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Wendy Cartmell, a former teacher, editor of a huge corporate newspaper and PR manager, wrote several books both for her work and for her children. She has a BA (Honors) degree in English and Education. Wendy, who lives on Costa del Sol with her husbands, owns three fierce dogs. She inherited her passion for reading from her parents. It was not until at the age of 40, while at Reading University, that she discovered her talent in weaving a good story.

Wendy Cartmell Publisher

Wendy Cartmell is dedicated to crime writing. Crime writing has seen her write a crime series that feature Sergeant Major Crane. Crane, who Wendy draws on her husband’s more than 20 years of service, works in the British Army, special investigation branch. Endeavour Press publishes all her crime thrillers. Wendy Cartmell has authored very many books including Steps to Heaven, 40 Days 40 Nights, Violation, also known as Hound bound, Cordon of Lies among many books.

Descriptions of two early books in Wendy Cartmell’s crime series

1. Steps to Heaven: A Sergeant Major Crane Novel

Steps to Heaven starts off with a soldier, who recently returned from an expedition in Afghanistan, slitting the throat of his wife and that of his 5 year old son and finally his own. The aftermath is blood all over the place. Sergeant Major Tom Crane, a British Army Detective, and his team are charged with the responsibility of resolving the issue.

The head dude was almost writing it off as an ordinary suicide/murder, blaming it on the severities of the soldier’s experience in the war torn country. Crane is reluctant to do so. He is determined to know why such a young father would be tempted to do such a thing. More and more rancorous killings of families by solders followed. In the next incident a soldier burned his family members to death. With time, it became clear that something far more sinister is at work. Crane comes to a conclusion that there must be a serial killer causing all the mess. The killer is definitely no ordinary one. A cult character is bending soldier’s minds, forcing them to do his bidding before compelling them to take their first, ill-timed Steps to Heaven.

To find out the root cause, Crane went to the house of one soldier only to find more evangelical pamphlets. Many questions ran through Crane’s mind. Could there be a preacher behind all these? Could he be offering real salvation? Or he is just a cruel fake out to prey on vulnerable and in the process forcing to take the first Step to Heaven?

This nervous, twisty, emotionally fascinating crime thriller from Wendy Cartmell, from the exceptional voice of a fresh British crime write, will mesmerize you long after you finish reading it. It enthralls crime thriller fans ensuring that they find an ecstasy to remember. The language, skills with which stories are interlaced and proficiency will ensure that the novel remains with you even after turning its final.

2. 40 Days 40 Nights

40 Days 40 Nights is the second installment of Wendy Cartmell’s military crime thriller series. In this particular book, Aldershot Garrison has been overrun by Team GB while making final preparations in readiness of Olympic Games. Sergeant Major Crane, tasked with keeping an eye on the athletes for the entire duration of their stay, Crane braces himself for dull few weeks. However, soon after, the body of one of his soldiers is discovered. Additionally, supplies begin to disappear from the garrison. Crane senses something sinister is happening.

Accidents, murders, thefts, terrorists’ plots among many more atrocities plague Sergeant Major Crane. He is already unhappy with his job of babysitting Team GB. He even equates it to 40days and 40 nights in a wilderness prior to getting back to his actual investigation job. The duration turned out to be 40 days and 40 nights of intense pandemonium. Alderson is overwhelmed by the elderly Gurkhas, Sergeant Major Crane’s pregnant wife develops healthy problems while the Intelligent Corp continually stick their oar on. Will he be able to maintain the safety of athletes of the terrorists will win?

As unidentifiable evil permeate the Army barracks, Sergeant Major Crane sets out find out the underlying force. He wonders what connection exists between the otherwise apparently unrelated events. Can Crane establish the source of the impending threat? Can he manage to unravel the mystery before his 40 days and 40 nights are over?

Sergeant Major Crane comes back in this second thrilling book of Wendy’s military thriller series more captivating and entertaining than ever. 40 Days 40 Nights is your ultimate crime thriller book. Fans of thriller book series will find this book from an Army Veteran’s wife with a whopping 22 years of service simply appealing. Just like all other thriller books by Wendy Cartmell, 40 days and 40 nights is simply a must have for all crime thriller novel lovers.

Wendy Cartmell motivation

Wendy Cartmell herself being a passionate crime reader had absolutely no hesitation while choosing the genre for her novels. She had for a long had passion for crime writing. This fact as well as her husband’s 22 years in the British Army service, formed the springboard for her fulfilling Sergeant major Crane crime thriller series. She attends a buoyant writing group. Members of her writing group gather unashamedly at a stunning beach-side site.

Wendy Cartmell characters

Wendy Cartmell’s characters especially Sergeant major Crane are not only well done but also believable. As you read, you will feel the characters’ frustrations and understand their fear, anxiety and tension. This is particularly the case with Crane as he balances his personal life and finding the cult leader. You will greatly enjoy seeing him work hard and push his juniors to perform their duty. His superiors are equally entertaining. His relationship with his seniors proves worthwhile at the end. The first two books above provide a eccentric start to an exciting series and a crime thriller novel you simply can’t afford to miss.


Wendy Cartmell is a talented crime thriller series who has won the heart of many crime novel lovers. Her works are captivating, entertaining and memorable. There are a lot more to her writing prowess and interlacing capabilities. Get a copy and read. There is great pleasure in finding it yourself reading it.

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    Hi. I’m sure I pre ordered book 8 in the Jo Wolfe books and then it disappeared? Will it be coming out this year? Thanks. Gill

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  2. Menna Hughes: 3 years ago

    So glad to have discovered your books re; Sgt Major Crane. Living not far from Aldershot and having a brother serve 22 years in the Royal Signals, I am thoroughly comfortable with the stories. I have downloaded the remaining 7 books to my Kindle so all my chores will have to wait their turn! Thank you so much – best wishes for a never ending supply of story ideas. Take care. Menna Hughes.


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