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Warren C. Easley is renowned writer from the United States, who is well known for writing suspense and mystery novels. He is particularly popular for writing the Cal Claxton novel series. Author Warren has achieved a lot of success in his writing career over the years. He has published one Cal Claxton book every year since beginning the series in 2013. His books have found great success among the readers from many countries. They have liked and appreciated his characters, plot settings, storylines, and overall description of the stories. Author Warren has been appreciated and praised by numerous fellow authors and critics for his unique style of writing. He likes to consider himself lucky and blessed for choosing the career path of writing and excelling in it. Warren gained a lot of inspiration for writing novels by reading the popular works of some of the greatest authors like Le Carre, Michael Connelly, Ian Fleming, Phillip Morgan, etc. He has plans to add more titles into the Cal Claxton book series and is also planning to develop a new mystery series. Author Warren wishes to continue writing for many more years to come and keep entertaining his fans and supporters like he has been doing all these years.

The Cal Claxton series written by author Warren C. Easley is comprised of a total of six books, which were released between the years 2013 and 2018. Each of the books of this series feature the chief protagonist in the role of Cal Claxton. Author Warren has described Cal Claxton as a former prosecutor from Los Angeles, who shifts to Oregon following his wife’s suicidal death. While in Oregon, Cal Claxton continues with his prosecution work and takes up cases that other prosecutors fear to even think about taking them up. Because of this habit of Cal Claxton, he keeps landing in dangerous situations. However, he manages to come out of every dangerous situation with the help of his intellect, will power, dedication, and determination.

The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Matters of Doubt’. It was released in the year 2013 by the Poisoned Pen publication. The lead characters described by Warren Easley in this novel include Cal Claxton, Anna, Picasso, and a few others as well. Warren has set the plot in Los Angeles and Old Town, Portland. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Cal Claxton plans to bring about a reinvention in himself and go past his status as a lawyer from a small town. He also decides to get over the tragic incident of his beloved wife’s suicide. When Cal used to practice in Los Angeles, he used to be a hard charging prosecutor. But now, he spends his days and nights in solitude by living in an ancient farmhouse that overlooks the wine country of Oregon.

One day, a tattooed and scruffy kid approaches Cal Claxton and pleads him to help solve the cold case killing of his mother. Cal does not intend to take up the case, saying that the time is pretty tough for him and he is not a private eye to solve a murder case. But, when he realizes that the kid has traveled on his bike all the way from Portland in heavy rain, he sees a determination in him and gets deeply touched. The kid, who describes himself as Picasso, has now become homeless and lives among the other homeless kids on the streets of Old Town. Picasso has a deep interest in art and spends his time painting artistic designs near a health clinic which is run by an idealistic doctor by the name of Anna. Later, Picasso is arrested as a prime suspect in the murder of a local businessman in Portland and things begin to take an ugly turn. It appears that the police have found an overwhelming evidence against Picasso that proves that he is the culprit.

Anna believes that Picasso is innocent and urges Cal Claxton to defend him. He agrees and gets pitted against the Portland police. Even the powerful citizens of Portland question Cal’s stand in defending a possible murderer. But, he does not pay heed to what others think about him. He moves ahead with his investigation to prove the innocence of Picasso. Cal Claxton wonders there is someone trying to frame Picasso and if there is some link between the murders of the businessman and Picasso’s mother? The more he tries to search for the truth, the deeper he finds himself in the web of deceit, corruption, hidden motives. Soon after, Cal realizes he has put the lives of Anna and his own in a great danger by deciding to go against a deadly killer.

Another very exciting book written as a part of the series is called ‘Never Look Down’. It was also published the Poisoned Pen company in 2015. The primary characters mentioned in this particular book by author Warren include Kelly Spence, Cal Claxton, and several others. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that after successfully handling his first case as a private lawyer in Oregon, Cal Claxton looks forward to taking up more cases and keep himself busy. He divides his time between his work in the city and his residence in the wine country town. After some time, Cal Claxton meets another teen from the city, who finds herself in a risky situation. Kelly Spence is a tagger like Picasso. She has great climbing skills that she learned from her deceased father, who had trained her as a mountaineer before dying. Kelly Spence uses her skills to reach places that she should not be in and leaves behind angry tags.

Also, Kelly Spence has run away from her foster home and now resides with the former girlfriend of her father. She wishes to complete her studies and so, begins taking alternative classes of high school. During one of her climbing events in the middle of the night, Kelly reaches the 4th storey of a building and looks down to witness a brutal killing of a woman at the hands of a ruthless murderer. Unfortunately for Kelly, the killer sees her witnessing the killing, but she manages to escape. The local police come to know that she has seen the woman’s murder and seek her out to help them catch the killer. Kelly doesn’t wish to testify and approaches someone she trusts very much help in this situation. But, when she finds the mutilated body of that person on the streets, Kelly Spence becomes much more afraid. The fiance of the dead woman is a close friend of Cal Claxton, who asks him to get involved in this case. This way, Kelly and Cal get introduced to each other. Everyone suspects that the woman’s former boyfriend is the one who killed her, but Cal Claxton doesn’t think so. He tries to look for other angles in the case and gets Kelly to help him hunt down the killer.

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  1. Carolyn Ellingson: 5 months ago

    I bought one of your books at a garage sale and was immediately hooked. My husband went on line and purchased the other 8 you had written. I loved every one of your them and have recommended you/your books to all my friends. I live in Seattle and have been to many places you in Oregon that you describe in your books. You are a great author/storyteller and I can’t wait for your next book to come out.

  2. Kathryn Margaret Hopson: 2 years ago

    When can we expect the next Warren Easley book? I have read every one of them, some twice! Excellent writer.

  3. Marlyn Lee: 3 years ago

    I have read all the Cal Claxton series. Needless to say I hope there will be more. Warren has me hooked. Can’t say which of these books I enjoyed most. Matters of Doubt, Never look down etc. I especially like the way he describes the Portland/Oregon vivid scenery. Not getting me lost but pulling me into the scene. I must admit through all the books I cannot picture Cal with a mustache. P.S. Also a Baldwin Park High Alumni 1961.


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