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Warrior’s Wings Books In Order

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Publication Order of Warrior's Wings Books

On Silver Wings (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Valkyrie Rising (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Valkyrie Burning (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Valhalla Call (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
By Other Means (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
De Oppresso Liber (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Open Arms (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Border Wars (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Among Enemies (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storm Warning: Insurgent (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

From a very young age, Evans Currie knew he wanted to write. Of course, many young people know what they want to be however, life does not always play out how people want it to play out. Sometimes i9t will have its own ups and downs and setbacks, part of what makes it very interesting. Like many, Evans’ life went off course for a while after high school where after graduating he went for post- secondary education where he got a degree in computer sciences. He then joined a company in the lobster industry where he worked for several years. Although he was working to put food on the table and to ensure that he did not fall into poverty, he did not stop writing because it was what he was talented in and what he loved most. According to him, writing is not just something he does to sell books; it is what he does for fun when he needs to relax. He says that he cannot imagine there is something better to do in life than being a storyteller. He found his passion in being able to get people to escape reality and join him in a world of fiction where most things are possible and where the story is guided by imagination.

For more than a decade, this Canadian author has been capturing the attention of his audience with his way of telling stories. The words he uses are what get most readers hooked on his books. He has a way with words where he takes the audience with his words to his world. He also captures the imagination of an audience by creating a fictional world you never thought was attainable. He goes beyond the normal thing one would imagine and takes you to a world where you cannot have the leverage to predict anything. You will no longer be able to tell what will happen next and these remains a secret that he has that enables him to keep adding to his fan base. Evans Currie has written books in many genres most of it being both fan and original fiction. He however jumped into self- publishing with his techno thriller “thermals”. His writing in science fiction has gotten him a name and has increased his creativity with him leaving his fans longing for more each time.

Warrior’s Wings is a series written by Evans. It is a fast- read that is great and is based on military science fiction. He uses a lot of tech to explain the story developing on the characters individually. He also employs a lot of suspense keeping his audience wanting to know what will happen next and for your own imagination; you are left to think more deeply about some of the characters that have been used in the books.

In the first book in the series is the ‘on silver wings’, it follows the story of one woman Sergeant Sorilla Aida who finds herself pushed between a hard place and a rock finding herself in the planet Hayden that has been colonized. The book has 81 thousand words in which the reader find themselves totally immersed and engaged in the book feeling everything she feels.

The book Is set in a time in the future where the human race has colonized most of the other worlds in the milky way galaxy. They have mined asteroid belt and other minerals. The ships from the colonized worlds have been sent so deep into the blackness of space that the light they emit while driving will not be reaching earth for many centuries. During their exploration, a lot of life was found in the other planets and in every one of the solar systems that have been researched. The weirdest part is that to this moment there has been no encounter with intelligent beings until now.

The human beings have already colonized a planet called Hayden. However, when the colonists in the planet transmitting on their CASIMIR FTL system it was noted that there was a problem. The military station sent a team of Solari fleet task force to investigate what was going on. On arrival, the team notices that there is truly something wrong in the planet and many things do not add up. The team then sends a special operations unit that was supposed to contact the colonists and determine what was wrong. The special task operators are attacked and they are all killed except one survivor, Sergeant Sorilla.

She is therefore alone in a war without much knowledge of who they are fighting and how strong they are. She is also in shock because of her dead colleagues. She is also not n with as many assets as she would like given that all she has is a suit without any power armor, a rifle, the basic kit and a few hundred Hayden born citizens who other than not having any other place to go, want to take back their home from these alien invaders.

The Warrior’s Wings Series follows the story of Sergeant Sorilla as she does what she was trained to do which is to use the massive technology in the planet to help the civilians get back their home and return to their normal life. She also finds out who the aliens are why they are invading the planet. The story is set in such a day and time where anything is possible. It is taking the reader to a whole new world where there is a lot of technology. The description of the technology and the weapons that are used in the war makes you think that you are in the action yourself handling the weapon in the war. It is also quite impressive to think that the technology is real. The vivid description in the book allows the reader to get immersed in the alien world and the technology world much like the writer himself. It keeps you wanting to read more and allows you to develop the characters in your head.

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