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Better When He's Bad (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better When He's Bold (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better When He's Brave (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Best Bad Things (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Welcome to the Point is a series of contemporary romance novels by Jay Crownover the bestselling author of suspense, contemporary and romance novels. The USA Today, New York Times, and international bestselling author is known for the “Getaway” Series, the “Breaking Point” Series, “The Point” Series, “The Saints of Denver” Series and the “Marked Men” Series. Her bestselling novels have been translated into several languages across the world. She loves to describe herself as a crazy-haired and tattooed Colorado native, who lives with her beautiful dogs at the base of the Rockies. That is precisely where you can find her enjoying her Taco Tuesdays and a cold beer. Crownover has asserted that she is a booklover and music snob that is always on the lookout for the next adventure, while writing her novels and while she is on the road.

Welcome to the Point by Jay Crownover is a series of novels set in a town known as “The Point” which is also an antagonist as well as a protagonist in the stories. The Point is a wasteland full of maliciousness, murder, mayhem, which crafts its children in its own image. It is a place where all the evil men from the surrounding cities come to hide in the mire and muck, where they build their small criminal empires. But despite being such a place it also develops in its heroes and heroines a strong desire to survive and a determination to protect their loved ones. The premise of the series of novels is heroes who are bad but who treat the women they love with respect, and would do anything to protect them from harm.

In “Better When He’s Brave,” Shane Baxter is a 23-year-old who grew up in a world of violence in the Point. He has just come out of prison where he had served five years after he was betrayed by his best friend Race. He is now looking for vengeance against his friend and finds an unlikely ally in Dovie Pryce, his friend’s half-sister that he never knew about. She came from the same side of the tracks but was not as hard or as privileged. She has managed to stay clean and good and in the quest to find her missing brother the two soon find that opposites do attract. “Better When He’s Bold” the second novel of the series is about Race Hartman, who was brought up in privilege and wealth. But then his world had changed years ago just when he had taken his sister Dovie under his wing. He had been forced to adapt and had risen to become the man running the Point. The man is gorgeous and a force to reckon with in town and hence it is not a surprise that Brysen Carter who is Dovie’s best friend falls hard for him. While he is not the classic bad guy as he does the bad things only when necessary, he still needs Brysen to act as his moral compass. “Better When He’s Brave” the third novel of the series is the story of one of the classic good guys, Detective Titus King. His main mission is to protect the Point from all kinds of criminal elements. But he has an intense attraction for a bad girl named Reeve Black and is thus conflicted since his life has always been black and white. It turns out that inside him is a dark best that is becoming harder to subdue which increasingly comes out when he has to protect her.

“Better When He’s Bad” the first novel of the series introduced The Point, a place where the only rule is every man for himself. It is the place that Shane Baxter call home and which had forced him as a child to grow up too fast. He had to make tough choices to build a shield around himself and survive in a tough environment where only the strong stood a chance. He has lived a rough hard and fast life but is not the type of man who will make excuses for the decisions that he has made. Instead he wears each and every one of them as a badge of honor, including his stint in jail that cost him five years of his life. But he just got out of jail and needs answers and will not stop until he has them. But the game has changed, the stakes are higher and the person who is blocking his path is way too innocent, good and soft. Dovie Pryce had lived the hard life but never let it infect her as even though it had made her independent, she was still caring and sweet unlike many in The Point. She wants to change the world but first she needs to find her missing brother and the only person who she believes can help her is the most intimidating and complicated man she ever met. Shane Baxter is a bad man but Dovie is just the right woman to get underneath the veneer and unearth the inner man that could still feel. She is the one that maybe could make him know that he could still have some good in him.

Race Hartman of “Better When He’s Bold” is a bad boy who was brought up by wealthy parents that provided him with everything he ever needed. But then he gave it all up to help his friend Baxter. He is now the king of the criminal gang at The Point. The only people he cares about are his childhood friend Bax and his sister Dovie. But despite being a dangerous criminal, he can be crazy charming and smart. Brysen Carter his sister’s best friend had always been attracted to Race though she knows that he would prove a distraction. She is working, attending college and trying to ensure that her sister has some kind of family structure and hence does not want to be distracted. But even as she had put up a wall to protect herself, she finds herself exchanging a hot kiss with Race which she cannot forget. With the progression in the story, it is clear that they have a strong attraction to each other. But there is not much they can do given the timing and circumstances. But then everything changes when someone started sending threatening texts to Brysen. Race may be a bad guy but in such a situation he is the good kind of bad who can protect her, since he is determined to keep her safe. While she is wary of getting entangled with someone like him, sometimes bold is the only way to play life even if she loses herself to the man.

“Better When He’s Brave” the third novel of the Welcome to the Point series is the story of Titus King, a man whose world was simply black or white. This is why he had left his family behind to go to become a police officer. He is now a detective in The Point, one of the most crime-ridden cities in the nation. A new criminal element just reared its head in town, bringing destruction and vengeance so devastating that Titus is tempted to go grey. He cannot stand by while the lives of his loved ones are threatened, even if it goes against his moral code. The arrival of the mysterious and beautiful Reeve Black has only strained his moral compass even more. She may just be as dangerous to him as the criminal terrorizing the town, though he needs her more than ever. Black claims that she is reformed and given that she knows more about the new danger than anyone else, her help could come in handy. Reeve might say that she wants to repent for what she had previously done against the city but she also wants to get with the handsome police detective. She thinks that it is only by working with him and making him hers that she can find inner peace. With the city facing one of the most potent threats against its existence, will Reeve and Titus save it and will they find ultimate love?

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