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Among the Swamp People (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Watt Key is a bestselling children’s fiction author from Southern Alabama that is best known for the “Alabama Moon” series of novels.
The author was born in 1970 in Point Clear, Alabama. When he was growing up as a child, the town has a remote stretch of low-lying coastline, where he loved to play whenever he was not in school.

With so few neighbors, Key and his siblings learned to entertain themselves and spent a lot of time trapping in the swamp, building tree forts, and fishing in the bay.

The house he lived in had been built by his grandfather during the Second World War when he had been a ship engineer in Mobile. The house did not have many conveniences and it was not even insulated.

He used to share a room with no air conditioning with his four brothers and during the winter they kept warm with gas space heaters. The house was full of sleeping bags and bunk beds, as they preferred the portability and efficiency of sleeping bags rather than blankets and sheets.

Stories and books were a large part of entertainment for Watt Key when he was growing up. Her grandfather was one of the best storytellers around in addition to the fact that his parents used to read to them most nights.

From a very early age, he was fascinated with books and began drawing pictures, and stories that he would then bind in cardboard. His mother still has one of these creations that he penned as a ten-year-old.

It tells the story of a young collie that was out during a tornado and ended up trapped in a barbed-wire fence. He is convinced that it is something that someone like a budding Stephen King could have written.

He attended a very small school that had a graduating class of only 23 people. It is here that his high school English teacher convinced him that he could write novels.

Back then, he was a mediocre student who failed in everything except creative writing and literature. He could blow every one of his classmates out of the water but this was not evident to him until he was encouraged by his high school teacher.

It felt good to finally be better at something as compared to his classmates and he began working even harder to prove his class teacher right.

When Watt Key graduated from high school, he proceeded to Birmingham-Southern College, which is where he started taking writing very seriously. He believes that this could have had something to do with moving to a big city, where he no longer had the bay and the swamp as distractions.

Writing then became a way to dream of faraway places when he was not spending his time in study. It was while Watt was in college that he wrote two or three manuscripts that he sent to editors and agents in New York.

Nothing came of these manuscripts and it would be about fifteen years later that he published “Alabama Moon” his debut novel that could have been his 9th manuscript. He now has more than eight novels to his name.

He currently makes his home in Alabama, where he lives with his wife and children. Watt is grateful that he was able to finally make a living as an author.

“Alabama Moon” by Watt Key is the story of Moon a ten-year-old who has for the longest time lived in a shelter in the forest with his father.
The two have for the most part kept to themselves with their only contact with the outside world an occasional visit to do some light shopping at the store. When his father dies, Moon heads to Alaska intending to find other hermits like themselves.

He soon finds himself entangled and caught in a world he does not understand or know. Moon is walking on the property of a government he has tried to avoid all his life.
Moon now has to deal with lawyers, jails, true friends and enemies, and institutions he never imagined existed. He has to learn how to survive in the outside world, which means adapting his wilderness survival skills for a modern world.

In time, he may just be able to live and thrive in such a world. It is an action-packed and compelling novel that gives us the thrilling story of Moon, as he comes to age and matures into what he needs to be.

Watt Key’s novel “Dirt Road Home” is the story of Hal Mitchell a tough kid that finds himself stuck in a home for boys named Hellenweiler. But the home is nothing but a corrupt prison. He has been committed to Hellenweiler for a range of offenses.

But he has been informed that he may be allowed to leave and go back to live with his father if the latter stays clean and Hal does not get into trouble. He longs for the day he can leave and go live in his father’s trailer and work in the clay pits.

Still, Hal has to deal with the dilemma that violence is allowed by the guards even though in their attempts to keep the place running they often lie in their reports. He also has to choose between joining either the Death Throw Minister or the Hell Hounds gang, but may lose his chance at freedom if he does.
Still, he may just lose his life in the violence if he does not join an organized gang. He is sure to make enemies whether he chooses sides or not and for Hal who is trying to stay out of trouble, this is quite an insightful thing.

“Deep Water” by Watt Key is a compelling middle-grade survival about enemies that come together to survive. It also tells of a scuba dive that goes horribly wrong. The most important rule of scuba diving is to not go down if something does not feel right.

When Julie Sims’ father is taken ill, the twelve-year-old is forced to take over the scuba diving business. She takes two clients diving off the Alabama coast while her father remains in the boat.

But the preteen and his equally arrogant father do not follow her instructions and soon she discovers she may have bitten more than she can chew.
Once she resurfaces things only get more complicated as the dive boat is nowhere to be seen and one of her clients is in critical condition.

It will not be very long before they start feeling the effects of hypothermia and while she does not like the boy and his father, she has to save them.

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