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Ty Patterson is a popular author. He writes fictional novels that could fall into the thriller or science fiction genre.

In addition to being an officially published author, Ty has resided on a few continents and had various jobs. He has worked as a tea vendor, selling leather a trench digger, and more.

Ty likes to stay busy writing his various novels and always has another book in the works. He lives with his family, which consists of his wife and their son. They allow him to think that he is in charge of the household and tolerate this illusion.

He is known for the Gemini series as well as the Cade Stryker series and more.

Ty Patterson is also the creator and writer of the Warriors series. This series kicked off in 2013 with the publication of the debut novel, which is aptly titled The Warrior. The sequel came out in 2014 and is titled The Reluctant Warrior. There have been quite a few books out in the series since then, and the twelfth book came out in 2017. It is titled Run!.

The Warrior is the first novel in the series by Ty Patterson. If you love books like the James Bond series, then you may be really into this action and adventure series from one of the most experienced writers in the business!

Zeb Carter is a mystery man and the person that doesn’t really seem to have a past. If he does, it’s not one that anyone knows about. He’s trying to lay low which is what he always does anytime he shows up anywhere. He is not someone that tries to fall in love and just doesn’t follow up when it comes to romance. It’s not in his interest to do so and so he doesn’t.

Zeb is also not trying to socialize either. He tries to avoid dating and friendship like it’s some type of sickness that he’ll never recover from. When anyone tries to find out more about him or asks him where he works, he tells them that he’s a security consultant. How true that is they never are quite all that sure.

He’s someone that has a mission and he can’t let it go. Zeb used to work for the Special Forces as an operative, so he has the experience when it comes to seeing just about everything. He’s down in the Congo when he accidentally is witness to acts that are shocking. When he sees all of this go down, it’s either run away or do something about it.

The rules are there to keep you safe. Zeb is doing everything that he can to try and stick to the plan, but he just cannot stand by while he sees crimes going on and the victims of those crimes being affected. So he does the one thing that he is not supposed to do. At all costs, he is to follow the rules. Now that is going straight out the window. Hey, even some rules can be broken.

If you are willing to pay a price. This ex-operative suddenly finds himself going against not only his own set of rules, but something far worse. The choices that he is making he knows will lead to something very bad. He has broken the rules of the people that he works for.

By choosing to decide what is right and is wrong instead of following directions, Zeb has unwittingly set off a massive domino effect. Where the trail of consequences will end, no one truly knows. Now it’s up to a man that is convinced that he will never have a future again to see his choices to the bitter end. Even if the bitter end that he foresees ends up being his own.

Zeb finds that he is not alone in his quest, however. Broker is his intelligence analyst and he is really good at what he does. With this guy helping you out, you are guaranteed to have at least double the chances of things going your way that they were before. Buoyed by the confidence of having a partner, this guy is finally ready to rock and roll and do things his way.

It’s a good thing that he does have Broken on his team. Zeb soon realizes that he has an enemy out there. Pitted against him, he finds that whoever they are have the skills to match him. It’s going to be one epic fight if and when they ever meet, that is for sure.

In his quest to pursue justice, Zeb is finding that the world is not so black and white as it always seems. The world is full of shadows and gray areas and he is taken from the city of New York to the Congo and its lush rain forest wilderness. This is a world where people do what they can get away with and it makes for a very dangerous place.

As it turns out, he may be the only individual that wants justice. It seems that a number of people are also interested in something, and that’s to have no one look into this at all. Can the world close the door on his mission or will he push on through? Read this book to find out for yourself!

The Reluctant Warrior is the sequel in the Warriors series. If you liked the first book in this series, then check out the second installment to see what’s going on!

Meet a character named Will. He’s not at the place that he wants to be in life. All his career, he’s been making horrible choices. Now he is paying the price and is working in Brooklyn in a garage to help support his kids. He has two young kids to look out for and they keep him going.

Meanwhile, Broker is in New York working with a team to find a mole hidden in the FBI. Broker has to investigate but there’s barely any time to do so. He’s got to make every move count. Can he do it? Read this book to find out!

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