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Wanda M. Morris is a bestselling author that Karin Slaughter called a welcome and vibrant new voice in the thriller genre. Wanda is a corporate attorney but she is best known for her debut novel “All Her Little Secrets.”

In her previous job as a corporate attorney, she worked in the legal departments of several Fortune 100 companies in the United States. Given her long career, she has become an accomplished leader and presenter of ideas.

She is the founder of the “Women’s Initiative,” the signature female empowerment. She established this when she was Association of Corporate Counsel President of the Georgia chapter.

In her attempt to become an author, she attended the Robert McKee Story Seminar, and the Yale Writers Workshop. She is active in the writing community and is a member of Crime Writers of Color, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

The married mother of three currently makes her home in Atlanta Georgia, where she lives with her children.

Morris was inspired to write her novel by several things in her life. One of the most important of these was her experience working in the legal departments of the typical American company. These were toxic places where the value of people of color and women were underestimated by the management.

Nonetheless, it was not all doom and gloom as there were some organizations she worked for that treated their employees as family. It was at this last organization that she found the inspiration for her debut novel.

Someone in the department had dropped down and died in inexplicable circumstances. What was surprising was that almost everyone at the company went back to normal soon after leaving Wanda mortified. It was an incident that stayed with her for several months.

She would later on take some of the themes from “All Her Little Secrets” from this incident. She specifically explores the themes of what we call family and how that came to be.

Just like many authors, Wanda M. Morris had quite the journey to publication that should be an encouragement and inspiration to other writers. It would take thirteen years from first draft to publication, which is quite a long time.

She first started writing and then put her manuscript away for seven years. At the time, she thought nobody would want to read about a middle aged woman who had to work with some really evil people.

However, the characters and the story she had in her head refused to take a break. They would molest her while in boring meetings and while she was stuck in traffic going home or to work.

But it was only when she had a health scare that her perspective changed. She had always loved to write and thought it would be better if she took a crack at it. She got the manuscript from her drawer and since it was just the first draft set about making it better.

In the meantime, she also attended in person and online writing courses, entered contests and attended workshops. She also became a member of Sisters in Crime and Crime Writers of Color, where she made many friends and found a community of support.

Still, she got the requisite number of rejections until she finally published “All Her Little Secrets” in 2021.

Wanda M. Morris’ novel “All Her Little Secrets” is the story of a woman named Ellice Littlejoh. With a law degree from an Ivy League school, great friends and a job in midtown Atlanta as a corporate attorney, she seems to have it all.

She is also having a very fun no strings attached relationship with Michael, her charming and rich white boss. Things get interesting one morning in January when she goes to meet Michel and finds him dead. He has been shot and inexplicably, Elice walks away unperturbed.

It does seem that she has been keeping some secrets including a sibling that was once a criminal and a small town history. There isn’t much grief in town as instead, people prefer to gossip. These happenings get the police suspicious even as the lone black lawyer at the company is promoted.

While for Ellice this is a dream come true she cannot shake the bizarre feeling that things are not quite right. Once she gets into the managerial seat she learns about some very shady dealings.

But she is now trapped in an impossible moral and ethical dilemma. Suddenly her present and past lives collide as she gets into a pulse pounding race to protect her sibling and put a halt to a conspiracy darker than anything she could have ever imagined.

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