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A Muddied Murder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bitter Harvest (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeds of Revenge (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rooted in Deceit (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ripe for Vengeance (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sowing Malice (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Seduction of Miriam Cross/ A Dark Homage (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Wendy Tyson is a former therapist, lawyer, and author whose thrillers and mysteries who draw a lot of inspiration from her former career. Wendy has written several novels spread across several series including the “Allison Campbell Mystery Series”, “A Greenhouse Mystery Series”, and “A Delilah Percy Powers Mystery Series”. “Killer Image” the first novel in the Campbell series was so good that named it best mystery novel for book clubs. Another popular series of hers is the Greenhouse Mystery Series the first novel of which was “A Muddied Murder”, a critically acclaimed novel that went on to become a bestseller. Professionally, Tyson is affiliated with International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime. She is also a contributing editor for the International Thriller Writers magazine and the Big Thrill online magazine. She currently lives with her family composed of her husband, three children, and three dogs on a small farm in Philadelphia.

Wendy Tyson grew up in a chaotic and large extended family in Philadelphia, where her parents always encouraged the children to engage in activities that worked their imaginations. In fact, one of her favorite sayings is Only boring people are ever bored, which she got from her father. The sentiment is one that has one time too many has helped the author get out of her creative rut, by always trying to do something even if she did not feel like it.

However, just like many children her age, she would shift from one interest to another ranging from dolphin trainer, to construction worker, to veterinarian, to archeologist and even a sky diver, despite the fact that she was terrified of heights. Nonetheless, her love for writing was not as fleeting as her other interests, and she had written her first short story only aged about eight from an old typewriter she found in her parents basement. The short story was a meandering narrative about a ghost, and despite the disjointed words given the poor state of the typewriter; her parents loved it and encouraged her to pursue a writing career. However, one of the biggest benefits of being raised in such an extended family was the exposure to different personalities and interests. The women in her life, particularly her cousins, aunts, grandmothers, and mother were strong and determined persons that inspired her to go to law school and become a lawyer. They would eventually form the inspiration for many of her detective mystery series featuring strong female leads. After law school, she moved back to Philadelphia, from where she loves to write her novels and farm their organic garden alongside her husband.

Wendy has never thought of herself as an issues author even though she cares for many global issues including the environment, health, food supply and commercial agriculture, and human trafficking all of which find expression in her novels. Her novels particular her mysteries are more of cozy mysteries with little on screen sex or violence. However, she incorporates important themes of whole foods, humane treatment of animals and organic farming in her narratives to remind people of the beauty and importance of sustainability. Overall, her mysteries are about strong women such as Megan Sawyer that fight against all odds to become successful in their careers and in their societies and on the side run highly successful detective operations. The women in her novels may take several definitions when you think of them in terms of their strength. They overcome some of the most extraneous of circumstances, and histories, and work hard to make something of themselves. Megan the lead in the “A Greenhouse Mystery” is similar to many of Wendy Tyson’s other leads such as Allison Campbell of the “Allison Campbell Mysteries”, and Delilah Percy of the “A Delilah Percy Powers Mystery” series. The women are just getting their lives on track with their careers booming, only for everything to come tumbling down. The leads are for the most part lawyers or detectives who are forced back into investigations when they get embroiled in a murder mystery they have nothing to do about. Showing incredible strength and determination, they overcome some overwhelming odds that include juggling a variety of things such as limited financial means, local politics, and investigations into mysterious murders. They do this while they are facing up to their own emotional scars that constantly haunt their present.

“Killer Image” is the first thrilling mystery in the Allison Campbell Mystery series by Wendy Tyson. Allison Campbell styles herself as the leading image consultant in Philadelphia. She helps even the most hopeless of persons reinvent themselves, just as she did for herself when she was threatened by a scandal a few years past. Having reinvented herself, she now rubs shoulders with the elite in society that include eccentric ex-wives, and wealthy and powerful executives with flexible moral standards. Things come to a head when the fifteen-year-old daughter of a Whitehouse aspirant with Goth tendencies is the main suspect in the ritualistic killing of the biggest divorce attorney in the city. Given that she is the daughter of one of her main line clients, it is now up to Allison to fight to prove the young girl’s innocence in a case that no one else wants to take. But in the process of investigating the case, it brings up skeletons from her past making it difficult for her to differentiate fiction from fact, and potentially jeopardizing her client’s quest for freedom.

“Deadly Assets” the second novel in the Allison Campbell detective mystery series is one of the most enthralling. Allison Campbell has taken two of the most unlike of clients in an eighteen-year-old pop star hailing from Scranton and a Finger Lakes Italian heiress with an attitude. She is surprised when the two women go missing on the same day. Her colleague is the the lead suspect, given that she was the last to have set eyes on the women. As Allison digs deep into the women’s lives looking for clues, she finds a complex web of age-old rivalry stretching across continents, corporate transgressions, and family secrets. But as she gets closer to the truth, it starts fighting back putting her life in danger. Most of the clues point to a weird “Finger Lakes” estate where a woman had taken her own life some three decades earlier. It is soon clear that the conspiracy runs far much deeper that the lives and safety of her clients and those of her family and friends. “Deadly Asset”s is an amazing thriller of a novel that will keep the reader guessing right to the very explosive end.

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  1. Mary Andres: 2 years ago

    Hi Wendy,
    Just started reading your novels and have found them very enjoyable.
    As of now I’ve read the Greenhouse Mysteries and am looking forward to both the Campbell & Delilah’s.
    Your writing helps a reader to feel they’re solving mysteries alongside of the character! Thank you for entertaining this mystery lover!

  2. Bev Hall: 2 years ago

    Hi Wendy–I absolutely love your Greenhouse Mystery series; I just finished Sowing Malice and can’t wait for the next book. Do you know when the next book in that series will be coming out?
    Bev Hall
    Waupaca, Wi.


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