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About Wend Petzler

Largely writing historical fiction and paranormal romance novels, the American writer Wend Petzler is well known for her ability in creating vast and imaginative worlds. Gifted with the written word as she is world building, she has produced numerous franchises that have really resonated with her readers worldwide. A master of the cliffhanger too, she always leaves her readers wanting more, with her addictive and compelling stories that take her audience on a journey. Whether it be romance or fantasy, she really manages to evoke an idea of escapism for the reader, whilst simultaneously keeping it grounded in reality, so as to keep it believable. This gives it that extra magic ingredient which puts her above many others currently working within her field, thus ensuring that she is currently at the forefront of her field.

Producing a number of franchises, she has definitely managed to set herself apart with her iconic characters and highly intriguing premises. With stories of vampires searching for something, she always ensures that she injects her stories with a sense of meaning, thus making sure that they’re elevated above simply being light entertainment. Never compromising her work, she also doesn’t forget to infuse a sense of fun too, so her stories are easily accessible to readers regardless of where they’re from.

Early and Personal Life

The author to be Wend Petzler would have an all American upbringing in a small town of no less than 1200 residents. This would see her constantly losing herself in literature, as her stories would transport her to far off lands filled with magic and wonder. She would finally decide to become a writer herself though after the day she saw the film ‘Romancing the Stone’, leading to the career that she currently has today. Living in Idaho growing up, she would go on to attend Coeur d’Alene High School, later going on to graduate from North Idaho College. Still living in Idaho to this very day, she writes on a regular and consistent basis, always on the lookout for the next big idea to help inspire her.

Writing Career

Always ensuring that her work had a sense-of-humor about it was essential to Petzler as an author, regardless of what the subject matter was. This would come to explain how she has become so successful, as she has a strong sense of her own personality running throughout her work. Writing her first novel in 2007 titled ‘Curse of the Scarab King’ it would be an exciting Historical Egyptian stand-alone romance. That same year she would also bring out the first in her series of ‘Blood Keep’ novels, with the first book going by the same title as that of the series itself. Providing readers with a refuge for their own imaginations, she speaks to scores of readers worldwide, something that will carry on for some time yet.

Lady Thief

Released through the ‘New Concepts Publishing’ label, this was first released in 2008 on the 17th of October. It wouldn’t be a part of any series, but it would provide a colorful cast of characters that would stay with readers long after they put the book down. With elements of magic and fantasy running throughout, it is definitely a passionately charged story of love, romance and heroism.

Combining sensuality with romance in a historical fantasy, this has a dark and steamy atmosphere lingering throughout. The central characters are drawn together, becoming more and more intertwined as the story progresses to its final thrilling conclusion. Continually keeping the reader guessing at every possible turn, it’s constantly holding them on the edges of their seats throughout. Whilst it isn’t a part of any series, it does retain many elements that readers have now come to know and love in Petzler’s work.

Taking command of the castle sanctuary, it would now appear that the notorious Lady Thief has met her match in the Butcher of Acre. Otherwise known as Eiry, she soon comes to realize that Lucian is the only man that will ever stir her aching heart, as she feels the passion between them. The only problem is, is that he is supposedly rumored to have to soul, leaving her to wonder how she could possibly love such a man. Facing his own unique and personal hell, it will only be her love and courage that could possibly save him from such fearful torment. Will she help him become the hero he was always meant to be? Can they overcome the darkness in their past? What will become of the Lady Thief?

Damned By Sin

First published in 2010 on the 1st of May, this would be the second book to come out in the ongoing series of ‘Borne Vampires’ novels. Featuring a long-running saga of both fantasy and romance, it would continue the story from the first novel, building upon the world and the characters. It would also pave the way for the third book, ‘Mine’, to follow on from it, along with the fourth, ‘Bite Me’, as well. This has all led to one of Wend Petzler’s most compelling and much loved franchises to date, with readers eagerly awaiting each new release.

Making a stand, Mariah Jordan and Rathe Romulas face the Damned taking them down, following a false truce between them and the Borne after a thousand years of war. This leads the Damned to resent the Borne, as they seek to enslave both them and humanity, waiting to strike from the shadows. Only The Slayers can ever hope to bring them down, as they will risk their entire souls in order to do whatever is necessary to finish the task. With Mina Romulas and Kai Jordan being Slayers, they must hunt both the demon vampires and the human serial killers in order to ensure everyone’s safety. That’s when Vlad ‘Sin’ Dracula awakens, only to find he is consumed with passion for Mina Romulas, as he decides whether or not to inflict evil or fall in love. What will his choice be? Can they ensure that the world lives to see another day? Will they all find themselves damned by Sin?

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