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Publication Order of Welcome to Thorndale Books

The Cottage of New Beginnings (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Garden of Little Rose (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Summer of Second Chances (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Country Village Christmas (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Suzanne Snow is a published author that likes to write contemporary romance novels that are uplifting in nature. If you love reading romance novels that are set in current times, be sure to give this author’s books a try!

This author likes to write stories that are strongly placed in a setting and where the characters in her books belong to a community that connects all of their lives. When the reader picks up one of her novels, they feel as though they are really there in a small village along with the main character and it helps make the stories feel more real!

Suzanne was not always a writer! She previously was employed working in the field of financial services. She also is a mother and stayed at home for some time. She then decided that she wanted to change gears and trained to be a horticulturist. Suzanne would find work planting gardens that had been redesigned.

She loves to look at the landscape and appreciate all of the beautiful nature around her. Suzanne spends her fair share of time writing, but she also likes to take time out to spend with her family. She also likes to read a book or spend time in the garden. She resides in Lancashire.

Suzanne Snow is the creator and the author of the Welcome to Thorndale series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2020 with the release of the debut novel, The Cottage of New Beginnings. The stories kept on going from there and so if you are searching for a new romantic series to get into, check this one out!

The Cottage of New Beginnings is the exciting first novel in the romantic Welcome to Thorndale series by Suzanne Snow. If you are all about reading the next romance, then check this debut work out and see what you think!

Main character Annie never thought that she would come back to Thorndale so soon, but sometimes things can’t be helped. She remembers that she spent a lot of her childhood in this small village, and when she comes back here, the only thing that she wants is to start again. If she can just take on the cottage that was left to her by her godmother and make it like new again, perhaps she can also repair her heart.

The cottage is in bad shape, and so is Annie. She thinks that fixing the cottage up may end up being an experience that finally allows her to heal. The thing is that the residence is really in bad shape, and she may have take on more than she even knew. Annie finds that she also has local trouble in town as she comes into the orbit of Jon.

Jon’s the local man about town, and when the two of them clash, Annie thinks that coming back here may not have been the right choice after all. She had fond memories of being a child here, but it seems that this place may have changed more than she thought that it would have. She does not want any more dramatic events in her life, but can she avoid Jon forever?

Thorndale is a small place, and Annie’s going to run into the guy sooner or later. It turns out that this guy is just about everywhere, and he’s so handsome that it’s extremely distracting. More than that, it seems like all of the village is trying to get them together and maybe even the universe too.

Annie just wants to get over the past and start her life again. Maybe she’ll find some independence and happiness along the way. She’s determined to take this journey without any interference whatsoever, and that includes dating or relationships and it especially includes love. She just wants to get that cottage back in good working order again and go from there.

But when it comes to focusing, can she even keep her head straight when her thoughts keep wandering back to Jon? Is he thinking about her too? Annie’s got a major renovation project on her hands, and yet all she can do is think about this guy. Too bad the walls in her heart are still up. But is he worth taking a chance on?

Set in a small village and full of cozy moments, this is a story that romance fans will not want to miss! If you love light love stories, be sure to check out the debut novel in the Welcome to Thorndale series.

The Garden of Little Rose is the second novel in Suzanne Snow’s Welcome to Thorndale series of fictional novels. If you read the first book and liked it, then check out the second installment of this series that continues with all-new characters!

Main character Flora is a young woman with her entire life ahead of her. But if she wants to find love, she’s going to have to get over the past. She’s attending a hen party taking place on Alana, a Scottish island that is fairly remote. There she is dared by her friends to go up to a guy that she has never met and ask him if he would like to be her date to a wedding.

The guy is Mac, and he’s very handsome. He accepts the invitation readily, and Flora thinks that it’s just another jesting moment and he’ll never actually come through. Then the day of the wedding arrives, and the handsome stranger is there and dressed for the occasion. She’s shocked that he actually remembered and showed up. However, the last thing that she suspects is that he has an angle.

Mac does have his own agenda, in fact. He wants to get Flora and hire her as a horticulturist to work on his home in Alana and get the gardens back to their former glory. He’s rumored to be a player, but she also senses sparks between them. Will she take him up on the job? Will the two get together? Read this book to find out!

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