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Walt Gragg is an American author of fiction. He was born in Los Angeles, California. He currently resides in Texas in the Austin area. He lives with his wife and they have children as well as grandchildren to dote on. He has been to some of the largest cities in the world as well as some of the smallest towns.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland. He attended Pepperdine University to get his Master’s Degree and pursued his Juris Doctorate at the University of Texas.

Gragg is also a retired attorney. He is a former prosecutor for the state. He also is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He served at the U.S. European Headquarters, located in Germany as part of the military. His time there inspired the idea for his first novel and the book began to take shape while he was there for the first time. Gragg was there for about three years in total.

Gragg is able to draw from his experience as his time at the headquarters allowed him to have intimate knowledge of military procedures. He actually had access to the American plan when it came to how they would defend Germany. This gave him a realistic point of view to work with for his debut fictional military thriller novel.

Also while in the country, Walt had participated in several war games, which were designed to play out different scenarios and to come up with effective responses. The participation in these allowed him to give an accurate level of detail as well as authenticity to his writing and the situations that various characters found themselves in.

Walt Gragg first became a published author with the release of his debut book in 2017 by Berkley Books. The title of the book is The Red Line. It is an apocalyptic thriller that features a variety of political situations that have been taken to the next level. If you love books that involve alternate histories or military themes, then you may be just the right reader for this military thriller.

Walt Gragg is the author of The Red Line. This debut novel from Gragg has been called intense and electrifying. If you pick it up you will soon see why!

Things are going crazy pretty much right off the bat in this novel. What would you do if World War Three broke out seemingly out of nowhere? This is the case that everyone in this novel soon finds themselves in. The Russian Empire has risen out of nowhere and is more powerful than ever.

When they launch an armored thrust that may very well be deadly into German’s center, World War III breaks out without so much as a warning other than the one sent out letting Delta-Two know that they have tanks everywhere on the wire.

The Russians have chosen the right moment to strike. The weather has lined up perfectly and there is a strong blizzard going on. The winter storm is providing the perfect level of desired cover for the Russian military, which has sent its powerful tank to go down the German roads as undercover teams work quickly to strike the weak command points.

The only thing standing in the way of the Russian tanks is the Americans. They don’t seem like much of a threat because the forces just do not have enough man power. However, they are the only ones standing up to the Russians, and while they do not have that many numbers, the forces that they do have are significant. The strong men that they do have possess excellent training and sophisticated weapons.

The Americans have some things going for them, but will it be enough? Even before the sun can dare to rise, the American forces are instantly running on a battlefield that is not only smoking, but covered in dead bodies.

The only chance that they have of winning is going to rest with one person that may be an unusual hero. George O’Neill is an Army Staff Sergeant and a communications specialist. He is the one that will try to put back the links that have been cut through by the enemy. While it is necessary, it is also a project that will require some time.

George needs to work, but while he does, he is relying on the American soldiers to try and keep the enemy at bay. With only hundreds of soldiers available, it’s going to be a close one. The line between winning and the line between defeat in military battles can be very thin.

That red line is also thin when it comes to life and death. Can George O’Neill lead the American side to victory against the Russians? World War Three is in full swing, and it’s anyone’s guess who will end up winning the war for good in the end.

What will happen in this exciting thriller novel from author Walt Gragg? You’re going to have to pick up The Red Line and find out for yourself! Catch every inch of the action in this military suspense novel that fully explores what a break out of a third world war might look like. Read it and see what you think about all of the plot twists in this exciting book from Gragg.

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