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War of the Roses Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wars of the Roses Books

War of the Roses Series

The British author Conn Iggulden is largely known for his historical fiction, along with his fiction and fantasy novels as well. Writing with a high degree of accuracy, he brings a high level of authenticity to his stories, researching his subjects well, bringing the past to life. This has seen him amass an audience from all across the world, with readers from far and wide discovering his work every day. With a background in English too, he has a handling of the craft quite unlike any other, knowing and understanding exactly what it is that his readers are looking for. Transporting them back to the past, he brings history to life, giving his readers a sense of what it was really like to live back then. It is also his characters that resonate too, as, whilst they may come from eras long in the past, he really manages to make them resonate with a modern audience. This is due to him being able to get deep into the mindsets, providing them with a sense of grounding quite unlike any other, making sure that they stay in the reader’s mind long after they’ve put the book down. Mainly focusing on periods in history, he brings a level of detail to certain periods that give the eras a firm sense of grounding. Over time time this has also lead to him gaining film adaptations of his work, with his ‘Emperor’ series being optioned for the big-screen.

Creating a number of series, he’s really managed to establish himself as an author of epic sagas, providing a level of scope and scale that really is something to be admired. Included in this is his ‘War of the Roses’ series of novels, which is an epic collection of books that focus on this period in the medieval history of England. Dealing with it on a purely factual basis, he takes a look at the politics and the balances of power that were happening at this precise moment in time. Providing the reader with a birds eye view in a sense, he takes them on a journey, giving them a clear idea of what it was actually like then. Taking place between 1437 to 1470, this incorporates a period of extreme turmoil within the monarchy, as England remains divided in shift of power imbalances. Featuring tales of heroism and treachery, this runs through a whole range of different human emotions and grand arcs, as this is one series that really has it all.

So far amassing a total of four novels, it has pretty much captured the entirety of the War of the Roses itself from beginning to end. Starting out with the novel ‘Stormbird’ in 2013, the follow-ups would be released in quick succession of one another, with them all making up the series as a whole. The second book, ‘Trinity’, would be published the following year in 2014, with ‘Bloodline’ coming out in 2015, and ‘Ravenspur: Rise of the Tudors’ arriving in 2016. Spanning across the generations, this is definitely a series for a variety of different ages, as it makes history accessible and easily digestible.


Initially brought out in 2013 on the 10th of October, this was first released through the ‘Michael Joseph’ publishing outlet. Marking the first entry in the ‘War of the Roses’ series of novels, it goes about providing the reader with a clear idea of what’s to come in the following books. It also manages to introduce a lot of the characters for the first time too, whilst also providing a lot of factual information about the period too.

Setting up the series, this uses history as the basis for its story, as a great amount of research has obviously gone into the work. Establishing the location, it also goes some way towards building upon the atmosphere and the general ambiance of the world overall. It also works at putting all the principal characters into place too, like pieces on a chess-board, setting the tone for the novels to follow.

Taking place in 1437, this sees Henry VI acceding to the throne, with King Henry V having been dead for a long time now. With a frail stature and equally frail mind, he must enlist the help of the Duke of Suffolk, William de la Pole, and the Spymaster Derry Brewer to assist in his running of the kingdom. Believing England needs to be run by a strong king, the Duke of York Plantagenet Richard feels that it’s time for a new leader if England is to survive the oncoming threat from France. Will they gain power and oust King Henry V? Can England survive this period of turmoil and upheaval? What will they all do in the face of the Stormbird?


First released through the ‘Michael Joseph’ publishing house, this was originally published on the 16th of June in 2014. Continuing on from where the last book left off, this is the second in the ongoing ‘War of the Roses’ series of novels. It would directly follow on chronologically, showing what happened next in this essential period of English history.

It is 1454 now and King Henry VI has been struck down with an illness for over a year, having been completely exiled to Windsor Castle. His wife, Queen Margaret of Anjou, is extremely loyal to him, as she safeguards him and his interests, along with caring for their son Edward. Meanwhile Richard Duke of York is looking to build a trinity in opposition to the king, seeking partnership with the Earls of Salisbury and Warwick. That’s when the king comes back to his senses, once again throwing the country into turmoil, as he seeks to retake his throne, and a brutal struggle for power is underway. Will he be able to take his rightful place as the ruler of England? Who will emerge victorious from this fight for power? What will become of Henry as he faces the Trinity?

The War of the Roses Series

As a historical series this really is one of the better ones, as it makes the most of the genre, whilst bringing in a new and unique perspective on the period. Having clearly done his research, Iggulden writes with a strong sense of confidence, a trait which definitely shines through on the page. Whether the audience know about it or not, it is open to everyone, as there is something for both experts and newcomers alike. The interplay between the characters is also well observed too, with the fine nuances and of their interactions working subtly against each others. Setting the standard for a lot of historical literature of this kind, this really sets a new benchmark in the genre, as it’s a series that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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