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Warrior Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Warrior Chronicles Books

Warrior Chronicles series by K. F. Breene

Author K. F. Breene writes the “Warrior Chronicles” series of fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “Chosen” was released.

The series stars Shanti, one of the Shadow People. She has a special power that was revealed after she helped defend her own people from some raiding party. She has some rare abilities and an uncanny fighting ability.

“Chosen” is the first novel in the “Warrior Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2014. Shanti has grown up under threat of constant war. After she aide her people defeat a raiding party by using her uncanny fighting talents and rare abilities. After this skirmish, she has been hunted. She is her people’s only hope for salvation. The trouble is, she does not believe in her divinity, when she struggles, she comes close to crumbling in the duty that hangs so heavy on her shoulders.

It appears to be just like any other day when Sanders and his gang of misfit guys find this foreign woman just hanging on to life in the wastelands. They are unaware of the weapon that they have in their midst, and are simply content with letting this mysterious lady stay with them until she is well to continue on with her journey.

The war starts spreading its limbs and lands on this borrowed doorstep she has found. Shanti has no choice in the matter and has to reveal all of her secrets, which thrusts her saviors into the fray and the danger. Should they join her, they will face certain death. To trade her off to Xandre, who is the warlord that is looking to add her in with his war machine, it would mean giving up their entire way of life. War is coming. The only question remains: which side are you going to be on?

Shanti is an awesome character and kicks tons of ass in the book. She is not someone that needs anyone to save her, she is the one that saves people. Shanti never needs protection, rather she is the one protecting people. Readers also enjoyed reading about Cayan, as the dude is gorgeous and made for a great leader. Fans enjoyed the book, and found the main idea was superb, as was the story overall.

“Hunted” is the second novel in the “Warrior Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2015. A new Chosen is in the process of coming forward, and Shanti has lost sight of her duty. Her plans have been unraveling and she does the only thing that she can think of. Free her brother as well as some mysterious stranger from a Gragual camp before she goes back to beg Cayan to help her.

Unfortunately, that stranger was being guarded by one of the enemy’s precious and elite. Hunter, a Superior Officer, always catches his prey, and has turned his focus on the violet-eyed and ever elusive lady and the man she ripped from his grasp.

Danger keeps mounting, and one of the top men hunting her all the time, Shanti is about to learn running will never be enough. She is going to unite them with the suffering she has faced and lead them with the love.

Fans found that they were unable to stop reading for very long, and are glad for more books. Things get much darker with this one, making this one a superb book. The other characters are interesting, like Rohnan for one. He is a ray of sunshine, as well as being super easy on the eyes. The guy is sensitive, something that makes him an adorable guy.

“Shadow Lands” is the third novel in the “Warrior Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2015. Shanti must make it through an ancient system to put her fighting skills to the test, as well as her ability to survive and her own battle awareness. This is in an effort to finally claim the title of Chosen and lead the Shadow People out of the Land of Mist. Shanti will enter The Trials, and is going to have to do it all on her own.

Cayan, separated from Shanti and on some danger filled island, has to use his mental skill while keeping his men safe from the people that want to kill him. While Graygual and Inkna hit the island, Cayan finds out about a sinister force that is in the woods. They have rigged The Trials and kill anybody that gets too close. It is a race against time now. The battle to become the Chosen has begun, and the winner is far from figured out.

With this one, it is great to see both Cayan and Shanti working together and on the same page after they worked their differences out. Shanti is a fantastic character that is constantly able to push boundaries and make people sit up and take notice of her all the time.

“Invasions” is the fourth novel in the “Warrior Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2015. The Hunter never got training on how to admit he was defeated.

The Chosen title has just been secured, and Cayan and Shanti must look at what their next steps are when it comes to ripping their freedom from the most lethal of all tyrants in all the land. They are far from the only ones that have got their own agenda, however.

The have no mental power to defend themselves, however, the Westwood Lands are held inside their walls. A new power rises up, with the threat of torture before their eventual death. To be caught is going to mean certain death. Doing nothing, though, is not an option that is available to them.

Readers just flew right on through this novel, as each and every single chapter held their attention the entire time. This one, for some, is their favorite of the entire series, and this series just gets better and better with each book that gets released. These fight scenes are even fiercer.

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