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Publication Order of Watersong Books

The American author Amanda Hocking is a world renowned author of science-fiction and fantasy literature, having produced a whole backlog of work that has gone on to become highly regarded worldwide, as she builds entire world that the reader can explore at their own leisure, clearly showing the breadth and scope of her imagination in full detail, allowing her to draw the reader in on an emotional level. Her characters are also something to be admired too, as they really work as fully three-dimensional portraits, regardless of the somewhat fantastical settings and otherworldly environments that are portrayed. Combining all of these elements together, it all really works for the reader on a variety of levels, as they can find both escapism and wit in her work, with the material resonating on an even deeper level than that of other novels. Showing that she is clearly a master of her craft, she really manages to bring her stories and worlds to life, giving the reader something to invest themselves in emotionally on an even deeper level. This is true for readers from all around the world, as the material resonates with readers regardless of where they’re from, or what their backgrounds are. Writing about issues that are close to her, she brings her own unique perspective to the table, allowing the material to come alive through her own distinctive outlook, giving it a sense of vibrancy and vivid color that really establishes the work and everything that she has to offer as an author. Creating characters that somewhat reflect her own life and background, she manages to build personalities that are drawn from reality, thus allowing the reader to see something of themselves in the stories. This has been transposed over a number of series and franchises too, as she creates long-running series that have gained a lot of traction, as well as readers over the years. One particular series that she has become well known for over the years is that of her much loved ‘Watersong’ series of novels, which incorporates elements of the fantasy and paranormal genres into its over-arcing series. Following a group of young mermaids as they attempt to fit into normal society, they attempt to find their lives and loves within society, as well as growing up in general. Not only that, but they have to overcome their own mythological backgrounds, whilst coming to terms with their own uniquely distinctive urges and desires.

Lasting for a total of four novels, the series started with the debut titled ‘Wake’, and was followed up that same year with the sequel ‘Lullaby’. The following year would also see the novels ‘Tidal’, with the final novel ‘Elegy’, both released in 2013, along with the novel ‘Forgotten Lyrics’ in 2012, which would be a prequel novella to the first. All of these would come to make up the entirety of the series overall, allowing it to become one of her most prolific series to date, showing what she really is capable of as an author of modern paranormal fantasy novels.


Released through the ‘St. Martin’s Press’ publishing label, this was originally published on the 7th of August in 2012. Setting up the series overall, it really manages to establish the world that it’s to take place within, giving the readers a clear idea of what to expect in the books to follow. Not only that, but it introduces the characters for the first time too, along with creating a self-contained story as well.

With ideas about growing up overshadowing the work, this really makes the most of its initial premise, making it both fun and engaging in equal measure. The characters themselves are all extremely well drawn, as they each manage to bring to life the story and world that they are placed within. Setting out an almost ethereal world, it transports the reader to another time and place, really allowing them to feel as if they’re a part of something else.

A group of strange girls have all turned up within a small town, as they have garnered the attention of the many locals there, with the beautiful and mysterious ways. The one they find themselves drawn towards though, is the young Gemma, as they seek to make her a part of their own group, welcoming her into the fold. Falling in love with the boy next door, Gemma hopes to live a normal carefree life, that is until she finds herself waking up one morning stronger, faster and more beautiful than ever. What have they done to her? Will she ever be the same again? What happens when she manages to wake?


This time released through ‘St. Martin’s Griffin’ publishing subsidiary, this was published not long after the first with it coming out on the 27th of November in 2012. Following on from where the last left off, it manages to capture the essence of the first, whilst also developing it too. Along with that, it also brings in some surprise twists and turns along the way, making it a highly successful and fun sequel.

With the curse of the others now placed firmly upon her, the young Gemma Fisher finds herself stronger and faster than ever, as she realizes she must live a life with the rest of her new clan. The other main problem is that she has strange new desires, as a strong and uncontrollable urge overcomes her, leaving her with an almost unquenchable hunger. Gemma’s sister Harper hopes to get her back no matter what, as she aims to find what became of her sister, as the two of them dive deeper into a world beyond their control. Will they find what they’re looking for? Where will they turn next? Can they sing the lullaby?

The Watersong Series

As a Young Adult series set firmly within the paranormal fantasy mold, this really manages to make the most of it genre and format, really allowing it to come alive in the process. It’s a definite must for any fans of the genre overall, as well as being an important addition to the backlog of Amanda Hocking overall, thus pleasing her many fans both nationally and internationally. A self-contained series, it really has a lot to offer both the casual and long-term reader, as it will stand the test of time for many years to come yet.

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