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M.W. Craven is an accomplished author of fiction. He is an English writer known for his crime fiction novels.

The writer was born in 1968 in Carlisle. He grew up in Newcastle but decided to run away at the age of sixteen so that he could join the army. He spent a decade serving and travelling all around the world enjoying himself. He would leave ten years after joining up to pursue a social work degree specializing in criminology and substance misuse in 1995.

He had taken up a probation officer position in Cumbria and worked his way to become chief officer. Not long after that, he decided to go into it and become an author on a full-time basis. He now says that he has different motivations when it comes to trying to get into the criminal mind. His first book in the Washington Poe series, set in Cumbria, came out in 2018. The Puppet Show would then be awarded the Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger in 2019. It has been since translated into over two dozen languages.

The author is married to his wife, Joanne. The two live together in Carlisle. Michael enjoys going out with his springer spaniel or hanging out in the pub talking about nonsense. When he isn’t busy with that, he can be discovered at punk shows or writing festivals all over the country.

M.W. Craven is the creator and the author of the Washington Poe series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2018 with the release of the debut book, The Puppet Show. In 2019, the second book in the series was published, titled Black Summer. In 2020, the third novel came out, called The Curator. That was followed by the fourth book, Dead Ground, and the fifth book in the series, The Botanist.

The Puppet Show is the first book in the Washington Poe series by M.W. Craven. If you are looking for something new with some twists, then check out the debut in this series!

It turns out that a serial killer is out and about in the Lake District, and he’s killing people by burning them alive in the prehistoric stone circles locally. The serial killer is difficult to catch or find leads about because he doesn’t leave behind any clues, making the police helpless when it comes to tracking him down.

Washington Poe is a disgraced detective that has been on suspension/ However, his name has also been found carved into a third victim’s charred out remains, and the police figure it’s a start. So they bring him out of suspension and put him into active duty once more, assigning Poe into an investigation that he doesn’t even want to be a part of.

Then Poe gets partnered up with Tilly Bradshaw. The civilian analyst is very bright but also socially awkward. They’re kind of like opposites but work well together. The pair end up uncovering a trail that only Poe was supposed to see. Apparently, the killer has a plan, and Poe is a part of that plan, for whatever reason.

The body count keeps going up, and as it does, Poe finds out that he is much more invested in this case than he would have thought. In a conclusion where everything that Poe has believed about himself gets shattered, he will soon find out that there are things even worse out there than being burned alive. Can he catch a killer before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

Black Summer is the second book in the Washington Poe series by M.W. Craven. If you liked the first novel in this series, check out the second, where a new storm is on the way.

There’s Jared Keaton, who used to be quite in demand as a chef catering to the stars. He was known for being charming and charismatic. He also happens to be a psychopath. Jared is in the process of serving a life sentence for murdering his daughter Elizabeth. While her body was ultimately never discovered, it was Detective Sergeant Washington Poe’s testimony that helped him get convicted.

Then a young lady comes into a remote police station saying that she is in fact Elizabeth Keaton, and has the evidence to back it up, Poe discovers that he’s on the wrong end of the investigation. It could also end up costing him even more than his career.

Poe is helped by Tilly Bradshaw, the only person that he trusts. He’s racing against the clock to try and figure out what’s going on and answer the question that matters, which is how someone can manage to be dead and alive simultaneously. When the girl goes missing once more, all investigative paths lead back to him. Can Poe crack this case and get to the bottom of what’s going on once and for all? Read this book to find out!

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  1. Sheila: 2 months ago

    Just wanted to say that MW Craven’s books are the best detective books ever. The plots are terrific, the characters are great and quirky. The settings are very well portrayed, ie all over Cumbria. Just love them. Keep writing Mike.


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