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Weezie & Bebe Mysteries Books In Order

Publication Order of Weezie & Bebe Mysteries Books

Savannah Blues (2002) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Savannah Breeze (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Blue Christmas (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Christmas Bliss (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Summer Rental (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Weezie & Bebe Mysteries series is written by Mary-Kay Andrews (aka Kathy-Hogan Trocheck). The stories are based in the Savannah region of Georgia. The plot revolves around two friends. Weezie is an antique dealer and Bebe is a restaurant owner. Savannah Blues, released in 2009, was the first novel in this series. It was a smashing hit and a New York Times-Bestseller novel. The books in the series talk about the Southern style lifestyle, the antique homes and the gossips among the elite. Weezie is recently divorced and misses her elaborate lifestyle and her expensively decorated mansion. She is an antique seller and struggles to keep the profession going. This is a fun book which centers on the main lead- Weezie. She separated from her husband when she found him cheating on her.

Weezie lands herself into major trouble and becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. She stumbles across the dead body of her ex-husband’s girlfriend while trespassing into a manor house. The body is found in the bathroom of the estate home which is on sale. The secondary characters like Weezie’s alcoholic mother, her gay ex-priest uncle, and her chef boyfriend, all add to the quirkiness and entertainment of the plot. The author gives the readers a vivid insight into the southern style of living. She shares knowledge about the southern antiques. The sarcasm is appealing and the author’s mystery novel with glimpses of romance keeps the readers hooked on. It is a well-spiced book with perfect ingredients of romance, mystery, humor, and sarcasm. The chilled gin, humid climate, delicious cooking, and the sophisticated air of Southern lifestyle are prevalent throughout the book.

About the author:
Mary-Kay Andrews is an American writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her real name is Kathy Hogan Trochek and has authored numerous books under her pen name. She is the (NYC)New York Times-bestseller of many books. Trochek has a degree in journalism and had worked for 11 years at the Atlanta Journalism Constitution. She started writing in 1991. She took the pen name Andrews in 2002 when she wrote her first book of the series The Weezie and Bebe mysteries.

The Weezie and Bebe mystery series:-

Savannah Breeze-(Book 2)- Published -2012:
Savannah Breeze is the sequel to the Savannah Blues. This book is the story of Bebe Loudermilk, Weezie’s best friend. She is out to get even with her ex-boyfriend, Reddy, a con man who swindles all her property and disappeared. All that was left with Bebe was her Tybee Island 1950- era motel, and a broken heart. Bebe is accompanied by Weezie on a road trip to Fort Lauderdale. Their road trip becomes an interesting journey down south as they are joined by a heroine and few other funny characters. The central character Bebe gets easily lured by handsome men. Her dreaminess in love lands her to the threshold of bankruptcy. Not only is she cheated, her dignity gets shattered too.

The friends land up at Breeze Inn in the Tybee Island. The motel is totally rundown and Harry Sorrentino is the manager-cum-caretaker. Harry is a fisherman who is working temporarily at the motel to collect money to buy his boat back. Bebe and Weezie start making changes at the inn. This does not go down well with Harry. Bebe wants to sell the in and get good money. Harry insists on remodeling the property and running it. Bebe traces the whereabouts of Reddy in Florida, with the help of their lawyer. Finally, Bebe with the help of Weezie, Harry, and her grandfather, trace Reddy and get even with him.

The novel is a good amalgamation of emotional drama and fun. The attraction between Harry and Bebo grows, and readers also get a message to learn. Life is good as long as you enjoy what you are doing, material things can thence, take a back seat.

Blue Christmas-(Book 3) – Published 2006:
This cheerful novel witnesses the return of the stars of the Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze series. The story takes off a week before Christmas. The Savannah Historical district widow contest is round the corner and Weezie, the antique dealer is all set to win it. She is facing tough competition from other antique stores and is geared for a comeback. Weezie puts up a fabulous display. It takes days of toil and labor to achieve the stunning results. She displays a Christmas/ Graceland motif and decorates it with retro titbits. Suddenly, the items start disappearing from the Christmas Motif .

Weezie has an intruder in her store at midnight. Meanwhile, Weezie is expecting an engagement ring from her chef boyfriend. Daniel, her boyfriend is far from concerned. Though Weezie is determined to make this Christmas an awesome one, she has obstacles to overcome. Moreover, her odd family is of no help. Weezie desperately wants to go out for a holiday with her Daniel. He somehow is disinterested. There are some unhappy memories associated with Christmas that hounds Daniel. There are some other endearing twists in the novel like the gay neighbors which Weezie has. She seeks the help of her friend Bebe and her dog Jericho to solve the mysteries.

This is a complete holiday book to be read at a leisurely pace. The novel is fun, characters are hilarious and crazy. The male voices seem overwhelming, though. The mysterious lady visiting Weezie’s house adds mystery, intrigue, and suspense to the plot.

The Weezie and Bebe Mystery series are light and fun to read. The author maintains the southern touch in all her books. She uses a lot of locations from her real life, in her books. The historical and antique feel of the novels are enriching and the whacky sense of humor balance out the suspense. The stories are usually centered on the two women, Weezie and Bebe, who have loved, lost, and emerged back again. These books are highly recommended for fans of authors like Fannie Flagg, Emily Giffin, Adriana Trigiani, Rebecca Wells and Jennifer Crusie.

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