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Publication Order of War God Books

Oath of Swords (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The War God's Own (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wind Rider's Oath (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
War Maid's Choice (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sword of the South (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Largely writing fantasy and science-fiction, the American author David Weber has been active within his community for quite some time now, having produced a whole score of different books, producing a large backlog of work that’s gone on to become appreciated worldwide, with many taking to his work from all across the globe. Working as a copywriter and proofreader in the past, he’s managed to harness his skills as a writer over the years, continually modifying them, as he continually refines and hones his voice as an author. This has lead to him becoming one of the most prominent voices currently working within the industry to this very day, as he builds vast and expansive worlds that draw the reader in, immersing them in his rich and extremely inventive language. With a lifelong passion for military history too, he also manages to incorporate these interests into his work as well, making it far more diverse and richly rewarding for his many readers. It also gives his work a high degree of accuracy, allowing him to reach a higher level of authenticity, giving his many works a very real sense of grounding. Over the course of his work he also manages to utilize a lot of strong characters too, as they also spring to life off of the page, speaking directly to the reader almost in a very straightforward and direct manner. Giving his novels a driving momentum, he really takes the reader on a journey, allowing them to essentially feel as if they’re being transported to another world. Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as C. S. Forester, he gives these classic naval stories a sense of scope, taking them into the realms of science-fiction, whilst also retaining the same core principles. This is something that he has also done over the course of many series too, as he brings his ideas to life with fully fledged franchises too. A perfect example of this would be that of his highly appreciated ‘War God’ series of novels, one which has been running for quite some time now. Set firmly within the realms of fantasy this time, they tell of military feats of derring do set in mythical otherworldly realms far beyond the boundaries of reality. Following the lead protagonist of Bahzell Bahnakson as he manages to make a name for himself, despite being a highly unlikely and somewhat reluctant hero from the outset.

Lasting for a total of five novels so far, the series started in 1995 with the debut ‘Oath of Swords’, and has lasted until 2015 with the novel ‘The Sword of the South’. Translated into both French and German too, these have gone on to become highly successful and extremely popular worldwide, largely due to the universality of their themes and ideas. Using the tropes of both the fantasy novel and the military adventure story, they are combined together, showing Weber at the peak of his powers as a writer, leaving this as a series that will definitely stand the test of time for many years yet.

Oath of Swords

Initially brought out in 1995 through the Baen books publishing label, this would be the first in the series of ‘War God’ books, setting the franchise up as a whole. It would also come to introduce many of the leading characters for the first time too, including its main protagonist of Bahzell Bahnakson, as he drives the story itself forwards. Setting up the overall tone too, it manages to craft a whole other world, whilst also bringing in many themes and ideas from real life in order to give it a sense of grounding.

Starting out with Bahzell Bahnakson as the unlikely hero and Paladin of this story, as he seeks to overcome his heritage. Seen as nothing more than a Hradani by the rest of the races, he comes from a race that is perceived to be bloodthirsty and prone to uncontrollable rages. Adding to that he must now traverse a series of obstacles in his new position, including facing a War God, as he tries to deal with the situation head on. Can he navigate the politics though? Will he be able to face off against the War God? What will become of the oath of swords?

The War God’s Own

Originally published through the Baen Fantary publishing outlet once more, this would continue on directly from the previous title, with it being a clear sequel. First brought out on the 1st of May in 1998, it would be released approximately three years after the first, allowing its story to carry on with not much time passing. Picking up from where the last left off, it really manages to give its readers more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series, whilst also taking it in new and exciting directions.

Now a champion of the War God, Bahzell Bahnakson reluctantly finds himself in a position that he otherwise would not have chosen. With a sense of responsibility, Tomanak had insisted that he take the position too, leaving him at the bequest of the Empire of the Axe. Navigating this new land, he is still treated with suspicion as a Hradani by the people there, many of whom are somewhat horrified that he of all people was chosen to be the champion. Will he find what he’s looking for? Can he be the true champion of the people? What will become of the War God’s own?

The War God Series

Very much a series that is definitely the sum of all its parts, this is one franchise that really is a must for any fans of the fantasy genre, as well as followers of David Weber as an author in general. Showing a clear flight of the imagination, it really takes its audience on a journey, standing as testament to his skills as a writer and author of modern fantasy literature. Writing with a sense of pace and momentum too, it marks Weber out as an author who really is a master of his genre, a legacy that will carry on for a long time to come.

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