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Wayne Simmons is one of the popular Irish authors who has written several successful novels in his short writing career. He was born in Belfast, Ireland and has been loitering around the genre circuit with intent for several years. Most of the novels written by author Wayne are based on the Horror, Crime, and Science Fiction genres. Before going on to write his debut novel in the year 2008, he used to pen down interviews and reviews for a few magazines. Almost all the works written by author Wayne have been published in many foreign countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Turkey, North America, and Germany. One of his bestselling novels and the most successful one is the zombie novel called ‘Flu’, has been made into a serial by the Book Radio of the Sirius XM. Author Wayne believes that he got the inspiration to write successful novels in his career because of the influences from the famous literary works of the popular authors like Lawrence Block, Mickey Spillane, David Moody, Stephen King, etc.

Apart from writing novels, author Wayne also works as a frequent contributor to the Tattoo Magazine called Skin Deep. He also works as a Marketing Chief or the PR chief for the Infected Books. Between the years 2013 and 2014, author Wayne co-produced one of the popular horror shows called as the Scardiff Horror Expo. As of today, he lives in Wales along with his girlfriend as well as a Jack Russel terrier named Dita. Author Wayne has a lot of experience in writing reviews for online magazines as well as editing them and the training materials. He also has a very strong interest in the artworks of tattooing. Many of the successful written works of author Wayne have been translated in almost half a dozen foreign languages across the world. The critics believe that the successful works of Wayne Simmons have a great impact on his readers and fans. As a result, he had developed a considerable fan following.

Many readers have described themselves as getting sucked into the story lines of the his novels in spite of many distractions around them. His books have been reviewed well and described remarkably by most of the online reviewers. The highest praise that author Wayne has received as a zombie writer is by getting reviewed with the words like ‘pistol whipped’ and ‘smacked with the telephone directory’. Because of his wide range of activities related to the literary works, Wayne is counted among the few zombie authors who offer the editing services on their websites. In fact, he has around 10 years of experience in online editing of magazines. During his wide range of work activities, author Wayne has collaborated with many government organizations, publishing companies, as well as different individual authors. He has always said that he has a strong desire to help the fiction writers in finding their voices. He also seems willing to help them in shaping their voices as authors as well as the voices of their unique characters.

The list of descriptions of his services very well indicate that author Wayne can become an adept teacher and mentor for the aspiring authors all over the world. The other thing that makes author Wayne unique in his work is his ability to bridge the independent and burgeoning fiction market with the traditional realm of publishing. This uniqueness is extended further with his ability to work on the nonfiction manuscripts. With this, author Wayne’s collection of fruitful abilities becomes even more unusual. Also, he can act as an editor for the experts, novices, publishing houses, nonfiction works, independent press houses, and corporations. This way, he has become one of the versatile editors present today. Author Wayne believes that in order to become a successful zombie author, an individual must possess a set of diverse skills. They need to have at least 2 extremely different facets in their professional lives. And as far as the diverse skills of author Wayne are concerned, he possesses them within one realm.

The only novel series written by author Wayne Simmons is called Flu, which consists of a total of 2 novels published between the years 2010 and 2012. The first novel of the series is titled ‘Flu’ and is published by the Snowbooks Ltd publishing house in the year 2010. The plot of this novel is set in Ireland and deals with a nasty flu that spreads in the city in the form of an epidemic. In order to deal with it, people have displayed posters asking everyone to cover their mouths while sneezing and throwing away the tissues. However, such simple measures do not seem to help as the armed police comes and locks the individual who has caught the flu, in his own house in order to die alone and prevent him from spreading to others. A person who catches this deadly flu is believed to die within a few days and within a couple of hours after his death, the eyelids open again as he gets transformed into a zombie. Millions of people throughout Ireland turn into flesh eating monsters because of the dangerous flu. However, there is one survivor among the zombies named Geri McConnell, who runs through the streets of Belfast, dodging the monsters and helping herself to survive from the flu. She tries to get the help of Pat Flynn, who lives in the neighboring town of Finaghy, as she seems him as a fatherly figure. But, he seems to be suffering from his own demons because of his haunting past as an IRA gunrunner. The situation keeps getting deadlier as the virus of the flu goes airborne and infects anyone who inhales the polluted air. The novel proved to be a brutally realistic and a terrifying horror story about the zombies.

The second novel of the Flu series was published in the year 2012 by the Tantor Media publishing house. It was titled as ‘Fever’ and continues to describe the death and transformation of millions into zombies in Ireland, due to a deadly flu. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Ellis is described a lab worker on a quarantined lab situated outside Belfast, whereas Abe works as a security guard at the same lab. The two of them are depicted as trying to fight against the zombies in the corridors of the lab, as they seem determined to reveal a gruesome truth about the flu. An old conspiracy theorist named Tom also tries to figure out a cure for the deadly flu. In the middle of all this, a young child and his parents get involved in a cat and mouse game as they try to save themselves from the military remains who are a part of a covert department of the government of Ireland. The family also strives to protect themselves from the growing throng of the flesh eating zombies as it is believed that the fate of the human race lies with them. Therefore, Ellis and Abe also join as a team to protect them from the zombies as well as the deadly virus of the flu.

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