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Wasteland Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Wasteland Chronicles Books

Kyle West is an author of science fiction novels. When not writing novels that could be science fiction, fantasy, or horror, he is busying himself doing things in his residence and around Oklahoma City in Oklahoma.

West was born February 12, 1988, in Lake Jackson, Texas. He is the author of the Wasteland Chronicles series as well as the Xenoworld Saga. He enjoys writing books that are packed full of action and come with all of the exciting twists that he and other readers want in order to keep the plot exciting! There’s no better type of book than a page turner that has you racing to the end, according to West.

Kyle West is the creator and writer of The Wasteland Chronicles. This fictional series started with the release of Apocalypse, the first book in the series. West quickly followed it up with a second book titled Origins. The third book followed, Evolution, which was followed by Revelation, Darkness, Extinction, and the seventh book in the series, titled Xenofall.

If you want a science fiction series that doesn’t hesitate to bring the action, look no further than this thrilling and unique series from author Kyle West.

Apocalypse is the exciting first novel in Kyle West’s Wasteland Chronicles. This science fiction novel is a great choice for any fan of novels with apocalyptic and exciting themes for young adults and adults alike! This novel is set in the year 2030.

On the planet Earth, no one has any way to predict or really foresee that a huge meteor is destined to come crashing into the planet. Earth is the perfect planet for housing life; however, it remains just as vulnerable to the outside elements of space that would accidentally destroy it. Life on Earth has been set back by meteors and asteroids the size of which would boggle the mind before. But it hasn’t seen anything like Ragnarok.

The moment that Ragnarok entered into the atmosphere of Earth, it changed the course of human history on the planet forever. The planet was doing pretty good before a meteor was on a collision course with it, and the resulting impact was a disaster that killed over a billion human beings by the time it was through and would claim still more lives.

On top of that, the planet was now converted from a place for life to a total and utter wasteland. The sky was turned crimson and a new ice age had hit the Earth, started by the impact of the meteor clouding the skies with its particles. This age is not predicted to end for centuries, and nothing will ever be the same as it was once known to be again.

The meteor hit in 2030, and now 30 years later, the United States has ceased to exist as an official country. The structure and infrastructure of the Earth is in total shambles, all governments and organizations now fallen from what they once were. Now what is left of this area is housed underground in the secret Bunkers.

The bunkers were built for times like these; times when an emergency so dire was at hand that there was nothing to do but to go underground. The bunkers were not made for luxury but for survival, and there were 144 Bunkers up at the start. That number has since plunged to four, with the others falling to revolution or other factors.

The meteor arrived on Earth and with it, the entire fate of a world was changed in an instant. One reality had to be traded for another as all humans were suddenly in a situation more dire than they ever could have imagined (and probably never wanted to).

Main character Alex Keener is just a teenager, and at 16 years of age, this world is the only one he’s ever really known. Born into a time that is unlike the other centuries that came before it, Alex is someone that has spent his entire life underground as part of the one hundred and eighth bunker.

When Alex witnesses a stranger being allowed into the Bunker, he doesn’t know what to do. Letting individuals in from the wastelands is supposed to be against the rules, and no one is supposed to break them. This breach of protocol leads to a change of events that Alex himself never saw coming.

Pick up Kyle West’s Apocalypse to find out what happens in the end!

Origins is Kyle West’s inspired second novel, the sequel to the first novel of the Wasteland Chronicles series. When the reader last left Alex, he was dealing with the entry of a stranger into his world. All the Earth had been altered forever years ago– 30 years ago– by the arrival of a gigantic meteor that crashed into the planet.

Now nothing will ever be the same again, but out of the billions that died, a portion of humanity has managed to survive. The Bunkers are what have kept them alive, but will the human threat be the biggest danger that they have to face? Or does starvation lurk, not far in the distance?

Cheyenne Mountain deep in the state of what used to be Colorado is the alleged location of “Bunker One”. It was assumed that it was conquered by the xenovirus, but Alex isn’t sure. He teams up with a group of people– his soon to be friends, Samuel Neth and Makara Angel.

The trio believes that the Black Files are to be found within the first bunker. Having these will give them a way to fight back against the powerful xenovirus. But the trip to where they think the bunker will be is arduous and they face plenty of obstacles along the way– human and otherwise.

They must get to the site before the heavy snows cover it. But they’re not the only ones after these mysterious Black Files– and they may be in a race against the mysterious Empire to get them. None of them suspect that the south has been host to a growing empire, one that is expanding rapidly. And one that wants the information inside Bunker One for itself.

Things are getting worse; the Blights affected by the virus only continue to grow. Can Alex and his friends win the race to Bunker One? Or will they lose everything, including their lives? Pick up Kyle West’s Origins to see how this thriller ends!

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