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Weike Wang is a famous author of the Chinese origin living in America, who likes to write fiction novels. She has written only one novel in her career so far, which has fetched a lot of success and popularity for her. The name of her debut novel in Chemistry and it was published in 2017. Author Wang studied at the Harvard University and obtained her undergraduate degree in the subject of chemistry. She has also earned a doctorate in the field of public health. Later, author Wang joined the Boston University and earned her MFA in creative writing. The fiction written by author Wang has featured in a number of literary journals such as the Alaska Quarterly Review, Ploughshares, Smokelong Quarterly, The Journal, Redivider, and Glimmer Train. As of today, author Wang resides in Boston and has a pet dog called as Biscuit. Apart from writing novels, author Wang has been involved in teaching at Boston University. She is also a senior consultant of the China Education Development & Consulting Associates. The book, Chemistry, written by Wang is partly funny and partly intense. It describes the breakdown of a woman. The book’s unknown narrator is an immigrant from China who is pursuing her PhD in Boston University. When the girl is asked by her kind boyfriend to marry him, she does not become thrilled or ambivalent. The girl refuses to marry and this puts both of them in a limbo state. Her boyfriend, Eric, goes on to look for a job in Ohio, while she struggles for the completion of her doctorate. She is described as the only child of her rageful and extremely demanding father; and a neglectful, bitter, and beautiful mother. She was brought up in a house full of violence and anger because of the continuous quarreling of her parents. As the girl has seen the bad side of a marriage very often, this makes her uncomfortable when she thinks of her own marriage. This is the only reason why she finds it very difficult to accept the love of Eric. On the other hand, Eric had a pretty good childhood and sees marriage as the most lovely phase of life. However, she learned to shut her emotions while growing. And this enabled her to adopt the quiet nature of a scientist. Later, she suffers from mental breakdown, quits her studies, drinks excessively, and hides out. But, she goes on to make a phenomenal recovery from her breakdown and attains stability. She finds comfort and love in the form of her lovely dog, her friends, their babies, and her tutoring students. This wry and unique novel by Wang depicts a touching tale about the limits of partnership and parental pressure.

The first novel written by Weike Wang in her career is entitled ‘Chemistry’. It was released by the Knoph publication in the year 2017. Author Wang has introduced as unknown chief protagonist into the plot’s story. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that the female lead is pursuing her graduate program and has completed the first 2 years of her demanding course at the Boston University. The lead character finds that her love toward chemistry is more of a hypothesis and less of reality. When one of her research study fails, she becomes tormented by it. Her delays are repeatedly reminded to her by her advisor, her peers, and her parents from China. They expect her to excel in whatever she takes up in life and cannot take failure. The female lead has been raised in such an environment from her childhood days. But, right now, it is not the failed research that the girl is worried about. The question that keeps knocking in her mind is that of a marriage proposal. Her boyfriend appears to be a truly devoted one and possessive about her. He too is an upcoming scientist like her. The academic path of Eric has always been free from obstacles. But, when he proposes for marriage, the narrator does not think that she could share a life with him before finding success on her own. In the next few days, the pressure on her mounts so much that she decides to leave everything behind. She doesn’t know what to do or where to go. And when she asks herself what is it that she really wants in life, she is not able to find any answer. This makes her nervous and thoughtful about her future.

Over the course of the next couple of years, the girl immerses herself completely in studying a different form of chemistry. The insightful heroine studies the equations and formulae that do not involve quantifiable, measurable, or analyzable reactions. This type of chemistry can only be studied through feelings and emotions. The character takes the readers into the deep into her searching, scattered mind. The brilliant new voice of author Wang through her literary elements juxtaposes the scientific elegance, the anxieties involved in finding the rightful place, as well as the sacrifices made for family and love. This book can seen as a cautionary story for the ones who try to put a lot of pressure on their children for succeeding academically. The story shows very well that such children suffer from mental and emotional breakdown, which stays with their for most duration of their lives. Author Wang has given quite a quirky description, which is moving and surprisingly profound. Most of the readers found the book as really fascinating as it provides an important message to the society. As for the depiction of the central character, author Wang has not shown her as the warmest individual, however, the readers are able to witness her emotional side and vulnerability under her steely surface that she seems to have developed for defending herself from the ones who oppose her or try to put her down.

Overall, Chemistry looks very quirky and is suitable for all types of readers, irrespective of their age, taste, etc. When the lead character tries to look for solutions to the problems whose answers are not readily available, she finds her way with some emotional, comical, or stoic results. This is true for all the individuals who face problems in life. People always get some or the other solutions to their problems, but it is up to them to work their way around the solution or wait for a better one. The people who want to move ahead in life accept whatever solution they get and use it in the best possible way. This way, author Wang has provided a realistic view of life and its problems and solutions. The primary character in the novel appears to be a flawed one, but she has a surprising sensitivity that she keeps hidden from others. Numerous readers regarded this book as the best one of 2017. They hope that author Wang will come up with some more interesting novels in the future.

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