Browning was always a big reader throughout his life as he grew up in the era with only four channels on his television set and no internet to speak of. His two main hobbies were reading and sports. He would write as part of his jobs, but he would never write creatively. The spurning on by his friend got him started and then Browning attacked writing with an extreme amount of energy and focus. Throughout his life, he has believed that persistence and patience would lead to success and that is exactly the approach that he took to writing.

While writing was always part of his job, he came to creative writing much later in life although he says that it’s always been there. He began his career in writing when a personal friend of his, author Angery American, encouraged him to give writing a try. That encouragement lead to him writing The Book of Frank: ISIS and the Archangel Platoon. That book and its success would lead to Browning doing a collaboration with A. American on the Charlie’s Requiem series.

Browning’s first foray into writing was The Book of Frank: ISIS and the Archangel Platoon. The story begins when ISIS takes over a small town in Iraq which traps a group of children and their nuns. The western governments were either unwilling or unable to help with this and the children’s death seemed to be certain. That’s when Frank and a band of ex-military warriors come in. Frank Martel is an ex-Marine who is now a Jesuit novitate. He was drawn to the church after his failed relationship with Maggie, but now he is back with her as the two of them will attempt to rescue the helpless children who have been captured by ISIS. A private Catholic organization hires Frank, Maggie, and the Archangel platoon to take on this impossible task to try and save the innocent children and nuns.

Charlie’s Requiem is the series that Browning writes with Angery American and the series starts with a novella of the same name. The book introduces us to Charlie, a hard working drug representative who is good at her job and driven to make it to the top. Her drive is thrown out the window when a an EMP hits and decimates the United States. With the lights out all over and the country turned dark, society quickly turns to the dark side. Charlies finds herself stuck on the raod, and teams up with two companions to begin their fight towards safety and freedom. The road is littered with gangs, criminals, and worse, but the group is determined to make it to the safety of a friend’s farm.

The Extinction Survival series begins with Lost Valley. The story follows the NAVY Seal war dog team of John Eric Carver and his dog Shrek. The are living on the mountains outside of San Diego after retiring from life in the Navy after three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The two of them both thought that their life was going to settle down now, but a mutated virus and the aftermath of its release changes all of that for them. The two head to a nearby Boy Scout camp where they will lead a group of teens anad parents to safety as they deal with the infected creatures that are rapidly consuming the world. Carver meets up with Harold Kinney, the camp’s ranger, who is a former Marine and made sure that the supplies never ran low. He’s a friend of Carver and a much needed ally. There is also Kyle, the teenager who lives at the end of Carver’s road who will prove to be another ally. This group and more will do their best to beat the odds, survive and stay alive.

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  1. Deb: 1 year ago

    …I enjoyed the series Extinction Survival…I picked this series…the man & dog picture…I was looking g for a zombie book…found your story…I hated that I finished…no book 5…I hope you might be able to have one soon…AGAIN GREAT SERIES…

  2. Lee Brewer: 2 years ago

    Dear Mr Browning,
    I have really enjoyed both of these series and would love to see you expand either into the phase of the main character lives. Charlie requiem was the last series I read and enjoyed the detail of how our life would look with such and experience ( god forbid). Anymore plans to continue would be well received. Thanks again. Lee

  3. Ronald Sallow: 3 years ago

    Loved the Extinction Series. Have been looking forward to more. Any plans for a book 5.


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