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The Web of Hearts and Souls is a massive series of novels whose story plays out over the duration of two different series (See and Insight).

+The Story

The Web of Hearts and Souls series is young adult in nature. It plays with fantastical concepts and magical ideas. Jamie Magee’s stories take place in a universe where multiple worlds exist.

The earth occupies just one of numerous dimensions, co-existing alongside others that are either younger or older than it. The people living in these dimensions get to leave the realms in which they were born when they reach twenty.

The goal is to explore the other worlds and dimensions in the hopes of finding their soul mates. They are able to traverse the different dimensions by traveling along the strings that connect them.

A central aspect of the Web of Hearts and Souls series is the role that Astrology plays. It is possible to manifest different powers and abilities depending on your Zodiac sign.

For instance, Landen Chambers, a Pisces, is able to move between realms, this along with wielding powerful energies as deadly weapons.

The Hearts and Souls series initially picks up with the story of Willow Haywood. Willow has the power to not only sense people’s emotions but to also influence them. It is a power that she’s been struggling with for years.

She also has two vivid dreams. One is blissful and it involves a beautiful boy that has haunted her since childhood. The other one only ever manifests on the new moon and it takes on nightmarish tendencies, featuring a shadowy figure.

An incident opens Willow’s eyes to the truth of the world. She learns about the different dimensions that surround her and of her ability to navigate the string to get to these worlds. More importantly, Willow learns that the figures in her dreams, one dark and one light, are real.

Landen Chambers lives in a paradise realm called Chara while Drake Blakeshire spends his days on Esterious, a place that isn’t without its dangers. Both teens are searching for someone, and they both think they have found that person in Willow.

As Willow struggles to understand herself and her place in the universe, she becomes aware of the war brewing beneath the surface and the many lives that are at stake, not to mention the role she must play to bring about order.

Willow also struggles to come to terms with the idea of soul mates and past lives.

The Web of Hearts and Souls series uses the first couple of Willow Haywood books to introduce the fantastical concepts that makeup Jamie Magee’s world before shifting the focus onto Charlie Myers, a girl who has always seen strange and unsettling things.

When she loses her memories and the knowledge of her powers, she goes on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, Charlie and Willow meet as both girls play their part to survive the machinations of the Zodiac.

While the Web of Hearts and Souls books are fantastical in nature and feature teens with strange powers, the novels emphasize the romance above all else. Charlie and Willow, the main protagonists of the series are driven as much by their desire for their soul mates as they are by the present danger.

Additionally, love triangles abound. A big complaint that surrounds the Hearts and Souls series as a whole is the deluge of characters Jamie Magee is always introducing and exploring. But to her credit, Jamie Magee always gives her entire cast something of note to do.

As the series progresses, the purpose of every secondary cast member becomes clear, though in most cases, Jamie will introduce characters just so they can be paired off down the line.

The Web of Hearts and Souls series appeals to fans of the young adult genre. Readers who have no affinity for stories about attractive teens whose lives revolve around their boyfriends and girlfriends are unlikely to enjoy these books.

Jamie Magee knows her audience and she writes for them. Her numerous sappy happy endings are exactly what her fans desire.

+The Author

Before she wrote novels, Jamie Magee was making a name in the world of business. Her last job was as a field executive for an international retail company. By all accounts, Jamie was successful.

She got her degree. She had the great husband and she even had the children. As a wife and mother and even as a career-focused woman, Jamie had gold stars all around.

But she wasn’t satisfied. Jamie liked the success but she didn’t feel settled. It took her a while to realize that the answer lay in her imagination. Jamie is an avid daydreamer. She would often disappear into her mind and create the most insane stories. But she never did anything with them.

In 2008, after taking stock of her life and realizing that her success in business simply wasn’t enough to scratch that itch at the back of her head, Jamie took a leap of faith, wrote a book and self-published it.

She wasn’t sure how committed she was to publishing or how far she would get. But she pushed ahead anywhere. Since that fateful New Year’s Eve in 2008 when she made her resolution to get her novel written, Jamie Magee has produced more than a dozen books, most of them part of the Web of Hearts and Souls series.


Willow Haywood grew up dreaming about the beautiful boy in the field. But she also had to contend with a nightmare every new moon occupied by a shadowy figure that haunted her.

When she wasn’t sleeping and dreaming, Willow was dealing with the strange insight she had into the thoughts and emotions of the people around her. When Landen Chambers and Drake Blakeshire, the boys in her dream and nightmare come into her life, Willow learns of the many dimensions that co-exist beside earth and of the powers she possesses, not to mention the role she must play in the salvation and redemption o numerous souls.


Charlie has always seen what others could never imagine. It never bothered her. That was just her life. But then Charlie woke up in the ER having lost her dearest memories and the knowledge she needed to save her friends.

Now, as a war for survival rages beneath the surface, Charlie undertakes a journey to recover her memories and find out who took them, not to mention the reason why.

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