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Warren Fahy
Author Warren Fahy was born in Los Angeles, California. He managed a bookstore at the age of nineteen, helped coin the term ‘mullet’ for the notorious hairstyle now in the Oxford Dictionary, and was a books and movie database designer for five different companies. He wrote comedy for robots in Hong Kong and was also lead writer for Rock Star Games’ Red Dead Revolver.

“Fragment” was nominated for an International Thriller Award and a BSFA and was published in nineteen languages.

Warren rarely gets writers’ block, however doing nothing except watching TV and sleeping for a few days typically is enough to nudge him out of it. His favorite part of being a writer is the actual writing part, and he gets inspired to write by doing research.

Warren’s debut novel, called “Fragment”, was released in the year 2009. His work is from the genres of science fiction.

“Fragment” is the first novel in the “Nell Duckworth & Geoffrey Binswanger” series and was released in the year 2009. Scientists have made a rather disturbing discovery: a fragment of this lost continent, an island that has an ecosystem unlike anything they’ve seen prior. It’s an ecosystem that could topple our own like a house of cards.

The time is right now. The place is the Trident, which is a long-range research vessel that was hired by a reality TV show called Sealife. Aboard is this group of ambitious young scientists. With a director that’s dying for some drama, tiny Henders Island could be exactly what this show needs. Until the first of the scientists sets foot on Henders. And the true test of survival starts.

For when they finally get to the island’s shores, scientists are utterly not ready for what they discover: creatures unlike anything that’s ever been recorded in natural history. It isn’t a lost world that’s been frozen in time, a lab where science has gone mad, or an island of mutants. It is the Earth as it could have looked after it evolved on some separate path for half a billion years.

Quickly the scientists are going to stumble upon something that is more startling to them than anything humanity’s ever encountered before. Because among the terrors on this island, a life form defies any scientific theory, and it has to be saved no matter the cost.

“Pandemonium” is the second novel in the “Nell Duckworth & Geoffrey Binswanger” series and was released in the year 2013. Deep under the Ural Mountains, in some underground city carved out by slave labor during the darkest parts of the Cold War, there are ancient caverns which hold exotic and dangerous life-forms which have evolved in isolation for countless millennia. One whole ecosystem of strange subterranean species, cut off from the surface world, has been able to survive undetected. Until now.

Biologists Nell and Geoffrey Binswanger barely managed to escape from their previous encounter with the invasive and horrifying creatures which threatened to engulf the entire planet. They believe that the danger has ended until a ruthless Russian tycoon draws them to his underground metropolis.

It’s here that they find themselves confronted by a vicious menagerie of biological horrors from out of their past, and by whole new breeds of voracious predators. Now they are rising up from Earth’s bowels to consume the entire world as we know it.

“Escaping America” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2011. This novel imagines America’s crushing future while it effects the citizens in Middletown while they teeter on the brink of America’s destiny.

Two industrial giants conspire together to change the future. One unlikely America teen, who is ground down in the wheels of one increasingly totalitarian system, finds a mysterious force which is able to unlock the chains that encircle the entire world. The choices that he makes is going to determine the fate of humanity, forever.

In this sprawling book which cuts a huge cross-section of the American pie wide, this multi-generational mystery crosses political lines, class, and race to reveal a portrait in mosaic of American life, both tomorrow and today.

This is frightening and odd take on big brother/controlling government tale. Fahy does a great job with his teen protagonists Ellen and Rory (and their buddy Jonathan) are believable and real characters.

“The Kor” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2011. When a kor child spies this comet in the sky, he ends up setting off a sequence of events in motion that’s going to shake the foundations of his ancient people’s civilization. While ancient truths become challenged, buried secrets become unearthed that are going to change the course of all his people forever.

Warren takes readers on a journey through a brand new world where some familiar themes play out on quite the epic stage in entirely unexpected ways. This tale blends adventure, fantasy, as well as ruminations on religion, art, philosophy, the nature of reality, and the meaning of life.

Fahy delivers an interesting, fresh, and different sort of novel, and tells the reader that live has to be lived to the fullest, on both worldly and spiritual levels, for comfort and pleasure as well as noble reasons.

“Crimson” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. Voyage into an enchanted world, here in this epic fantasy of romance and adventure as one young king with some god-like powers inherits a curse and a kingdom. The curse is that what he loves the most is going to be his doom.

How he chooses his fate is going to endanger his whole kingdom, unite him with his one true love in some other world, and will also launch a desperate voyage across the sea of fearsome illusions and seething monsters that’s going to test the will of one intrepid crew of mariners. It will also determine the fate of their whole world forever.

This is a colorful world, which is described in vivid hues, and is filled with magic that is both dreadful and charming.

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