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Publication Order of Wayward Pines Books

An American author of great repute, Blake Crouch has been writing his unique tales of mystery and suspense for some time now. With a keen eye for the bigger picture, he’s been able to capture a certain style that many have become drawn to over the years, with both critics and the public alike singing his praises. Combining elements from mystery, thriller and science-fiction, he’s been able to craft an idiosyncratic voice all of his own. Born in North Carolina, 1978, he’s already managed to get a number of series under his belt, including a television adaptation of his work. Recently transformed into a TV series, the Wayward Pine Trilogy has been garnering much attention after it’s initial début in 2012. This sudden rise in popularity has not gone unnoticed by the critics, who’ve responded positively by stating it to be one of the best releases of the year when it first came out.

The novels themselves feature the exploits of one Ethan Burke, a U.S. Secret Service Agent who comes across the small American town of Wayward Pines following a disastrous car accident. What befalls him there is nothing short of compelling and unexpected to say the least. Citing inspiration from the cult television series Twin Peaks, Crouch has infused an intoxicating blend of thriller and mystery, whilst even managing to infuse elements of science-fiction into the mix. From isolated small town America to cryonics and even time displacement, the reader is constantly held on the edge of seat waiting for what comes next. Not letting the reader in on the ‘twist’ till some way through, their left constantly wondering what’s really going on and what this means for the world at large outside the seemingly sleepy town of Wayward Pines.


This book was initially published in 2012 on the 21st of August through the Thomas and Mercer publishing house and was to mark the first foray into this shadowy and intriguing world. Setting up the character of Ethan Burke the U.S. Secret Service agent, he’s cast adrift in the town of Wayward Pines, as he soon discovers everything is not as it first appears. An outsider, he manages to draw the reader in with him as they see the world through his eyes asking the same questions along the way.

On the trail of two federal agents, Ethan Burke is, himself, a highly resourceful agent who’s expecting to get the job done quickly following their disappearance within the town of Wayward Pine. Things don’t go to plan though after an accident involving Burke leaves him hospitalised without his phone, briefcase or ID and no way of contacting the outside world. As he attempts to investigate what’s happened to his fellow agents he finds he’s constantly blocked at every turn with his phone-calls to his wife and son continually denied. Then he comes up against the large electrified fence effectively sealing him in.

A prisoner almost it now appears, no-one seems to be able to provide him with the answers he seeks, ultimately leaving him unsure where to turn next. Time is running out as he finds himself up against the clock to discover the truth behind this town and what’s happening just beyond the horizon. Will he be able to find the agents, the truth and get back to his family? Can he even get out alive? Just what is going on in the Pines?

The Last Town

Originally released on the 15th of July, 2014, this was to be the final book in the series, rounding everything off for U.S. Secret Service agent Ethan Burke. Marking the last instalment in the trilogy, it picks up from where the last one left off providing the conclusion for many of the characters already firmly established. Also providing the truth for the reader, this is not go unmissed as it offers all the answers that have been eagerly awaited up until now.

Just what is happening outside those walls beyond Wayward Pine and how is Ethan Burke, once Secret Service agent, now assigned town sheriff, going to find out? With the town itself in the throes of a madman and what appears to be a cult of some sort, this little enclave is far from idyllic and it’s up to Burke to uncover the truth once again, before it’s too late. Using his skills as an agent, he vows to use what little resources he has to go up against this seemingly unimaginable force. What lies beyond the fence though, and what is really going on outside? Are they really the last of remnants humanity now?

Setting up the finale, this book manages to answer all these questions and more, as the reader finally learns what is to become of Ethan Burke. Will he and the other residents get out alive? Who, or what exactly, is keeping them in? Just what lies beyond the borders of the last town?

The Wayward Pines Series

Brought onto television in 2015, this series of novels has reached a new high and a new audience, ensuring its popularity for many years to come. Spanning a series of three books so far the story has become a trilogy, with Blake Crouch himself stating that he intends to keep it that way. As for the M. Night Shyamalan produced show, it could go on for some time yet depending upon its ratings. So far there has been ten bookended episodes creates for one rounded series, Shyamalan having directed the pilot himself. In regards to its popularity, many critics have stated it to be a success and a ‘return to form’ for the director, so only time will tell. There’s also a digital companion series to accompany the overall show titled Gone, which has been directed by Christopher Leone. Building from strength-to-strength though, this has secured Crouch a well earned status within his particular genre, as the legacy of the trilogy and Wayward Pines brand grows gaining more and more fans and admirers every year. With these books Blake Crouch really has established himself as a master of atmosphere, as more is expected from him in the future after he’s set an impressive benchmark of quality.

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