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Publication Order of Werner Family Saga Books

The Werner Family Saga series is a series of family saga novels written by one of the highly successful authors from America named Belva Plain. This series is actually based on the women’s fiction genre, which the author is very much fond of writing about. There is a total of 5 books in the series, that were released between the years 1978 and 2011. The starting novel of the series is titled as ‘Evergreen’, which is also author Belva Plain’s writing career’s debut novel. In this novel, author Plain has described the life story of a feisty and redhead woman from the Jewish community named Anna Werner. At the turn of the century, Anna Werner moves to New York from Poland and from there on, the saga of stories about her family begins. This book was first published in the year 1978. At the time, the novel had gone on to become a New York Times bestseller and remained in the list for about 41 weeks continuously after its publication. Later, the novel was also adapted into a miniseries television show. After lasting for 5 books in total, the series finally concluded with its last novel published in the year 2011.

The debut novel of the Werner Family Saga series written by author Belva Plain was published by the Dell publication in the year 1978. This book is set in the New York City, New York, the United States, and describes the story of the central character named Anna Werner and her family. As the story of the books begins, it is shown that Anna Werner is born in a poor family in Poland, which remains in poverty. Due to the lack of resources and chance to prove herself, Anna Werner often remains in a fearful state of mind. When she sees that her situation is getting worse day by day and there is no scope for improvement any time soon, she shows the desperation of moving out of her native place in Poland. Her desperation and determination to help herself become something in life and come out of poverty, takes Anna Werner to the New York City. There, she gets the chance to stay in one of the cramped slums of the city. After searching for jobs for several days, Anna Werner finally gets the opportunity to work in a sweatshop.

A few months go by without much excitement in Anna Werner’s life until a day comes when she gets the chance to feel love for the first time in her life. But, in that thing too, she faces some problem and has to struggle her way out of it. A couple of entirely different men depict their feeling of love for her and both of them admit to her about their feelings in their heart for her. Due to this, Anna Werner cannot think of what to do. She does not want to lose any of the men as she considers both of them to be equally important in her life. Also, she cannot love both of them at the same time. Anna Werner does not consider herself strong enough to break the heart of any one of them. Therefore, she decides to leave the decision of her love life on fate and hopes that her life will take a better turn in the days to come. Throughout this whole time, Anna Werner feels that she is destined to keep getting torn apart, as far as loyalty and love in her life are concerned. In the later parts of the novel, author Belva Plain has shown how the story of Anna Werner changes into a saga of the story of her family as a number of her family members arrive in the New York City to come out of poverty, just like Anna Werner.

One of the other initially published books in the Werner Family Saga series is titled as ‘Heartwood’. This book was released in the year 2011 by the Random House publication. In this book, author Belva Plain has come full circle with the central themes that she took up in the first book of the series and has told the unforgettable story of friendship, family, marriage, love, the real secret of happiness, and the different challenges that come in life. The main character depicted in the plot of this book is Iris Stern. Author Belva Plain has described Iris Stern as a woman of the modern times who has a mindset full of modern beliefs. But, in spite of being a modern woman with a happy marriage and a successful career, Iris still holds herself steadfast to her old fashioned sensibilities. As a mother of three fully grown children, she finds herself confronted by those sensibilities on many occasions. Each of the children of Iris Stern live their lives on their own terms and take their own decisions independently. And the burdens that come with them are also borne by them only. But, seeing their situation, the choices that have made in life and difficulties that have arisen because of them, Iris Stern feels that her old sensibilities are questioned. One of the daughters of Iris Stern named Laura, thinks of giving a new start to her life in the New York City. She also attempts to give one final chance to save her failing marriage with her husband named Robbie.

As Robbie and Laura try to cope with their impending separation out of their marriage and its direct effect on their daughter, Iris Stern tries to come to terms with the uncovering of a long kept family secret. However, she seems to be worried about an emotional parting of some other kind. With the example of her daughter’s marriage, she feels that neither her marriage’s solidity nor her loving husband holds immunity against the ravages of the time. Ultimately, with separations and reunions, the unavoidable changes of life, and the sustaining love, Iris hopes of weathering with whatever life has in it for her with an unshaken faith and a positive mindset. In the end, author Belva Plain has depicted Iris Stern like the innermost rings in a tree that remain for many generations. Thereby, her strength has been compared to that of heartwood. The success of this novel proved that author Plain is among those few authors who have a better understanding of the tender intricacies of life and relationships. Throughout these years, she has always been successful in captivating the imaginations and hearts of the readers all over the world by means of the deeply moving books of this series.

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