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Publication Order of Weather Warden Books

The Weather Warden series is a contemporary urban fantasy genre of books written by Rachel Caine. An American novelist, Caine began the series in 2003 with the publication of her novel Ill Wind. The series focuses on groups of people that maintain peace on Earth through manipulating weather, Earth, and fire.

Rachel Caine is a pen name that is used by writer Roxanne Longstreet. She is a writer of many genres that include horror, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, suspense, and more. She also publishes using the name Julie Fortune for media tie-in novels. She has been writing and publishing since 1991 and is a former musician who has played with such famed names as Peter Nero, John Williams, and Henry Mancini.

This urban fantasy series has nine books in it and they are also combined in the 2013 omnibus The Weather Warden Collection. The series includes the sequel Heat Stroke, the third book Chill Factor, the fourth Windfall, Firestorm, Thin Air, Gale Force, Cape Storm, and Total Eclipse, the last novel in the series, which was published in August of 2010.

The first book in the Weather Warden series is Ill Wind. The main character in this book is Joanne Baldwin, and she has the job of Weather Warden. She just happens to be one of the people who have the power to be a Weather Warden. With just a wave of her hand, she can control and alter even the most violent weather. With great power comes also a great duty to the people of the area, as only people with these abilities are able to tame the weather and prevent civilians from needlessly dying.

The Weather Wardens are the only ones that are capable of this task, and Joanne Baldwin is proud to be one of them. But when accusations are leveled at her out of nowhere, her life suddenly goes into a tailspin. She is being accused somehow of corruption and murder, even though she is pretty certain she is innocent of those charges. However, these new circumstances leave her with no choice but to take drastic actions.

She normally would be the one stopping the storms, but it looks like a bigger one is headed her way. Joanne has no choice but to run for her life. She will need some allies on her side, and it looks like that is going to have to come in the form of Lewis Orwell. He is the most powerful warden known to man and is able to control Weather, Earth, and Fire.

She really needs help from Lewis Orwell, but he’s also currently the most wanted man on Earth. Now that he’s stolen three bottles of Djinn, a supernatural being, he’s probably even more under the microscope than she is. Still, she’s got to find him and fast, while she still has a shot of outrunning the storm. Since they are friends, she’s hoping that he can save her from many things, including a demon mark. But with flashbacks plaguing her and the arrival of new people onto the scene that may be friends or foes, she’s going to have to tread carefully if she’s going to have a chance of getting what she wants.

This exciting story about wardens maintaining balance on the Earth is a fast-paced fantasy tale that you won’t be able to put down. Come along with Joanne as she leaves on a journey that may end up in a total success or a total disaster. Want to see how her journey ends– and whether she can trust handsome hiker David, someone she meets along the way? Pick up this exciting debut novel in the Weather Warden series from Rachel Caine to find out!

The second book in the Weather Warden series is Heat Stroke. It takes place directly after Ill Wind and takes readers back to the main character Joanne’s point of view. She was mistaken for a murderer and is adjusting to a new life as a Djinn. She is still a Weather Warden at heart, and when she senses that something is entering the atmosphere of the Earth and thinks it is sinister, she’s worried about what the forecast is going to be.

Her romance with David is going strong, and they continue to have emotional ties to each other. David is certainly committed to Joanne, who is not sure how she feels about David or what she wants to do about it. However, they have plenty of time to get to know each other and find out more about the other person. David also tries to instruct her on how to be a djinn. This also feeds into their growing relationship.

Joanne likes being around David and even likes the intense experience of being a djinn, which involves a level of heightened perception. It’s strange being a djinn, and much more intense than being human. David isn’t her only ally, as she meets a djinn named Rahel. She escorts them to meet the most powerful djinn to exist, Jonathan.

That is when Joanne finds out what David sacrificed to save her. However, Joanne must have one week to learn to exist without having to use her connection to David. But if she cannot do this, then her life will wither away. But that’s not her only problem; things are affecting the forces that control the fire, earth, and weather, and there are anomalies in the aetheric layer which is manipulated by the Weather Wardens and djinn. This could end up being disastrous for everyone.

Not only is the atmosphere acting strange, but it could be dangerous to any djinn if it gets worse. With a strange woman working in the shadows to gain control of David, the problems are mounting for Joanne. When she gets claimed by a teenage boy named Kevin who is very disturbed, she needs to find a way to escape and save David too, all while being able to learn to exist as a djinn on her own.

This fantasy book is full of action as well as interaction. Filled with stories of djinn and set in an exciting fantasy world, check out this thrilling second book in the Weather Warden series from Rachel Caine to see what happens.

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