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Were Chronicles (Chrissy Smith) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Were Chronicles Books

The Were Chronicles is a series of paranormal romance novels written by Crissy Smith. The books follow the exploits of alpha males and vulnerable heroines looking for a place to belong.

+The Story

There was a time when shapeshifters were just an aspect of the paranormal genre. Then that particular species of supernatural creatures gained so much popularity that the shifter sub-genre was created.

Books in the Shifter line do not differ that drastically from their paranormal counterparts. They merely focus solely on the misadventures of characters that have the power to change their physical shape.

Otherwise, all the other clichés remain unchanged, in particular, the romance.

The Were Chronicles is most definitely categorized as a shifter series. ‘Pack Alpha’, the first book in the series, introduces a world where shifters are rife.

It is the characteristic of shifters to operate in packs. The pack gives individual shifters discipline and security. And each pack is led by an alpha. The wellbeing of the pack is heavily dependent on the strength and wisdom of its alpha.

Crissy Smith’s shifters are like normal people. They live ordinary lives in a world that can be as ordinary as it is extraordinary. Every shifter just wants a pack to which they can belong. Only then can they acquire the sense of peace and harmony they seek.

The only drive that exceeds the need for a pack is the desire for a mate. Crissy Smith creates many scenarios which indicate that shifters prize the identification of their one special mate above all else.

And when they find him or her, they will do everything in their power to possess that mate.

‘Pack Alpha’ tells the story of Marissa Body, a girl that visits another pack to witness her sister’s mating ceremony only to draw the attention of an alpha. Marissa doesn’t belong in Gage Wolf’s pack or his world. She has suffered greatly in the past.

But Gage is a man that is accustomed to taking whatever he wants, and once he determines to possess her, there is little Marissa can do to resist him.

While Marissa and Gage open the Were Chronicles series, they do not drive the rest of the books. Rather, each new Were Chronicles book introduces a new couple. To be more specific, each new Were Chronicles book takes readers to a new corner of Crissy Smith’s world where readers meet a new pack.

There, the author brings a whole new couple to the fro. There’s always an alpha or an enforcer looking to mate with a heroine. However, there’s a reason keeping them apart.

Sometimes, the heroine has been hurt in the past and is simply unwilling to take a chance on the hero. Other times, the hero believes that his life brings with it the sort of baggage that could endanger the heroine.

Either way, it takes perseverance for the hero and the heroine to overcome great odds to achieve their happily ever after.

Even though each new book takes readers to a whole new pack and introduces a new couple, Crissy Smith always encourages her readers to read the Were Chronicles series in order.

This is because the different Were Chronicles books often reference characters and events from previous stories.

It is worth noting that, despite the paranormal aspect, Were Chronicles books are romance stories above all else. The protagonists of each book exist primarily to find the person that completes them.

Some books boast elements of action but not enough to distract from the romance. Crissy Smith has been criticized for the pacing of her books. She rarely develops her characters and their backstories to the satisfaction of her fans.

For instance, the author has a heroine who was chained up in a basement by her previous pack leader. As such, not only is she reluctant to accept the advances of another pack leader but she isn’t keen on joining his pack.

Crissy doesn’t bother exploring that history. She doesn’t tell her readers why this heroine’s previous pack leader chained her up. She simply leaves that thread to dangle.

Because of Crissy’s inability to elaborate on the aspects of some of her characters, she has been known to attract the ire of readers who think her hero and heroine fall in love way too easily.

Crissy Smith’s pacing issues emanate from the fact that the Were chronicles books are so short, barely a hundred pages long. The size of Crissy’s books has been the issue of some contention.

Some of the author’s fans believe her books are a little too expensive considering just how brief they are.

+Pack Enforcer

Cain is an enforcer for his pack. As such, he is accustomed to being in control. When Cain speaks, people listen. And when he gives orders, people obey without question. That is the sort of power Cain has grown accustomed to wielding.

However, things are not so simple when it comes to Emily. She is the one thing in life he’s never been able to control. If anything, she seems to relish in the idea of challenging Cain, pushing his buttons and setting off the sorts of passions that should be allowed to stay dormant.

Emily loves Cain. That much has been true for as long as she can remember. Yet he saw fit to deny her two years earlier. Their story should have ended there. However, when Emily comes home in the wake of a series of assaults against Pack females, she and Cain are thrown together.

As they work in close proximity with one another, determined to extinguish an unseen threat, the sexual tension between them reaches explosive levels.

+Pack Territory

Adam White is the new alpha of his territory. Alphas are important. They protect their pack and maintain order. And it is Adam’s job to make sure the transition to his reign as pack leader is as smooth as possible.

But things are not so simple for Adam. His father is suffering worrying mental complications. There’s a teenage girl on the run and Adam is preoccupied with thoughts of Tasha, the woman of his dreams.

Tasha is desperate when she comes to Adam. Her sister is missing. She knows that Adam has a lot on his plate but she has no choice. Adam agrees to assist her and they undertake a journey that allows Adam to gain a foothold in Tasha’s heart.

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