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Publication Order of Waterman and Stark Books

The Bone Box (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl in the Woods (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Now That She's Gone (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Try To Stop Me (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Waterman & Stark series is a famous series of thriller, mystery, action, adventure, crime, and fiction books. It is comprised of a total of 3 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years 2012 and 2016. The series is written a highly renowned American author named Greg Olsen. All the books of this series feature the chief protagonists in the form of Birdy Waterman and Kendall Stark. Author Olsen has described Birdy Waterman as a forensic pathologist living in the Kitsap County, Washington. Kendall Stark is depicted as working as the sheriff’s detective. The two become partner at the series’ beginning and go on to solve various crimes and mysteries that keep happening around them. Greg Olsen has done the setting of most parts of the book series in and around Washington, specifically in Kitsap County, where the main characters are shown as living and working. Each and every novel of this series became very successful in all the places of its release. The books managed to reach out to a large number of readers, both nationally and internationally. This helped in the overall sales of the novels, thereby increasing the number in huge amounts. The increased sales and success of the books also brought a lot of success for author Olsen as a writer. He was well appreciated by the readers, critics, and fellow writers for his excellent works. This allowed him to add more stars to his fame and the already achieved status of being a bestselling writer. Author Olsen says that the vast success of his books in this series boosted his confidence to a greater extent. He felt motivated to write more books as parts of this mystery series. But sadly, he could not come up with a unique, out of the world, and interesting story. So, he couldn’t add more titles to it. However, he also says that he has not lost hopes and is still trying to come up with exciting stories that he will develop in the times to come and publish under the series. Until then, he expects that his already published book will continue to attract many more readers from across the world and keep entertaining them for as long possible. Olsen feels very happy with the increase in the number of his fans because of this series.

Greg Olsen has successfully established himself among the bestselling authors of this generation. It is said about him that throughout his writing career, he has shown the ability of creating detailed narratives that offer fascinating insights to the readers into the people’s lives, who get stuck in extraordinary situations. In his whole career, Olsen has penned some 10 nonfiction books, 10 novels, and a collection of short stories that was edited by author Lee Child. For his excellent works, Greg Olsen has won numerous awards. He has been invited as a special guest on a number of local and national TV shows. One such program that he was invited in is the educational program for Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. The other shows that Olsen has frequently appeared on include The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, FOX News, Extra, A&E’s Biography, etc. In addition to the TV and radio shows, author Olsen has featured in USA Today, Salon magazine, Los Angeles Times, Redbook, People, Seattle Times, New York Post, and many other popular magazines as well. His book, Deep Dark, has been named by ILA as Idaho’s Book of the Year. Olsen’s another novel, Starvation Heights, has been honored by the State Secretary of Washington for its contribution to the culture and history of Washington state. As of today, author Greg Olsen resides in Ollala, Washington. He is native of Seattle and visits his hometown whenever he gets time. Olsen is happily married and lives with his lovely wife and a mini-dachshund.

The debut book of the Waterman and Stark series written by author Greg Olsen is entitled ‘The Girl in the Woods’. It was released by the Pinnacle publishing in the year 2014. The lead characters mentioned by Olsen in this book include Kendall Stark, Ted Roberts, Jennifer Roberts, and Birdy Waterman. This book’s central plot deals with Birdy Waterman’s encounter with a female murderer, whose has dark desires beyond any limit. The overall description looks psychologically driven and darkly atmospheric. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a schoolgirl goes on an adventure hike and finds a human’s severed foot with pink color nail polish on the fingers. Following this gruesome discovery, the case falls on Birdy Waterman’s desk. With the help of the invaluable clue, the forensic pathologist Waterman is led down a dark trail. She ends up trying to catch a deadly psychopath whose persuasion powers appear to know no bounds. When she feels that she cannot handle the psychopath all by herself, she decides to team up with the sheriff’s detective, Kendall Stark. It looks like the murderer wanted them to come together so that she can play a deadlier game with them. But, Stark and Waterman know that if they can work together in a well planned way, they can hunt down the psycho killer, who seems to be ready to take another innocent life.

The series’ second installment is known as ‘Now That She’s Gone’. It was also published by the Pinnacle publication in 2015. The primary characters of this novel as depicted by Greg Olsen include Brenda Nevins, Kendall Stark, Birdy Waterman, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a notorious serial killer named Brenda Nevins escapes from prison. She is known to have seduced, cajoled, blackmailed, and killed numerous people all over Washington State. After escaping, she seems to be in the mood of revenge against the people, who had put an end to her criminal acts and landed her in prison. And they are none other than Kendall Stark and Birdy Waterman. Brenda Nevins makes her first move by using a pawn, who seems to be a TV psychic desperate for blood, fame, and ratings. When Stark & Waterman come across the dead body of Brenda Nevins’ latest victim, they realize that she has made up her mind to destroy them. But, they also know that they can beat her once again if they watched their every move carefully and planned things well in advance. The detective lay out a final plan of hunting down the brutal, twisted, and the brilliant serial killer by beating her in her own game-style.

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