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Wedding Planner Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wedding Planner Mystery Books

Engaged in Death (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Wears White (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gown with the Wind (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marry Christmas Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Veiled in Death (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wedding Planner Mystery Series
Wedding Planner Mystery is a fiction series by Stephanie Blackmoore. The series stars Mallory Shephard, a lawyer, wedding planner, and amateur detective. In the first installment, Mallory is about to be married until she discovers that her fiancé is a cheat. She cancels the wedding and is lost for a while before she inherits the Thistle Park mansion. Suddenly, Mallory has enough on her hands with a mansion to renovate and new business ideas. However, trouble seems to follow her everywhere, and she is soon dealing with killers who want to silence her. In every book, Mallory will have some mystery to solve as she grows her wedding planning business.

Engaged in Death
Engaged in Death comes first in the Wedding Planner Mystery series. The story introduces Mallory Shephard, a woman going through a rough time. First, she discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her. The wedding plans were already in progress, so the couple had made enough plans. Now, Mallory has to cancel the wedding because there is no way she will marry a cheater. As if this is not enough, her client seems hesitant to return the deposit made for the wedding. Mallory cannot handle more disasters. In a funny twist of fate, she inherits Thistle Park, a dilapidated mansion in her ex-fiancé’s hometown.
While she wants nothing to do with her ex, this inheritance is something Mallory cannot afford to lose. The mansion comes with peeling wallpaper, stray cats, and nosy neighbors. However, Mallory knows that she can sell it for a tidy sum after making a few adjustments. Determined to fix all the messy parts in her life, Mallory sets to restore Thistle Park to its former glory. It doesn’t take long for the Thistle Park charms to draw her in and provide the escape she yearned for. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long. A dead body shows up at Thistle Park, and now Mallory has a killer to chase before she also becomes a statistic.

With the help of her sister Racheal, Mallory works hard to find the killer. Follow this strong woman as she wrangles corpses, a cheating fiancé, and kittens. Her life is filled with drama, and you will keep hoping that life will give her a break. From being engaged to a man she did not know to dealing with a killer, Mallory goes through it all. It is impressive how she changes to match the events in her life. She appears timid initially, but once challenged, she transforms into a woman many would be afraid to mess with. The small-town setting gives this story quite an edge, and it is fun following all of Mallory’s adventures.

Engaged in Death is a brilliant and intriguing read. The story introduces some characters you will grow to love and others you will find irresistible from the start. Mallory is one of them. This young woman is smart, organized, and in charge of her life. Her sister Rachel is a bit wild, but together, these two girls make quite a team. This story unfolds at a brisk pace, and the descriptions are so vivid it will feel like you are right there with the protagonist, tackling one problem after another. This book is a fabulous debut to this series, and you can only hope that you will meet all the characters in the next installment.

Murder Wears White
Murder Wears White comes second in the Wedding Planner Mystery series. Mallory Shepard is almost done renovating Thistle Park. She has also started a wedding planning business and hopes that her mansion will be a perfect B&B to complement her new business. Her first client Whitney Scanlon seems excited about her big day until her father falls ill. The wedding date is pushed to allow enough time for the bride’s father to recover. This works for Mallory since the change in dates allows the contractor to polish Thistle Park enough to accommodate the wedding and house all the guests.

However, the contractor starts noticing small acts of sabotage. Suddenly, tools start going missing, and a lot of unexplainable things happen at the construction site. Mallory’s sister engages Hunter Heywood, a paranormal expert, to check for any ghosts in Thistle Park. The bride is also being stalked by an unknown person and receiving all kinds of threats. Why are all these unfortunate events happening at the same time? Who is vile enough to cut the bride’s wedding dress into pieces? Things take a different turn when an aunt dies during a pre-wedding party. Cause of death- food poisoning. Is there someone trying to sabotage Mallory’s business? What is the connection between all the happenings and the bride’s family?

Mallory gets digging and soon realizes that the aunt’s death is not the first suspicious killing in this family. Whitney’s mother had been kidnapped and later killed. Even though a neighbor had been convicted, Mallory has a feeling that the police had the wrong guy. She sets on to find the truth but ruffles a few feathers along the way. Join Mallory on yet another action-packed adventure. Solving two murders in the bride’s family will not be easy, but Mallory is determined, and she doesn’t stop once she sets her mind to a task. The killer has different plans for Mallory. Will this armature detective catch the killer early enough to prevent more damage? What about the killer’s plan to silence her for good?

Murder Wears White is a fast-paced read that will keep you intrigued to the last page. There will be wedding planning, a tattered wedding dress, robbery, missing tools, and so much more. The mysteries are well-plotted, so it is hard to figure out the culprits until the end. Rachel is changing into a more intriguing character, and it is fun seeing how she interacts with Mallory. This lawyer turned wedding planner, and the detective will be chasing yet another killer. While she does get in trouble, Mallory is fortunate to resolve the mysteries. Everything ties beautifully in the end, and you cannot help but wonder what Mallory, Racheal, and the rest of the cast will be up to in the next installment.

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