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Waxahachie Smith Books In Order

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Publication Order of Waxahachie Smith Books

Slip Gun (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Finger on the Trigger (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cure the Texas Fever (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Waxahachie Smith is a fearless and legendary gunfighter and Texas Ranger, who at one point, gets both trigger fingers cut off. This was done by the Fuente brothers who believed that the best way to get Smith off of their backs. They did not want him looking into their criminal activities but they also did not want to kill him either. This was their best bet to their freedom. It was supposed to make things easier for them, but there was something that they forgot about and got wrong. They were wrong due to the fact that this just made Smith madder and he figured out a way to turn his Colt Peacemaker into a ‘slip gun’ and figured a way to draw it. A gunsmith, who is one of the best ever to work in this business, helps him take revenge against the Fuente brothers. He gives him a kind of bullet that have many pellets loaded in.He was able to find a way to be even faster at killing someone with a certain technique.

This series of novels written by prolific author John Thomas Edson take place between two decades: the 1880s and the 1890s.

“No Finger on the Trigger” written by John Thomas Edson is the first book in the “Waxahachie Smith” series. Killers and cattle thieves are making it easy to die in Bonham County and making things brew hotter. Making a range war between the gringos and Chicanos who ranch much more likely than before. It is really a powder keg between the two camps of people. There is one Texas Ranger who is sent to quiet things down and he used to be known for his fast gun. A bullet in the head of a desperado proves that he lives up to the hype, but something puts his ability to shoot at all in jeopardy. It is something creates a fire in Smith’s heart that only justice with a .44 caliber gun could quench.

Fans of the novel find that once again, Edson delivers a well thought out and detailed account of this story. It also features a great storyline that keeps things moving along nicely for them. The character Smith, was well developed and shows new things about him throughout the novel. Some enjoyed the way that Edson is able to describe the weapons used in the nineteenth century. Some liked the way that Edson put in some really good fight scenes in the novel, and these scenes really keep things rolling along and interesting, not to mention exciting.

“Slip Gun” written by John Thomas Edson is the second book in the “Waxahachie Smith” series. There is a telegram someone has sent that warns of trouble in a place called Widow’s Creek. A badge made Waxahachie Smith a marshal of this lawless place, but it also made him a target by a stone cold killer. Both his manhood and his life are on the line and he has a specially made slip gun that he carries with him that is meant to protect him. With him rides the town’s safety.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the read for the way you learn more about Smith this time out and how fascinating he is to read about. The writing was, once again, top notch from a high caliber writer such as Edson. The novels pull readers in and do not let go of them for the duration of the novel. Fans did not need all of their chairs while reading, they only needed the edge as that is where Edson keeps them. Some are glad they found these novels and will read them all, at least once. Some enjoyed the way that there is not a whole lot of explicit sex scenes in the novel, finding that it ruins the experience for some when they have to read about that in some books.

“Cure the Texas Fever” written by John Thomas Edson is the third book in the “Waxahachie Smith” series that was released in the year 1996. This novel serves as a bit of a backdoor pilot, showing some of the older characters from earlier novels, but with a few characters that will start starring in the later novels. There is a fever (called Texas Fever) that is running rampant among different cattle herds, and effects the herds as they go to market. The railroad and Kansas has banned these herds, something that will ruin their businesses for sure. The governor is willing to do anything for a cure, even give Waxahachie Smith a pardon. At the present, he has a price on his head. Captain Dusty Fog planned the whole thing, as he believes that Smith wants to come back to Texas. This has become a place that is both home, and the very place that he is a wanted man. He can come back, provided that he helps the vet that is on the brink of a breakthrough and the cure for the Texas Fever. Some very cutthroat men will get even richer if the cattlemen from Texas go under. Wax, with everything going to hell with bullets and killers on the trail, will have his work cut out for him. He will have to kill everyone and survive throughout the whole novel if he plans on getting his name cleared.

Fans of the novel found the novel interesting as you get to see what some of the other characters are up to as they get older. Some found that the novel was enjoyable, even if it was not as good as the other books in the series. No matter what, some fans find themselves enjoying whatever novel Edson puts out, it does not matter what year the novel is released.

This series, like most of Edson’s work features a west that never was, a fictional version of what he wanted the west to be. These are books that read like the B western movies and average about twelve good fights per book. The pace never backs off, and everything is clear and crisp. The movies he would see as a kid, he re-wrote into these novels that he released; as he was interested in certain things that happen in the movies. Why the gun jams or the nuts and bolts on how exactly someone cheats at cards.

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