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Way of the Warrior Kid Books In Order

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Publication Order of Way Of The Warrior Kid Books

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Way of the Warrior Kid is a series of children’s books by Jocko Willink. The series stars Marc, a teenager who is struggling with all the changes occurring in and around him. It does not help that his father is away for work while the mother spends most of her time at work.

However, the summer holidays always bring someone important to Marc’s life. Uncle Jake, a retired Navy Seal, loves his nephew and is keen to equip him with the skills he will need to improve himself, both on the inside and outside. This is an excellent series comprising of life lessons and essential tips that teenagers and adults alike can implement if they want to live a more fulfilling life.

Wimpy to Warrior the Navy SEAL Way

Wimpy to Warrior, the Navy SEAL Way is the first book in the Way of the Warrior kid series. The story features Marc, a fifth-grade student who is having a rough year. Marc not only stunk at gym class, but his lessons were no longer all fun as maths was becoming hard for him. Marc also recently went through an embarrassing moment when he was unable to swim during his school trip. As if things cannot go any worse, there is a bully in class, calling himself the King of the Jungle. Thanks to all these challenges, Marc’s self-esteem has taken quite a beating.

The start of summer seems to bring a tide of good fortune. Aside from enjoying time off school, Marc’s mom informs him that uncle Jake will be in town. Super cool and a Navy SEAL, uncle Jake is everything a young boy could ask for. Marc looks up to him, and he is sure that with the uncle in town, the summer will be nothing but unforgettable. Uncle Jake does not disappoint, and by the end of summer, Marc is a changed boy.

Uncle Jack has only one mission this summer-turn Marc into a warrior. But being a warrior is not easy. There are sit-ups, squats, and swimming to be done. A proper diet is also part of it. To top it all, Marc has to study harder so that he can do better in his tests. Will Marc transform into a warrior. Does his uncle envision before schools open in fall? How about standing up to the class bully? Will he be able to keep up with his healthy diet and resist the temptation to indulge in junk food?

The message here is clear-with hard work; everything is possible. It’s an excellent message for the target audience. There are also enough tips on how to deal with bullies who do everything to make life difficult. In a world filled with bullies, this is a welcome message. This excellent self-improvement, motivation piece is ideal for young adults. Wimpy to Warrior the Navy SEAL Way is a deed and dialogue kind of book that encourages young adults to work hard and improve themselves internally and externally. The book also offers tips for solving real-life problems. If you have a young adult, the tips in this book could make all the difference in their lives.

Marc’s Mission

Marc’s Mission is the second book in the Way of the Warrior series. This book follows last summer’s training, where Uncle Jack instilled the Navy Seal code on his nephew. Marc’s life has changed in this new book. The once shy boy has grown into a confident teenager who puts a lot of effort into his schoolwork while engaging in activities geared towards optimal health. Marc is better equipped to handle the challenges that come his Way throughout the school year.
All is well until Nathan threatens to ruin Marc’s year. Nathan is mean, and the annoying bit is that he will not leave Marc alone. Marc is dreading the upcoming summer camp as he knows that Nathan will be there, and his insults can only get worse. Summer is the only time Marc has to have fun away from school. A summer camp where Nathan will be present is threatening to disrupt the peace Marc has enjoyed throughout the year. Marc also wants a new bike that he can use to go to the summer camp. However, his parents are not keen to grant him this wish. The good thing is uncle Jake is also coming to town this summer, and Marc is sure that despite the challenges, he is going to have a wonderful time.

Marc’s Mission book will take the reader through Marc’s discovery that being a warrior kid required more than physical strength. Marc had to also to be strong on the inside, and this is only possible if he takes steps to improve his character. Uncle Jake is quick to point out Marc’s anger issues. His teachings this summer revolves around controlling emotions. Marc gets to learn that failure to control his emotions will lead to bad choices that will be detrimental to his future. Jake also teaches Marc the importance of fixing things instead of always replacing whatever is broken and working hard to earn money where finances are limited.

While Marc’s parents are mostly busy, Uncle Jake keeps his nephew busy throughout the summer. From driving to summer school to engaging in regular exercise, this duo has a great time together. Incredibly, Uncle Jake steps up to represent a father who is stationed overseas and a mother with a crazy schedule. It is also refreshing that Jake does not push Marc to follow his instructions. He gives Marc the option of choosing the lessons he wants to learn.

While Marc’s Mission is created with young people in mind, the lessons can be applied by anyone, whatever the age. It is also amazing to see the effect that having a mentor has on this young boy’s life. If you are looking to impart some wisdom into your teenager, this is a great book. It also offers a lot of activities that teenagers can get involved in, aside from playing video games all day or getting involved in drugs.

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