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Publication Order of Warlord Chronicles / The Arthur Books

Bernard Cornwell is an English author of fiction. He is known for writing the Warlord Trilogy, the Starbuck series, and the Alfred as well as Grail Quest novels. He also wrote the novels that inspired the 2015 and 2016 movies The Last Kingdom and Rebel.

He was born in 1944 in London and was raised as a child in Essex. His mother was English and his father was Canadian, serving as a Canadian airman. His mother belonged to the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. In Essex, he was brought up by the Wiggins family, who adopted him. They belonged to a Protestant sect called the Peculiar People, and they had strange practices like banning medicine and any kind of frivolity.

Once Cornwell left them, he changed his name back to Cornwell, which he knew was the maiden name of his birth mother. He attended Monkton Combe School and then went to the University of London. Once he graduated from there he worked for a little while teaching, and wanted to enlist as part of the British armed services. However, his hopes were to be dashed as he was rejected three times at the very least due to ‘myopia’.

He joined Nationwide, part of the BBC, and did well in that field. Soon enough he became head of current affairs and was promoted to this job as part of BBC Northern Ireland. Cornwell continued his career in media as part of Thames Television, becoming the Thames News’s editor.

Cornwell kept switching it up and married an American, moving over to the U.S. in 1980. However, he found that he could not obtain a green card at that time in order to work and make money. The only thing that he could do was write novels, something that he did not need a work permit for.

He was inspired by his early love of C.S. Forester’s novels, which followed the adventures of a fictional character throughout the Napoleonic Wars. Bernard was mildly surprised when he found on that there appeared to be a lack of novels that had followed Lord Wellington’s real life land campaign. As he needed to pay for living expenses and wanted to tell the story, he took that as inspiration, naming his protagonist Richard Sharpe. Sharpe would be a rifleman that fought in the Peninsular War.

He first became an author with the release of Sharpe’s eagle, a warm-up novel. It was released in 1981, as was Sharpe’s Gold. The first book was picked up for publishing and Cornwell was offered a book deal for three novels that he took. The third novel in the Sharpe series would be 1982’s Sharpe’s Company, which told the story of Badajoz.

Bernard also collaborated with his wife. He and Judy wrote their series of novels under the pen name of Susannah Kells. They used this pseudonym for the 1983 novel A Crowning Mercy as well as Fallen Angels and Coat of Arms. Redcoat was published in 1987, an interesting historical novel set during the American Revolutionary War in 1777’s Philadelphia while it was British-occupied.

Sharpe went on to write 8 more books in the Sharpe series. A production company wanted him to adapt them for television and also requested that there be a lot of Spanish characters to try and get co-funding secured from Spain. Cornwell was up to the challenge and the end result was the 1987 novel Sharpe’s Rifles, which was made into a series of movies made for television that starred actor Sean Bean.

After that, Cornwell wrote 1988’s Wildtrack. The novel featured a background of sailing, a common theme shared with 1989’s Sea Lord, 1990 Crackdown, 1991’s Stormchild, and the political thriller novel Scoundrel a year later. As part of the 80th Birthday Honours List from the Queen, he was made an Officer of the O.B.E. in June of 2006.

Bernard Cornwell is the creator and author of the Warlord Chronicles. This fictional series kicked off with the release of the debut novel, The Winter King. The debut novel came out in 1996, quickly followed by the sequel, Enemy of God. The series is made a trilogy with the 1997 release of the third novel of the chronicles, which is titled Excalibur.

The Winter King is the debut novel in the Warlord Chronicles trilogy by Bernard Cornwell. The High King was always Uther, until he died. Now the only heir to inherit what he left behind is Mordred, but he is just an infant. Now his uncle, Arthur the warlord, is the ruler of a country that has fallen swiftly into chaos as a result of the change. Arthur is loyal and doing his best to manage the many threats coming from the British kingdoms.

Meanwhile, they are in more trouble than ever as the Saxon armies are waiting, ready to go in on an invasion at a moment’s notice. Arthur is tasked with having to unite Britain once more while also keeping an enemy at bay at the gates. Now he is involved in a romance that is doomed to fail with Guinevere, a beautiful woman that he cannot help falling for. It is a lot to handle for one person!

It seems that they are on the verge of war. Arthur has no choice but to wonder if he has to summon the magic of Merlin from the old world and if it will be enough to help him win the war. Will it be enough in the end? You’ll have to pick up this engaging first novel to find out!

Enemy of God is the exciting second action and adventure novel that makes up Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Chronicles Trilogy. The kingdom has been unified and put together once more, and now King Arthur is ruling supreme over his people in peace. But how long can peace last?

The quest of Merlin to find the very last of the 13 treasures of Britain may prove to upset a delicate balance. New religions clash as old traditions come up against the newer thoughts of Christianity. Britain is also at war with the Saxons.

Can Arthur keep peace in the kingdom during these challenging times? Pick up Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell to find out what happens in the end! If you like the second novel, be sure also to pick up the final book in this trilogy– Excalibur!

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