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Wes DeMott is an American author. He is a writer of political thrillers and has worked as a private investigator, FBI agent, and actor. He also served in the U.S. Navy.

Wes was born in the state of Oregon in Roseburg. He was just nineteen years old when he went over (actually escaped over) a real international border. As a result, Mexican Federales came into a Juarez bar in the middle of a roaring brawl. He stopped fighting long enough to get out of there by bolting down the establishment’s stairs.

The uniforms chased him through the streets and the crowd, blowing on their whistles as they tried to catch him. He could’ve been shot, but he wasn’t. That was an incredible feeling and one that the author says that he “absolutely loved”.

Ever since then, he has been taking chances by going across borders. Sometimes he has a visa that is legal and at other times it is one off of the black market and even with no cover of authority when it comes to his identity at all. He is also not that good with following the rules so it all comes together.

He says that he has jumped for not only security clients but also governments. Most of the time, however, Wes decides that he’s going to jump borders just for the fun of it. He enjoys doing it for the thrill of adventure and he had a history of doing this all on his own.

That all changed when he met his beautiful Belgian wife, who is just as intelligent as she is gorgeous. She is a veteran of the war zone and speaks several languages. She can also drive anything that has wheels! So when his wife decided to team up with him, he suddenly had a partner in crime to join him in what was previously a solo activity.

Wes DeMott refers to himself as an adventurer and admits that he ‘can’t help’ himself! He says that his parents were also adventurous, with his dad laying out a pattern and his mother sewing the seams. He says that he has also broken bones (dozens of times, no less) and has required stitches that number in the hundreds at this point in order to close up the wounds.

Even though he’s been through his fair share of injuries and medical treatment, DeMott admits that he continues to live for a ‘metal taste’ that only arrives to you when the excitement that you are feeling outpaces the fear that you’re feeling, but just barely. If you can add to that some exotic flavor, then Wes says that he’s happy.

As a novelist, DeMott has won awards for his writing and is an international best seller. He doesn’t write stories that concern supernatural themes like werewolves or science fiction-influenced outer space because he says that when it comes to those topics, he doesn’t know anything about them. He recounts that like the writers Jack London and Hemingway before him, you can bet your last drink of water that he is familiar with all that he describes in his stories and books.

Vapors is the first full length novel of fiction to come out from Wes DeMott. It was released for readers to enjoy for the first time in 1999 and has been going strong ever since! If you really enjoy reading psychological and political thrillers, then check out this suspenseful story with tons of twists and turns.

This may not appear to be the love story that you get from Hollywood, but it is one nonetheless! DeMott knows what he’s talking about as a former member of the SWAT Team and an agent with the FBI. He takes the reader to Washington, D.C. for the scene of this thriller involving American defense contractors and beyond.

Enter into a blinding world where government oversight no longer exists and secret policies are made. This can be dangerous territory, or so Peter Jamison is about to find out. Peter works as a talented aerospace engineer.

The story begins when he accidentally discovers what appears to be accounting fraud. He was trying to do whatever he could to save a contract that he had involving a system for tactical weapons. He’s doing everything that he can and wants to save his job and that of his coworker’s as well.

In his effort to do this, Peter turns to the only person that he thinks could help him. That would be Melissa Corley, an intelligent and talented women that happens to be an attorney. She’s working with the Citizens’ Coalition to lobby against the evils of government waste.

Melissa also happens to be a woman that he is deeply affectionate about and really likes. If he can try and help out his coworker and get to know her better, then it’s a double win. Little does Peter know that what starts out small begins to snowball.

Can he handle the adventure that is lying in wait for him? Is he ready to take on a world that goes beyond the White House and further than he could have ever imagined? Pick up Vapors and read to the end to find out the thrilling conclusion to a story that is a truly wild ride!

Walking K is another gripping book written by Wes DeMott.

Jacob Slaughter was a former POW in Vietnam. Now he is being sent over to Hanoi, all to negotiate for the United States on a trade agreement. He is in country once and more, and once Jacob has arrived, he receives an escort to his next location.

That would be a random building that is rotting and falling apart. There Jacob is absolutely blown away by what he discovers. His friend and former cellmate is being held there still. Charles Wooten may be a captain but his condition is anything but in fine standing.

It’s up to Jacob to rescue Charles and get him out of there. Can he win trade concessions enough to meet Vietnam’s demands so that Wooten and 22 soldiers get released? Read this thriller to find out!

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