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Wayfair Witches’ Cozy Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery Books

Wayfair Witches Series
Wayfair Witches is a fantasy series by A.A. Albright. As the name suggests, this series concentrates on the Wayfair Witches and the adventures they undertake. Wanda Wayfair is a member of this family with magical powers. Strangely, she doesn’t have any powers at the start of the series. However, as it progresses, her powers will get stronger, and she will remain one of the outstanding witches here. Each book in this series comes with some mystery and unexpected twists that will stir your curiosity. There is also some humor making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to have a good laugh.

Bottling It
Bottling It comes first in the Wayfair Witches series. The book introduces Wanda Wayfair, a twenty-one-year-old lady with an exciting life. At her age, Wanda is still to receive magical powers despite training in this art. This delay is uncommon in her coven. However, Wanda does not dwell on the fact that she is an unempowered witch. Most of her time is spent in the human world anyway, where it is easier to pretend that her coven is an illusion. However, things change when she takes up a job at Berrys’ Bottlers. While the handsome Will Berry is quite a distraction, Wanda cannot help but notice the strange things happening all around her.

This book starts with Wanda arriving in Dublin to witness a body being removed from the neighbors across the streets. A commotion follows, where a young girl, almost Wanda’s age, is being taken away by the police. The young girl keeps screaming that she did not know why she did it. This whole circus piques Wanda’s curiosity, and after asking around, she is shocked to hear that this wasn’t the first time such a scene had happened. It turns out that witches were being killed in Dublin, and their killers had no control over their actions. As the mystery unfolds, Wanda’s powers surge, and she immediately swings into action. Because she had never used magical powers before, Wanda is forced to go back and seek help from her coven.

Follow Wanda as she works to find the power behind the senseless killings. Life in the world of magic is not something this lady is used to, so she has a lot to learn. Fortunately, she has her family on her side. Immediately she witnesses that first scene, Wanda gets a feeling that the Berrys are involved, and she is determined to stop them. This will be no easy task given that Will’s aunt is every way a witch, but Wanda’s powers continue to increase by the day. You are going to enjoy seeing Wanda in action as she fights some evil forces. The cast also includes weredogs, vampires, and talking rats. These creatures give the story such an edge.

Bottling It is a cozy mystery story with a paranormal element. The pace stays consistent, and it is refreshing how the author merges the cozy mystery and the paranormal element. It is a great choice when you are in the mood for a fun and cozy read. Many of the characters are lovable, and the mystery helps keep you curious to discover what happens next. Wanda is such a fun character, and it is fun seeing how much she develops in this story. There is also a bit of romance and a good dose of humor.

Bricking It
Bricking It comes second in the Wayfair Witches series. After waiting to receive magical powers for so long, Wanda always thought her life would get better when she got them. How wrong she was. The minister in charge of Magical Law, Plimpton, was making life difficult for this young lady. First, he had made it clear that Wanda had to go back to school before joining the Wayfair coven. Throughout her schooling, she was to desist from using magical powers before she passed all the tests. Wanda wouldn’t be so worried if the minister did not hate her family as much. She is almost sure the minister would do anything to ensure she did not pass her exams. So, what will Wanda come out of this victorious?

Away from Wanda’s troubles, the witches are still going missing. Wanda wants to help with the investigation, but the Magical Law minister will not let her. However, when her mother goes missing, Wanda will break all rules to protect her. It turns out there is more to the witches going missing and skeletons turning up in changing rooms and closets in Ireland. Someone is stripping the witches of their powers and life force. Can Wanda stop whatever force that is behind this before it is too late? What will happen if she uses her powers behind the minister’s back? Read this book for these answers and more.

The author continues to develop the characters making them even more enjoyable. Wanda remains outstanding despite the forces working against her. It is also fun meeting Dizzy the bat and Max the weredog once again. As we get deeper into the world of magic, everything becomes clearer, but there is still an air of mystery that keep you wanting to know more. Plimpton is one character you will hate, but he brings a lot to the story. Will he be exiled and deposed once Wanda uncovers what is going on? Does this evil dictator have anything to do with Wanda’s mother’s disappearance? There is so much to discover in this

intriguing story.
Bricking It is an excellent addition to this series. The story is exciting, and you cannot help but take sides in the battle between the minister and Wanda. While she sure has some enemies, it is terrific how Wanda’s family sticks by her. This young fighter has a great support system and people who are always encouraging her to do what is right. The protagonist remains stubborn yet lovable to the end, and it is great how she relates with the rest of the cast. This series is perfect for anyone looking for something different and fun. The world-building is outstanding, and the humor is sure to brighten your day.

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