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Publication Order of Faith and Foils Books

Fishers of Menace (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Apple of My Die (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ablazing Grace (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Peril of the Bells (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faith, Rope, and Love (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wendy Heuvel is a suspense, Christian, and mystery author who loves to describe herself as British by heart, Dutch by blood, and Canadian by birth. In 2008, she made the shortlist of six nominees for the Best New Christian Author award by the Christian Writers’ Guild Canada for a YA fantasy novel. She is also the author of several screenplays and made the shortlist of twelve in the 2008 “Art Within Labs Screenplay.” Heuvel is schooled in the art of screenwriting as she has taken some classes and courses on screenwriting. She has asserted that she loves to write something and then see her writing acted out in film. Wendy had many articles published on the internet, in newspapers and magazines, and also spent several years writing business copy. She has also written a full-length feature play and several hundred short dramas. Wendy has blogged about simplicity and minimalism on “Basic Abundance” until she started a family and had to make her life less complicated to take care of her four children.

As an eight-year-old child, she had solved the Rubik’s Cube but now often forgets what she has gone to do in the next room. She currently lives on a 26-acre farm with her husband and four children, a monster dog, and three fluffy kittens. She is passionate about birding, traveling, Christian mission work, and potatoes. She enjoys relaxing in the country home they bought with her husband. Her writing space is the corner of her bedroom next to wooden shelves full of speculative, fantasy, and mystery paraphernalia. Sometimes she can be found sitting by the water though since she does not know how to swim she is hardly ever found in it.

Wendy Heuvel loved reading from a very young age and was a huge fan of the “Mandie” series of novels and of course “Nancy Drew.” Some other works she read as a child include “The Unicorn,” “The Prince,” and “The Pig.” While “The Unicorn” is a novel that not many people have had the chance to read it fed her love of fantasy and would inform her writing in the future. However, while she read a lot of prose and would write many novels in the form as an adult, her first true love is screenplays. Since she is a very visual person, she loves to have visual inspiration in the environment to get in the creative groove. This will usually include photos of his characters, maps of the locations and towns in which the story is set, and other things such as Christmas things and music to get him into the mood of the story. Heuvel also uses the cue card method in the writing of her screenplays.

The novel “Fishers of Menace” by Wendy Heuvel is set in the small hamlet of Banford, Canada where the residents are preparing for the annual fishing tournament. The heroine is Cassie Bridgestone, a landlord and owner of an antique shop that had been left to her by her grandmother. She had been left at the altar a few years back and still lives with the pain. This makes her wary of men that show the tiniest bit of interest. As such, things become very uncomfortable when a young and handsome man rather than the old man she wanted moves into one of her buildings. Even worse is the fact that he is showing all the classic signs of interest. Even though it is clear that Daniel is telling a lot of lies, he is not the main challenge or mystery for Cassie for the time being. The town’s killjoy was drowned in the river by an unknown person. According to the local cop, this is a case of homicide and he pins it on the man that discovered the body. Cassie believes the part-time police officer is not interested in working to find the real killer and decides to investigate on her own. Her quest sees her step on several toes and she thinks she has found the killer several times only to be proven wrong and left frustrated. She also learns a few things about her personality, gets a little bit of healing, and somewhat repairs her relationship with God.

Wendy Heuvel’s “Ablazing Grace” is the second of the “Faith and Foils” series of novels. The novel is still set in the small town of Bamford where it is now autumn, the apple pie is sweet, the foliage full of colors and fire fatal. Life is simple in the small town which is just how Cassie likes it and she is grateful for her new friendship with handsome bookstore owner Daniel and grateful for her cat. But the tranquil existence is disrupted when there is an explosion that injures Cassie and kills a woman with the wrong party getting the blame. She now needs to manage the attention of an attractive fireman alongside those of Daniel while also investigating the truth to the explosion. Things are only further complicated by the fact that the real killer is coming after her which makes for a great story that centers on faith and friendship. Wendy created a perfect town and describes the citizens and the town so clearly that anyone would love to reside in it.

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