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Publication Order of Westcott Books

Someone to Love (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Hold (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Wed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Care (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Trust (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Honor (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Remember (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Romance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone to Cherish (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Someone Perfect (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Westcott Series
Westcott is a romance series by Mary Balogh. This series introduces us to the Westcott family and the drama that ensues after the death of their patriarch. The first book introduces Anna, the illegitimate child who grew up as an orphan while the second book concentrates on another Humphrey Westcott’s daughter. Each book in this series focuses on one member of this family. The rest of the Wescott’s drama plays in the background. Through this series, we get to see how one man’s death changes the lives of the people he loved most.

Someone to Love
Someone to Love is the first book in the Westcott series. The series features Anna Snow, a woman whose life changes beyond her wildest dream. Anna was raised in an orphanage and knew nothing about her parents. Fortunately, someone supported her throughout her childhood. Anna trains to be a teacher and settles into a life she thinks will offer her the comfort she deserves. Things change when her biological father dies. It is not until the Earl of Riverdale dies that Anna gets information on her biological parents. It turns out that her father was a bigamist, and she was the only legitimate child. While the Earl’s second wife had children, all the inheritance is left for Anna.

Anna is excited to know that she had a father who cared enough to leave her a sizeable inheritance. The realization that she also has siblings excites her. Anna always wanted to have a family, and it looks like her dreams are coming true. Unfortunately, her siblings are not as thrilled. Things become worse when it is discovered that the other siblings cannot claim their father’s inheritance. While Anna offers to share it all, the other siblings are hesitant. There is a rivalry that Anna doesn’t know how to end. Aside from just getting his inheritance, Anna has to learn the ways of a proper lady. After all, she is Earl Humphrey Westcott’s daughter.

While Anna is facing rejection from her siblings, someone is taking notice of this girl who has known nothing but struggles. Avery Archer, the Duke of Netherby and the Earl’s guardian, is growing to like Anna, and his attraction goes beyond the physical. Avery turns into Anna’s savior. The Duke makes Anna feel comfortable amid family drama and a judgmental London society. Things as not all rosy as Avery’s family and friends think that the two are not a good match. Now Avery has to defend his feelings as the people he loves to hold their breath waiting for the honeymoon period to be over.

Someone to love is an excellent start to the Westcott series. The author introduces characters who are diverse and well fleshed out. Avery is a likable character and an unlikely hero. While he is not the fairytale tall and handsome prince, the Duke is a sophisticated young man. It is admirable that he looks beyond Anna’s upbringing to focus on her good attributes. Anna is the perfect definition of a good girl. Despite all that is going on around her, Anna carries herself with grace. She is also patient with those who misunderstand her.

This book will also allow you into Anna’s siblings’ life. You will also meet Avery’s family and some of their friends. The writing here is excellent, and everything flows seamlessly. Read to see if Anna and Avery’s relationship will grow into something serious as you discover what happens to the heroine’s siblings.

Someone to Hold
Someone to hold is the second book in the Westcott series. This book focuses on Camille Westcott, a former lady who have to now settle for her new title as an illegitimate child. Just like Anna, Camille’s life changes one afternoon. The only difference is that her life takes an adverse turn. Camille grew up as a lady. Perfection was her only goal, and she worked hard to be the faultless daughter to a man of her father’s rank. When everything from her title to her inheritance is stripped away, Camille is devastated. A good portion of her anger is directed to Anna, the woman who has changed all their lives. There is also her ex-boyfriend who immediately leaves the news about the changes in family dynamics are announced.

What Camille doesn’t realize is that her misfortunes would turn into her biggest blessings. Camille, her sister, and grandmother move to Bath. This is where Anna grew up, and Camille is looking to take some time off and heal from her wounds. Her application for a teaching position in the orphanage is accepted, and soon enough, Camille will be working alongside Anna’s friends.

Joel Cunningham, an art teacher at the Bath orphanage, is tasked with painting Camille’s portrait. There is no doubt that Joel hates every part of this project, and Camille’s attitude does not make things any better. Camille finds Joel irritating, but things change when their mutual contempt turns into desire. Now Camille cannot get enough of Joel, and the two want to spend their time together. A strong bond forms between this unlikely duo, and they both help each other overcome the storms that come their way.

This is a story of transformation. The entitled Camille, who treats Anna like dirt, is completely different from the one you will encounter in this story. As she reflects on her life, Camille discovers that she has never been happy. Happiness was always put off to the future as Camille spent all her energy pleasing her father. As she nurses her heartbreak and gets over the betrayal, Camille realizes some of the wrong choices she made and works to change her life. Working with the orphans turn out to be very rewarding for Camille. Even better, she finds love in the most unexpected places. It is a joy to see how Camille has adapted to her circumstances, become more humane, and changed her life for the better.

Someone to Hold is an intriguing read that will draw you in from the first page. While it is hard to imagine loving Camille given the way she acted in the previous book, this story will make this possible. This story sheds more light on the Westcott family, the lives of the children who grew up under their father’s protection, and the misery they had to endure despite having enough money to buy them whatever they wanted.

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  1. Liz B: 9 months ago

    I have enjoyed this series and would like to know if Bertrand’s story is coming soon.

  2. Sharon Snyder: 11 months ago

    I was like a clinging child when I finished the last Bedwyn novel. I did not want to let them go. Someone suggested the Westcott series. Now I am on the last novel in that series, and I am already sad because I dread the end. I love Wulfric and Avery and everyone in both families. I hope before I reach the end of the final novel, I know if Harry & Lydia have children and if Avery gets a spare or another little girl. It is difficult letting go of these beloved characters and their families. If not, I hope there will be another novel, maybe one that intertwines both families. That would be cool, if maybe those two powerful families joined. I could see a dual of the quizzing glass. LOL! Oh what a lovely thought!


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