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The West Coast series is a popular book series of mystery, romance, and suspense novels. It is written by one of America’s NY Times and USA Today bestselling novelist named Lisa Jackson. The series is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 2005 and 2015. Each and every novel of this romantic suspense series is very successful and has sold a large number of copies all around the world. In some places of its publication, the series is also known by the title, the Northwest Series. Every book of this exciting series features a different set of lead characters from the others and is set in the romantic locations of the American northwest. Among the primary characters described by author Jackson in this series, the important ones include Shane Carter, Jenna Hughes, Shannon Flannery, Dani, Travis Settler, etc. Author Lisa Jackson has done the settings of the novels’ plots in Oregon, Hollywood, and several other exciting locations. All the books of this series did very well after their publishings and sold numerous copies. They themselves managed to become successful and also helped Jackson in achieving more fame in her already successful writing career. With the success of each book, Jackson felt the urge to pen one more and carry the series forward. Even her dedicated supporters and fans also kept encouraging her to interesting stories, which led her to come up with three beautiful stories. Author Jackson wishes to add a few more titles to the series and is currently working towards developing a new story. She hopes that the readers will love and appreciate all her future works like they have always done for her previous works.

Lisa Jackson is a noteworthy American author, who has established herself as a USA Today and New York Times bestselling writer. She has been listed on the number one spot of numerous popular literary magazines on multiple occasions. Jackson’s literary career is comprised of over 85 books so far, all of which have managed to attract a vast number of readers from across the world. Her books fall into different types of literary genres and due to this, all kinds of readers like her work and have become her fan. Some of the most famous works of author Jackson include Running Scared, Afraid to Die, Malice, Without Mercy, Shiver, etc. Jackson has also penned the very famous Colony series, for which she collaborated with her writer sister named Nancy Bush. Overall, Jackson’s novels have sold more than twenty million printed copies across the globe and have also been translated in as many as 20 foreign languages. Prior to becoming a national bestselling author, Jackson had experienced her share of struggle. She used to hope that her hard work would pay off one day and it kept her motivated all along. Today, her novels appear frequently on USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and NY Times lists of national bestsellers. Among her novels, more than 30 are bestsellers. The critics praise Jackson by saying that she is well versed with the art of writing and is capable of taking the readers to sanity’s edge and back. The commonly featuring elements in her novels include deadly passions, dangerous secrets, romance, suspense, and murder. Jackson says the she is fascinated by the motives and minds of the killers she describes as well as their pursuers. Jackson likes to develop a story puzzled with actions, personal histories, relationships, lies, clues etc.

The debut book of the West Coast series written by author Lisa Jackson is entitled ‘Deep Freeze’. It was released by the Zebra publication in the year 2005. The main characters of this book consist of Jenna Hughes and Shane Carter. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Jenna Hughes is a former film star. She leaves Hollywood and moves away from all the fame to an isolated place in Oregon, where she owns a farm. But there too, she does not get the privacy that she desperately needs. A fan follows her to the farm and keeps sending her letters. The contents of the letter from the obsessed fan seem very personal and disturbing. Jenna looks already shocked by a disturbing news in the newspaper. It turns out that Sheriff Shane Carter is given the task of investigating a very gruesome murder. The case started when a woman’s body was discovered in the nearby woods, and now a couple of other women are also reported to have gone missing. Shane finds that the woman who went missing recently resembles Jenna Hughes very closely. The whole of pacific northwest gets covered with the cold waves of winter and Shane Carter fears that the grisly work of the merciless killer has only just started. Later, it is discovered that Jenna Hughes’ obsessed fan is the real killer, and he intends to kill her too for leaving Hollywood and depriving him of his star. Shane Carter learns about the danger to Jenna’s life and comes to her rescue. He makes up his mind to not let the killer get close to her at any cost. At the time that Jenna and Shane remain together, they develop feelings for each other and takes the form of romance as the story comes to an end.

The second installment of this series is called ‘Fatal Burn’. It was also published by Zebra publishing in 2006. Jackson has described the chief characters in this novel as Shannon Flannery, Travis Settler, and Dani. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a deadly killer is roaming freely in the city and is victimizing innocent women. He intends to killer a few more women before setting his hands on Dani, the girl he seems desperate to have. Dani is the daughter of an ex-Special Forces officer named Travi Settler. The killer succeeds in kidnapping Dani and immediately sets his next plan in motion. Shannon Flannery approaches the police claiming that there is someone watching her every move. She feels threatened by this unknown stalker and fears that she might get killed if the police does not take immediate action. But no one believes her except Travis Settler, who is himself tensed because of the sudden disappearance of his daughter. Travis thinks that the dark past of Shannon is somehow related to Dani’s disappearance. Shannon Flannery feels some very dangerous, fatal, and dark secrets are being kept from her. As Travis doesn’t have faith in her and no one else can be trusted, Shannon decides to go in search of the shocking secrets on her own. With her determination, she doesn’t even fear to face the serial killer and also doesn’t think about losing her life in trying to unravel the truth.

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